Zivigo ZV 700 Review – Wireless Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphone

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3/5 on May 14, 2017

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539 reviews


Can pair up with two different devices simultaneously
Connects to Bluetooth quickly
Sweat proof IPX4, plastic material.
Built-in microphone


Cannot be used while charging
Make noises which describing the power level. This can be disruptive.
Syncing issues may persist if used with vigorous activity such as running

Zivigo ZV 700 Review

The Zivigo ZV-700 is a popular wireless noise cancelling headphone from Zivigo’s line of noise reducing devices.

The ZV-700 is a popular choice for people who enjoy music while on the go, or those who simply enjoy hands free headsets over ordinary headphones.

It’s a great way to free yourself from cords and wires without having to compromise sound quality or performance.

Zivigo ZV 700 review


The Zivigo wireless Bluetooth headphone uses Bluetooth version v4.1+Edr to pair with mobile devices. In fact, unlike regular Bluetooth earbuds, the ZV-700 can be paired with two devices at once.

The device is built on a CSR 8365 chipset and cvc6.0 noise cancellation technology, meant to offer excellent sound quality.


Voice Prompts

Its voice prompts technology allow notifications of incoming calls. This is great for persons looking for hands free technology.



The ZV-700 can pair with your device up to 10-meters, offering the freedom most people desire.



With a cool blue color, the ZV-700 is outfitted with an ergonomic design to ensure they are a good fit.

Zivigo ZV 700 review



Equipped with an 85 mah lithium-ion polymer battery, the Zivigo 700 will outlast most other wireless earbuds.

On a full charge, the device will last for 7-8 hours, offering an incredible 240 hours of standby time. When it does come time to recharge, the wireless headphone can be charged fully in just 2 hours.


There are many great options out there as far as Bluetooth earbuds are concerned; and of course, you’ll want one which most suitable for your needs. The ZV-700 is a great choice for most people who want a sporty and useful yet inexpensive noise cancelling headphone. If this earphone does not meet your needs, there are many great choices here.