What Is Sound Ordnance?

Norvan Martin
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You might have heard about Sound Ordnance, especially in relation to Crutchfield products, and may be wondering who they are. In this article, we have taken the time to research the Sound Ordnance brand and write a comprehensive review for readers.

Sound Ordnance is a car audio speaker brand that has partnered with Crutchfield and is committed to producing high-quality gears mostly for vehicles. Sound Ordnance is now considered the house brand of Crutchfield. They are mostly known for producing products at cheaper and more affordable prices than other brands. 

Who Makes Sound Ordnance?

Sound Ordnance products are made and produced by the parent company of Rockford Fosgate Speaker Electronics.

Sound Ordnance

Therefore, products from Sound Ordnance brand are made by Speaker Electronics of JiaShan China and Speaker Connection of Solingen Germany.  Products from this company are made in China

Features Of Sound Ordnance


Products from Sound Ordnance have a warranty of 3 years. This is quite surprising and 2 years higher than the average warranty that most other brands offer.

While many claim that the warranty is to attract new users and fans, Sound Ordnance is definitely sure of the quality of their products to offer a three years warranty. 


Sound Ordnance says it is “committed to equipping your vehicle with high-quality gear at affordable prices, so you can hit the road ready to win the battle for great sound”.

Sound Ordnance B-24 Dual 12 inch Band Pass Subwoofer Box

They offer a variety of affordable car products ranging from powerful car amps, loudspeakers, and powered subwoofers to sub boxes and loaded sub boxes. Any of this can be purchased from the Sound Ordnance brand through Crutchfield distribution.

Price And Distribution

Although products from Sound Ornace are very affordable and cheap in comparison to similar make, Sound Ordnance is not just any cheap china-made brand.

While Crutchfield is known to place a high price on their products, sound ordnance seems to be different. This is because Crutchfield cut out the middle man costs on all Sound Ordnance products. 

Most highly-priced products go from the manufacturer to the Middleman, then to the retail person who’s selling them.

This means that two more companies need to make a profit off the products before the venture consumer buys the products. Since Crutchfield cut the need for middlemen for Sound Ordnance products, these products appeared to be relatively cheaper. 

Customer Service

Generally, Crutchfield’s customer service response is top-notch and almost unmatched. Many have reported that the customer service for Sound Ordnance is equally top-par and beyond satisfactory. 

Rockford Fosgate And Sound Ordnance

As stated earlier, Sound Ordnance products are made and produced by the parent company of Rockford Fosgate Speaker Electronics. However, there are some slight differences in their products’ pricing and presumed quality. 

Rockford Fosgate products are generally moderately priced and of great quality, making them a popular choice among sound system upgrades. This put Sound Ordnance products at a lower price than Rockford Fosgate products. They are both of good quality since they are made by the same parent electronic company. 


Crutchfield’s house brand, Sound Ordnance,  is really good if you are looking to get audio products for your vehicle. They especially offer good value for money and offer juicy warranty terms and conditions in case you develop second thoughts. 

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