Are Insignia Receivers and TVs Good And Who Makes Them?

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You may have come across Insignia receivers and TVs in Best Buy and you’re wondering who makes these things.

Receivers are important because apart from processing signals, they also amplify and provide power to drive audio through loudspeakers while routing video through displays such as monitors. 

So, if you are going to purchase an Insignia receiver, you need to know who makes them.

The Insignia brand is exclusive to Best Buy; so Best Buy is responsible for the design of these receivers and TVs. However, Insignia receivers are manufactured by Orion or Inkel Corporation in Seoul, Korea, and assembled by Inkel-Languan Electronics Co. Ltd. or Guangzhou Alvin Electronics in Shenzhen, China.

Does Best Buy Design Insignia Receivers and TVs?

Best Buy contracts the manufacture of Insignia receivers out-of-house because it is a retailer and does not have AVR electrical software/hardware design experience/capability. However, they are responsible for the design of all of these Insignia products.

insignia receiver best buy

Essentially, Best Buy puts together a specs list for the features of the product. It is then up to the designer and manufacturers to obtain the parts and assemble the product.

In some cases, these audio manufacturers bulk purchase leftover components from the end of the model run (for example, you may get the amp section in one unit from Yamaha, one from Marantz, and another from Denon). This means the internal parts of two identical products may be slightly different. 

insignia tv best buy

Additionally, manufacturers such as Inkel and GAE also build products for other brands such as Marantz, Pioneer, Yamaha, Denon, and Onkyo.

Are Insignia Receivers Good?

Insignia receivers are widely used. Remember, when it comes to sound quality in any stereo and audio system, receivers play a bigger role in the management of audio signals across the many speakers one might have.

Insignia TVs are also widely used, but they are lower-end devices. Check out our comparison of Insignia vs Sceptre TVs to learn more. 

Besides, they also amplify sound and perform single-room correction on the signal in that system. 

Cost and Power: On the other hand, they are less expensive compared to other receivers. However, they are very powerful when it comes to audio output. With much lower input power and larger output power, these receivers pack quite a punch. They are therefore considered by many music lovers as pretty good receivers for any audio system.

Audio Streaming: Many of these receivers also inbuilt audio streaming as well as a balanced control from the control panel. This makes them up to date with the current trends in stereo systems.

If the quality of sound you get together with the general design of the receiver are factors you want to consider in choosing an AV receiver, insignia receivers deliver good sound quality and the model is very appealing. They are more power-efficient and can power any electrostatic speakers with a subwoofer.

Also, they are easier to operate. This is because they are easy to connect with any amplifier module as well as any other connections in any stereo system.

Other Characteristics of Insignia Receivers

Below are some of the characteristics that make Insignia receivers a good choice for enhanced musical experience include: 

Less Overheating 

The receiver module does not overheat as easily when there is an overload as compared to other receiver types which are very sensitive to overload connections.

A good example is when you hook up two fifteen-tower speakers and another two twelve-tower speakers.

An Insignia receiver will support all of them without heating up too much. As a result, they are suitable for large musical concerts.

Radio Module 

In as much as insignia receivers are more concerned about tuning, they have FM wire antenna and AM loop inbuilt.

The wire antenna is built to accept a fastener end making it much easier to connect without damaging the antenna wire. 

The AM loop stick antenna is adequate for the reception of any powerful AM station within the range. 


Insignia receivers are more reliable compared to other receivers in the market. They are built with heavy power transformers and capacitors which aid power filtration to remove noise from the supply. 

Also, they have a pretty good cooling system with a heat sink that aids the cooling process. Besides, the ample empty spaces make them air-cooled.

The receivers are therefore free from thermal shutdowns and related component failures. This makes them very reliable. 


Insignia receivers are easier to control. When it comes to top equalizer settings, they have bass and treble settings which are easier to use.

Also, the receivers are fitted with a Bluetooth module for phone and headset connections reducing the stress of wiring connections.   

Also, the remote range of these receivers is very impressive. You can easily tangle up the volume and other settings from any place and distance within your compound. They can therefore help you save time and perform other activities while listening to your favorite music.  


Insignia receivers can be easily adapted and used in a car stereo system. They work best in-car stereo systems as they can be easily controlled using the steering wheel when the steering wheel adapter is engaged. 

Why Does My Insignia Receiver Keep Turning Off?

If your Insignia receiver keeps turning off, consider whether a short is the cause of this behavior.

This receiver has been designed to shut down whenever a thread of copper wire touches the other wires to prevent further damage. So, you should check the connections between the speakers and the receiver. This is especially true if you are connecting your Insignia receiver to a wireless speaker in pairing mode. Another common cause of this is impedance issues. Ensure your speaker system has a higher impedance to fix this issue.

Best Insignia Receiver Models

There are several Insignia receiver models on the market. Let us look at some of them (please note that some of these receivers have been discontinued):

1. Insignia – 200w 2.0 Channel Stereo Receiver – Multi

This is a 200W 2.0 Channel Stereo Receiver with model number NS-R2001 and is made by Insignia and weighs 21.4 pounds.

Insignia – 200w 2.0 Channel Stereo Receiver – Multi

The receiver includes 3 stereo audio inputs, an RF antenna, and a phono. On the other hand, it has 2 stereo audio outputs.

If you love listening to radio stations, this model gives you an AM/FM tuner with up to 30 station presets. Besides, when enjoying a movie or listening to music, it creates layers of stunning sound for an improved audio experience.

2. Insignia – 450W 5.1 Channel A/V Home Theater Receiver – Multi

This receiver is an Insignia brand with multiroom capability. It comes with IR commands that allow you to assign different speaker outputs to independently controllable zones.

Insignia 450W 5.1 Channel AV Home Theater Receiver

It is built with surround sound decoders such as DTS, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD, and Dolby Digital among many others.

The 11 DSP sound fields enhance your listening experience. Although there is no tuner, the receiver has an HD Radio that allows you to get up to 40 preset stations when a tuner and antenna are installed.

3. 500w 5.1 Channel A/V Home Theater Receiver

This receiver from Insignia comes with an on-screen display with 7 DSP sound fields. Besides, it includes about three surround sound decoders – Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS.

500w 5.1 Channel AV Home Theater Receiver

This model has an auto speaker setup and comes with a microphone. The input features include 3 composites, 3 HDMI, 2 component video, 1 RF antenna, 1 coaxial digital audio, and 2 optical digital audio.

Key output features include 2 composites, 1 subwoofer, 1 HDMI, 2 pre-out, and 1 component.

4. Insignia Ns-Str514 200w Stereo Receiver With Bluetooth

With a 200W total power, this receiver delivers between 40Hz to 20Hz frequency response.

It has an A/B speaker switching capability which allows you to switch between 2 sets of speakers for a better listening experience.

Insignia Ns-Str514 200w Stereo Receiver With Bluetooth

It has both AM and FM digital tuners that deliver up to 30 presets for radio lovers. Besides, Insignia provides an easy-to-follow setup manual that makes it seamless to set up the receiver.

In addition, the support it offers to iPad, iPhone, and Bluetooth-enabled devices makes it more adaptable to modern devices for improved connectivity and enhanced listening experience.

Should I Buy an Insignia TV?

Insignia TV offers a vast collection of features at an affordable rate. So, they are worth considering if you are on a tight budget.


Going by the discussion, it is clear that Insignia receivers are a good set of receivers. If you intend to set up a PA, it is a good idea to incorporate them into the system.

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