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Norvan Martin
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Webcam Online Test

Use this online webcam test to check if your webcam is working properly.

Get Easily Started With Your Webcam Test!

  1. Click the ‘Start Webcam’ button.
  2. Click ‘allow’ when the popup shows from the browser
  3. Now you should see yourself (or see whatever else your webcam is pointed at!)

It Worked: If you can see your image or whatever else the webcam is pointed at above, then that means your webcam is working correctly! 🙂

It Didn’t Work: If you don’t see anything after confirming the browser popup message, then your webcam failed the test! 🙁

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Webcam Not Working?

If you don’t see anything in the video screen above, do the following:

1. Give Permission To The Webcam

First, make sure you gave the browser permission to access the webcam.

When this page was loaded, you should have seen a permission notification to allow the browser to access the webcam.

If you didn’t see the permissions notification, you may have just overlooked it or maybe you dismissed by mistake. Just reload the page and you should see it.

Please note that different browsers behave differently when they ask you for permission to access your webcam. For example, Chrome’s notification looks like this:

give webcam permission

Again, if you denied permission accidentally (or intentionally), just reload this page and test again!

We Care About Your Privacy
Please note that we do not record images coming from the webcam in any what whatsoever. All these tests are done within your browser itself. In other words, all operations necessary for this test are performed in your browser, no data is otherwise stored.


2. Switch Browsers

If you’re using Safari as your web browser, then you will need to try with a different browser. Sometimes this test won’t work with Safari.

3. Turn The Switch ON

Some webcams have an “ON/OFF” switch. Sometimes these switches are so tiny that you might not have even noticed it before. Check to see if your webcam has a switch and turn it on.

webcam on off

At other times, the software that you are using has a on/off or enable/disable button. Check for both of these buttons when you are using a webcam.


4. Reconnect The USB Cable

Some webcam models are connected via USB and sometimes the USB cable or adapter becomes slack or simply goes bad.

webcam usbTry to unplug and the USB cable and plug it back into the webcam again.


5. Download and Install The Latest Driver

One major issue you may face with your webcam is the driver. The driver is a little piece of software that is used to control the webcam. Sometimes, these drivers may become corrupted. Also, if you recently installed a new operating system, then the driver may be missing.

webcam driver

To find the driver for your webcam, search google for ‘name of computer driver’ for example ‘Lenovo T540 driver’. That should bring you to the computer’s manufacturer’s site to download the driver. Otherwise, you can go to the computer manufacturers site itself and go to driver then webcam.


6. Switch Computers

If you are using a desktop computer with an external webcam, an easy check is to switch computers.

Attach the webcam to a different computer and try the test again.

If it works, then you know its an issue with the original computer.

This is a great way to get a better understanding of what is working and what’s not working.

For example, if the webcam works on another computer and not yours, then that points to a software issue – maybe the driver is not working properly.


WebCam Still Now Working?

So you followed all the relevant steps above and your webcam is still not working? What’s next?

The next step is to contact the support staff of the camera’s brand.

If that doesn’t work, then it’s best to consult a technician.


How To Turn Your Webcam On

It’s often a simple thing to turn your webcam on. In most cases, it’s just a matter of pressing a button. However, sometimes it takes a bit more than that. Please follow the steps below to turn your camera on to see yourself and test that your webcam is working properly.

Steps To Turn On Your Webcam

    1. Grand Permission: The first step is to grant permission for the webcam to turn on. as we have mentioned before, in order for you to see yourself in the box above, you’ll have to click “allow” when the prompt is given to you by your browser. In some cases, you will think the webcam is not working because you accidentally missed this prompt. If that’s you, don’t worry, all you need to do is to reload the page, and you’ll get another chance to grant permission.
    2. See Yourself: Once you have granted the camera permission, our system will determine the best method to render your camera and provide the highest resolution.
    3. Go Fullscreen: If you want to go fullscreen, all you need to do is to click on the image from the webcam and click ‘Show Controls’. This will bring up controls for the video. Then, just click on the fullscreen box.

How Does This Webcam Online Test Work?

If you are curious as to how this online webcam test works, then let’s explain.

It’s quite simple really.

First, in this test, the browser asks for permission to access the webcam. In other words, the browser requests access to the output from the computer’s webcam.

If you don’t grant access, we cannot do anything and that’s it, nothing will be displayed.

If you grant access, then the browser will turn on the webcam and access its output which is then displayed on the screen.

all of this happens right there within your browser. Your privacy is important to us and so nothing is ever transferred to our servers.


Why Do You Need To Test Your Camera?

Why would you need to test your webcam anyway? Well, let’s start off by saying that it’s not just to check if your camera is working or not.

There are other things to test as well:

  • Testing A New Camera: Maybe you purchased a new camera and want to check if the new item works correctly. You may also want to check your new camera’s features.
  • Testing Camera Resolution: Sometimes you may want to check just how sharp an image your webcam can generate – you want to check the webcam resolution. In fact, there are many high-resolution webcams out there that provide excellent quality.
  • You Want To Compare Webcams: Maybe you have several webcams and you want to compare them. You can compare brands, specific cameras and so on.
  • Check FPS: Frames per seconds determines how many frames the webcam captures each second. If the framerate is too low, the video will lag.

So as you can see, there are several reasons to test your webcam online – pretty good reasons too!


What About Test Software?

Well, you could go to some website, download some piece of webcam test software and use that to test your webcam.

webcam test software

The problem is, that’s a lot of work for something that you could simply do online. In today’s world, everything is online, including testing your webcam and this has made webcam test software pretty much irrelevant.


System Requirements

The truth is, this test won’t work with every single system. For example, the test may not work with very old browsers.

So, to test your webcam, you will need a modern browser (e.g Chrome and Firefox). These modern browsers support features for accessing media devices. Older browsers don’t support this feature.

The great thing about this tool, however, is that it doesn’t require any additional software such as Flash or Silverlight to work.

Here are the basic system requirements for this test to work:


  • Windows 10
    • Edge 12.0
    • Chrome 61.0
    • Firefox 54.0
    • Yandex Browser 18.1
    • Opera 58.0
  • Win32
    • Chrome 49.0
    • Maxthon 5.2
  • Windows 7
    • Firefox 45.0
    • Chrome 33.0
    • Yandex Browser 18.1
    • Sogou Explorer 2.0
    • Opera 58.0
    • UC Browser 7.0
  • Windows 8
    • Chrome 66.0
  • Windows 8.1
    • Chrome 63.0
    • Firefox 52.0
    • Yandex Browser 18.1
  • WinPhone10
    • Edge Mobile 14.0
  • Windows Vista
    • Firefox 52.0
    • Chrome 39.0
    • Opera 36.0
  • Windows XP
    • Chrome 49.0
    • Opera 36.0
    • Firefox 52.0


  • Android
    • Firefox 56.0
    • Chrome 50.0
    • Samsung Browser 4.2
    • Opera Mobile 37.0

Browser OS

  • Chrome OS
    • Chrome 55.0
  • FirefoxOS
    • Firefox 48.0


  • Linux
    • Firefox 59.0
    • Chrome 48.0
    • Chromium 65.0
    • Yandex Browser 18.1
    • Opera 58.0
  • Ubuntu
    • Firefox 49.0
    • Chromium 65.0


  • macOS
    • Safari 11.0
    • Chrome 65.0
    • Firefox 63.0


  • Xbox OS 10
    • Edge 18.0




This tool provides a quick, easy and simple way to test your webcam online. This way you can check if your webcam is working properly. The great thing about this is that you can test your webcam directly from your browser. You don’t need t install any third party software or anything of the sort.

webcam online

The great thing about this tool is that it provides a one-click webcam test for several devices including desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, TVs, tablets and other similar devices.

In addition to that, we list various troubleshooting steps that you can follow to diagnose your webcam issues. We hope you were able to resolve any issues with your webcam.


Disclaimer: This test was built to determine if your webcam is working to the best extent of the technology used. However, it is impossible to guarantee error-free testing. If you discovered any issues or errors with this tool, please feel free to contact us here.

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