What Does PPU Mean on Craigslist?
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You have surely seen acronyms such as PPU in classified ads (especially on Craigslist) and may be confused by ppu meanings. So, what does ppu mean on Craigslist? Let’s answer that question:

PPU means “Please Pick Up”. On Craiglist, PPU is often used by sellers to indicate item availability and how they intend for an item to be transferred to the buyer.

In this case, PPU indicates that the seller would prefer if the buyer picks up the item. However, while this is the main usage and meaning of PPU on Craigslist, there are other usages and meanings, so read on to get a full understanding of the term.

What Does PPU Mean on Craigslist?



What Does PPU Mean on Craigslist?

Unfortunately, the use of acronyms is limited to readers that understand the full meaning. It is easy to misunderstand a message, or not understand the message altogether.

For this reason, this article will focus on the meaning of PPU, and different contexts it may be used to give various meanings.

With all the definitions at hand, it becomes easier to understand information.

craiglist ppu meaning

PPU is a common acronym advertisers use on Craigslist. Craigslist is a website that acts a local list for everything in demand within your area.

With easy access to advertisements for jobs, housing, items and goods on sale. The use of PPU is standard which explains item transfer methods and item availability. Let’s break that down:


1. Item Transfer

Ad creators use PPU to tell interested buyers that they are expected to pick up items on sale in specific locations. If the advertisement is a sale by an owner, PPU means “Please Pick Up.”

The owner of the object on sale is, therefore, unwilling to deliver the item on the ad. As a buyer, you should, thus, arrange for your means of collection.

ppu meaning on craiglist

However, many sellers will be willing to handle delivery as long as you can pay for insurance and freight fee. Contact the seller to agree, before giving up on an item you are interested in.

On the other hand, free category advertisements use PPU to refer to “Porch Pick Up.” This means that the seller will leave the item on your porch for pickup.


2. Item Availability

Sometimes, a customer may decide not to pick up an item, thereby creating a “no show” situation.

In this context, an ad creator may be forced to repost the item for other interested parties to see, but still, indicate that the item may still get picked up. PPU in this instance means “Pending Pick Up.”

In most case, the date and time will be indicated to help other parties make inquiries. It is advisable to contact the seller to confirm the details of the item.


Does PPU Mean No Shipping?

Based on the meanings we have already described for PPU, it basically means that the seller of the item intends for the buyer to pick up the item.

However, if you are interested in shipping, don’t let this prevent you from inquiring about the item.

While the regular ppu meaning normally restricts shipping, in many cases, even though people use PPU in their ad, they will be willing to ship the item if you are willing to cover the cost of shipping.


What About Other PPU Meanings?

What we have already featured above are the more popular meanings of PPU (ppu on Craigslist). However, there are many other meanings that you will come across on the internet and other places.

Since we have featured the most popular meaning of PPU, let us go through some of the less popular definitions.

Some of these meanings are particular to specific groups and are less likely to feature on buy-and-sell websites, or on Facebook selling pages.


What Does PPU Mean on Facebook?

Many people see ppu on facebook and wonder if it has a different meaning than on ads sites.

Fortunately, PPU has similar meanings on Facebook as earlier described, that is, “Please Pick Up,” “Porch Pick Up,” and “Pending Pick Up.”  For this reason, it is common to see it on pages that feature items on sale.

However, since PPU has different meanings, remember to check the ad for details. Usually, a date and time next to PPU means “Pending Pick Up”.

If the meaning is still unclear, contact the ad creator. Some ad creators use PPU because they cannot cover shipping and insurance costs. Reach out to them and come to an agreement.

As you can see, ppu on Facebook normally means the same as it would on Craigslist.


PPU in Computing and Technology

You might be searching for ‘ppu meaning’ because you saw it on a computer device or circuit. Let’s see what this normally means:

Peripheral Processing Unit: These are devices used for input, output, or storage, and are controlled by the Central Processing Unit. Examples are the mouse, keyboard, and hard disk.

peripheral processing unit PPU

Physics Processing Unit: This is a device that is used in computers to help with Physics algorithms and games and therefore offloads the computer’s CPU. Though not popular nowadays the most popular and commercialized model is PhysX by Ageia.


Picture Processing Unit: This is a microprocessor responsible for generating video signals from graphics data stored in the memory.

Power Processing Unit: These are circuit devices that are used to convert electricity from an input source to the appropriate voltage required by the device in question.

Power Processing Unit PPU


Portable Production Unit: This is a device used by broadcasters and camera operators for onsite production, and can comfortably fit into the back of a van. Portable Production Units are required for live events and recordings.

Portable Pilot Unit: This is a computer-based navigation system used by mariners when onboard a vessel. Mariners use PPUs to see their locations, environment, and to know more details such as water depths, current, and security zones.

Packet Processing Unit: This is used in packet processing in computers where it refers to the variety of algorithms that are applied to a packet of information as it flows through different elements of a communications network.

Parallel Processing Unit: In this case, PPU is used within the constraints of parallel computing where several calculations or different processes are performed simultaneously.


PPU in Business

Pay Per Use: This a favourite payment plan established for metered connections where customers have access to unlimited resources, but only pay for what they use.

The concept can also be used in service provision through cloud-based computing to reduce software piracy.

Image result for ppu pay per use


Price Per Unit: This is a common business term that refers to the amount a vendor charges for items. It refers to the price consumers pay for good and depends on the cost-per-unit of the item in question.

The price may be subject to changes by the vendor and is mostly a percentage of the cost-per-unit.

What Does PPU mean in Manufacturing?

Pre-Production Unit: This is used to describe a product or commodity which has been manufactured or designed based on the description of a contractor or customer but has not yet been verified or approved by the authority or the customer. It is commonly referred to as the preliminary product.

What Does PPU Mean in Telecom?

Primary Place of Use: This refers to a particular location or address where a customer of a telecommunication service uses that particular service. This most commonly means residential address or business address. It can also be a Licensed service area in the case of Mobile Telecommunication.

Issues With Other PPU Meanings

As you can see by now, PPU has several meanings, whether you see it on the internet or somewhere else.

Since there are several meanings for PPU, you should always check the ad which you see the acronym in for details that reveal its meaning. What do we mean by this? Here’s an example:

Let’s say you see an add with PPU and next to PPU is a date and time. This usually means “Pending Pick Up.” That’s just a simple example where additional details in the ad reveals the exact meaning of PPU.

In other words, when considering ppu meaning, you need to take it in context.


Why Are Acronyms Important?

In ads, acronyms are especially important because they save space and therefore save on ad costs.

Acronyms are also useful in cases where there are word limitations. Finally, they help to improve the general readability of ads.

Wrap Up

In a world of advanced technology, it is common to use acronyms during communication. Whether it’s a simple “LOL” (Laugh Out Loud) or “ASAP” (As Soon As Possible)), acronyms have been and will continue to be part of our communication.

Clearly, there are several variations to ppu meaning. The meaning derived from PPU heavily relies on the context in which the acronym is used.

With an understanding of some of the meanings above, it will be easier for you to navigate web pages, and communicate efficiently – whether it’s ppu on craigslist or ppu on facebook or anywhere esle.

However, since the definition is subject to changes, it is always advisable to ask for more details if the meaning is vague. All in all, you should now have a good understanding of ppu and ppu meanings. You should now be able to use the acronym PPU confidently.