Zivigo Bluetooth Headphones Review

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4.3/5 on June 17, 2016

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150 reviews


Good, qaulity sound.

Great package of accessories.

Comfortable for in ear device.


Decent noise reduction.


The Zivigo Bluetooth Headphones is the perfect partner for you and your device.  The connectivity feature of this device is seamless, especially with the iOs devices.  You will never have to miss a call since there will be a voice prompt that tells you about the identity of the person calling, so you don’t need to rush on your gadget just to find out who that person is.  This Bluetooth Headset would be a great addition to your device.

On the off chance that we are stuck in the traffic or bored due to long hours of commuting, music can always alleviate the stress that we are experiencing.  Perfect background music is also ideal when doing that difficult workout routine or completing our household chores.  Unfortunately, the headphones that have an extensive wiring is not recommended to use when performing different chores.  The wires will surely get in the way and can expose you to some hazard.  This is where the Bluetooth headset becomes handy.  Zivigo Bluetooth Headphones is a wireless headphone that comes with an IPX7 waterproof grade.  This means that it has a resistance against sweating that prevents your headphone from acquiring damage.

Zivigo Bluetooth Headphones Features

The Zivigo Bluetooth Headphones has undergone a considerable upgrade.  It comes with a signal-enhanced innovation that maximizes the possible range of a Bluetooth headset.  This latest innovation makes it possible to do strenuous activities and exercise without experiencing dropouts.  You can also place your device inside your bag and into your locker when doing reps on gyms and you will never encounter signal disruption.

Another feature of the Zivigo Bluetooth Headphones would be the comfort and fit. Nowadays, most Bluetooth headphones are banking on the comfort feature of the gadget rather than the style.  It has a ZV-600 bold design that is sturdy and stable which is designed to support extreme activities.  It will not serve as a hindrance to your activities.  You can easily push a button and answer a call while doing your routine and chores.

On sound quality, the aptx codec intended for the high-quality stereo creates a clear and crispy sound.  It is also armed with a listener-fatigue and white noise reduction feature.  All of these features contribute to the clean audio that the these headphones produce.  A 6.0 noise-reduction component is also designed to minimize the noise when taking a call.

The battery life is not as extensive as compared to the other Bluetooth headphones.  The Zivigo Bluetooth Headphones can last for 6-8 hours when regularly used.  When in a standby mode, this gadget will last for 240 hours.  But do not worry about the longevity of the battery as you can immediately recharge your headphones.  It only takes 90 minutes to fully recharge this Bluetooth headphone.  It also have a battery display which tells you how much more battery does your iOS gadget have.

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