Yamaha TSR-700 AV Receiver: A Comprehensive Review

Norvan Martin
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Yamaha TSR-700 AV Receiver is a model of the Yamaha brand, one of today’s top-rated electronic equipment manufacturers.

Yamaha TSR-700 AV Receiver

Features of Yamaha TSR-700

The Yamaha TSR-700 is the new, top-of-the-line 7.1 channel AV receiver. If you are looking for high-quality sound in an easy-to-use and manage product, this may be an excellent option for you. Here are some of its best features:


This model has a black finish on both sides of the unit, while silver attaches around all its edges. The front display screen prominently displays which input/output device is currently being used while also offering ample visual feedback on volume level or any error messages that may occur.

On the backside of this device are 6 HDMI inputs and 2 outputs along with 6 digital audio inputs (one optical, one coaxial, and 4 analogs). It is a 7.1 channel device with a total power of 100 watts x 7 channels, allowing for an optimal listening experience in even the largest rooms.


This AV receiver weighs 23 pounds and measures 15 x 10 3/4 x 5 1/2 inches. After reading these dimensions, it makes sense that Yamaha regards this item as “portable” given its lightweight and lack of bulkiness. However, suppose portability was your primary reason for considering the purchase of this product.

In that case, other options may better suit your needs, such as a soundbar or individual speaker systems, which can be added to your existing set-up rather than replacing everything altogether.

Yamaha TSR-700 AV Receiver

Pricing and Budget

While this device is considered one of the most expensive of its kind, it offers a lot more than just bells and whistles. A product like this would be excellent for those who love to watch Blu-Ray movies on their home theater system or appreciate the high-quality sound.

Yamaha TSR-700 7.1 Channel AV Receiver with 8K...
  • 7.1 Channel AV Receiver: This Yamaha receiver has 7.1 channels for a surround sound experience.
  • 8K HDMI Output: Supports 8K resolution for the best image quality.
  • MusicCast Integration: Control your music streaming services like Spotify through the receiver.

It also features Yamaha’s YPAO feature, which automatically adjusts the volume and other audio settings based on room acoustics as well as speaker positioning so you can get an optimal experience right out of the box.

This feature takes some time as it requires 30 minutes uninterrupted, so don’t plan to set it up if you have pressing plans.

For those looking for a receiver at a lower price point but with similar capabilities, consider the Yamaha RX-V379BL. It is a more current version of the TSR-700 and identical design while still offering some of the same features.

Sound Quality

The Yamaha TSR-700 offers an excellent listening experience with optimal sound quality across all frequencies.

The YPAO technology mentioned earlier makes it easy to get started right away, which means that you can start enjoying your media immediately without having to mess around with controls or settings too much.

This product does not offer surround sound for your two front speakers but will automatically adjust them not to overpower other speakers in the room, which is nice.

High fidelity 7.1 channel surround sound can enhance movies, music, and video games and make a big difference in your overall media enjoyment.


This device offers access to the Yamaha Application for iOS and Android devices and Airplay 2, Chromecast built-in, and Bluetooth, so you will be able to enjoy all of your favorite media no matter what type you prefer.

This receiver also has dual-band WiFi, so you can connect quickly without sacrificing sound quality which is always lovely. The Bluetooth feature allows for easy streaming from any compatible device such as your smartphone or tablet.

This means that you can take this device with you as long as it is within range of an outlet, which doesn’t often come standard with most AV receivers.

There are also 8 HDMI inputs and 2 outputs on this device. The HDMI input and output support 4K Ultra HD video image quality at 60 Hz, which is a nice feature for a newer 4K TV or gaming system.

For those looking to add additional components such as CD players, turntables, or other modern media devices without transitioning from vinyl records, this device can be used in conjunction with Yamaha MusicCast 20 so you can stream music from multiple sources.

Space Considerations

This particular receiver offers a lot of usability within a small footprint. It measures 15 x 10 3/4 x 5 1/2 inches and weighs 23 pounds meaning that it won’t take up much room on your entertainment center while still offering notable functionality.

As previously mentioned, if portability is a priority, you may want to consider a soundbar or individual systems rather than an all-in-one AV receiver. Another helpful feature to consider is this device’s slim design, which means that it can be placed in areas where other receivers may not fit.

For example, if you have a small shelf within your media center cabinet that is limited in space and cannot accommodate standard components, this could still work well for you.

Yamaha TSR-700

Pros of Yamaha TSR-700 AV Receiver

  • It provides incredible power output that can be customized according to the user’s requirements. The maximum power output is 95 watts x 6 ch (6 ohms). Its power rating is measured at 0.9% THD @ 4ohm.
  • Yamaha TSR-700 comes with an i/p scaler to upscale your analog signals to digital formats. This increases the number of usable channels for surround sound; you can get up to 7.1 surround sound from the 5.1 analog outputs from your TV or DVD player.
  • The standby power consumption of this receiver is 0.09 watts which helps you save a lot on electricity bills in the long run.
  • It has an automatic calibration feature to adjust its settings according to the environment it is placed in and provides excellent sound quality while listening at any volume level. This ensures that there are no distortions created during playback.
  • This receiver comes with an auto lip-sync adjustment, which ensures that any delays between image and audio tracks are recognized instantly and adjusted accordingly so that both tracks remain synchronized throughout the movie playback process.
  • The TSR-700 receiver has a special zone 2 audio feature, which makes it possible to play audio from different sources at different locations in your house. For example, if you are watching the news on TV and want to listen to music from another source, this receiver can help you do that without any issues.
  • You get an option of controlling the volume levels of zone 1 and zone 2 independently, so all your family members don’t need to keep adjusting volume levels if somebody is sleeping or wants peace and quiet while somebody else is watching a movie.
  • It comes with a clear LCD screen display which helps you track essential information about sound processing, input selection, and connectivity status of devices connected with this AV Receiver. The blue backlit buttons also add to the aesthetic appeal of this receiver.
  • You can switch to an iPod or iPhone through its USB port without needing any additional adaptor, thereby saving you money. This is a handy feature for music lovers who love to listen to various tracks on their iPhones and iPods while working in the house or sitting with family members who may not be fans of rock music.
  • It comes with a video upscaling feature, which helps you get excellent picture quality from even low-resolution analog sources like DVDs and TV broadcasts. It supports all popular digital formats, including MPEG2/4, JPEG, FLV, AVI, and DivX files.

Cons of Yamaha TSR-700 AV Receiver

  • Disconnect issues: Sometimes, a specific input will stop working a few seconds after switching back from another input source.
  • Remote control issues: Some users have complained about remote range and connectivity problems.
  • Power consumption: A few users have complained about the high power consumption of this device.


Yamaha TSR-700 provides a fantastic blend of features that you can expect from a home theater receiver. In addition to that, it comes with a guarantee of high sound quality, and its latest model is loaded with advanced features that have been designed keeping in mind the needs of today’s generation.

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