Which Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is Right for You?

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Remember when “ruggedized” and “waterproof” looked like a device that belonged in a military vehicle?  Actually, I remember when I was in the military and we used to get ruggedized equipment.  It was always OD green, square, heavy and had rubber cabs on all holes and openings.  They were fugly.

But…what about something like Bluetooth Speakers?  Who wants an ugly one?  Waterproof or not, I need to have my stuff looking right!

These days the materials that are used to make something waterproof and rugged have been improved upon.  That means that all those gadgets are not ugly as heck and actually can be pretty awesome and trendy looking.  In fact, many times you wouldn’t even be able to tell that it’s a waterproof of ruggedized product.  And this all goes for Bluetooth speakers, as well.

Our 5 Picks for Best Waterproof and Rugged Bluetooth Speaker


Altec Lansing Mini Life Jacket 2

The rubbery part is there as the entire Altec Mini Life Jacket 2 is coated in a really soft and durable rubber shell.  It’s like an alien skin but cool.  10 hours run/play time.  Everything proof.  Power? I almost took down a child in the speaker section of Target when I cranked this baby up on the demo display.  It was epic.

Sharkk Commando

It’s called a Sharkk!  That means it’s mean, powerful and, of course, waterproof.  Dual 5w, wicked awesome speakers, and high quality sounds with massive equalization options.  Ready for this?  The battery of this Sharkk Commando is so strong that you can run music for 24hrs straight on a charge.  Whaaaat?!  You heard me!

Pecham C26

To me, the Pecham C26 sounds like a futuristic, stuffy cyborg professor from an Ivy League like prep school.  However, the speaker is anything but lame.  Again, you have dual 5w speakers and awesome subwoofers for rich bass.  And it comes with an LED flashlight in case, I don’t know, the lights go out while you’re in the shower or camping.


If the Pecham sounds “stuffy”, then the iCleversounds a little bit too cute.  Like it’s trying too hard to be trendy and cool.  Good sound streaming with some of the clearest and sharpest sound on this list.  It’s only got a 10 hour battery run time but, seriously, who plays music that long without remembering to charge it.  Oh, yeah, we do…

Boom Swimmer Duo

Okay, the Boom Swimmer Duo has two great things going for it:  One, it has Swimmer in its name.  Which, in some circles could be cooler than the Sharkk.  Two, it has a swirly like handle thingy that you hang on a shower rod or…as we found out…TWIST INTO THE SAND!  (Oh, and a suction cup.)  The best shower Bluetooth speaker on the list.


Ruggedized and waterproof doesn’t mean lame, ugly, heavy and…well, sucky.  These days any of the waterproof Bluetooth Speakers above and enjoy your music or phone calls in the shower, by the hot tub, at the beach, in the rain, camping, or…errr…eating near a large bowl of cereal.

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