How To Connect A Vizio Soundbar To A Television Without A Remote

Norvan Martin

Vizio Smart TVs are affordable, entry-level options, but many of these TVs also have 4K resolution with UHD and HDR capabilities. However, the remote is a very important part of the TV as without it, you lose access to a lot of features.

In cases where a remote is lost or unavailable for any other reason, here is how you can connect your soundbar to your television without your remote.

The most common method to connect a Vizio soundbar to a TV is to use an HDMI cable and the buttons on the TV. This is simply because using this method, you can connect your television with the buttons that are on the soundbar alone in the absence of a remote. You can also use a universal remote.

Here are the steps:

Method 1: Use An HDMI Cable

Step 1: Get an HDMI Cable

You’d need a HDMI cord that is fully functional. A regular HDMI cable will do.

Step 2: Insert The HDMI Cable Into The TV

Plug one end of the cord into the HDMI port of your television

For the HDMI to sync your soundbar to your television, one end needs to be plugged into the television so that sound signals can be sent to the soundbar.

Step 3: Insert The HDMI Cable Into The Soundbar

Plug the other end of the cord into the HDMI port of your Vizio Soundbar

This will allow your soundbar to receive the audio signals it’s meant to amplify from your television.

Step 4: Power On The Devices

Power on both your television and your soundbar

Plug your television into a power outlet and switch it on. Then plug the power cable into the power port of your soundbar connect the power cable to a power outlet and switch it on as well.

Step 5: Change Input Settings

Using the “Input” button on the soundbar, change the input setting to “HDMI”

There’s a button (usually the third one) used to select input on the soundbar. This can be used to change audio input settings to HDMI. 

Step 6: Change Output Settings

Change the output of the audio settings of your television to “HDMI” as well. Changing the audio output is simply changing where the sound from your television is played from. With your HDMI plugged into your soundbar, audio will be output from there. (you can use the buttons on the television to do this if the TV remote is absent as well)

-Your soundbar should be connected now!

Method 2: Using A Universal Remote

A universal remote provides an easy means of controlling almost any remote-controlled device in your home. 

If you don’t have one, the most popular and best universal remotes are those created by popular TV brands like Samsung. The Universal Remote Control for Samsung-TV-HDTV 3D is a good example.

Once you have this universal remote, you will not need the original Vizio Remote and you will be able to connect the soundbar to your TV.

Method 3: Using an RCA Cables

This method is extremely versatile because RCA ports cut across televisions from any time and age. It’s one of the oldest ports installed on the television. This means that if you’re working with an older television, the RCA cable method is for you. This also serves as an alternative. Here is how you can use RCA:

Step 1: Get an RCA cable

RCA cables for audio are often two conjoint cords that are red and white in color and can be found at any store that sells electronics.

Step 2: Find the “AUDIO OUT” ports of your television and connect the AV cord

These are two ports at the back of your television that are red and white and usually labeled “AUDIO OUT”. Once this is found, connect the red wire to the red port and the white wire to the white port.

Step 3: Connect the two other ends of the cable to two “AUDIO IN” or “AUX” ports on your soundbar.

This will ensure that the television is connected to the soundbar using an analog wire connection between your television and your soundbar.

Step 4: Turn your soundbar and television on

Ensuring you are hearing and seeing everything properly. If you are not hearing any sound and you are seeing the video. If you are using a Vizio TV and you aren’t hearing anything, check out our article on how to fix a Vizio TV with no sound.

Step 5: Choose “AV” or “AUX” as your input method with your soundbar remote

Press the Input button on the remote, and use the pointer keys to select AV or AUX.

Step 6: Press the menu key on your soundbar remote and select audio

Pressing “MENU” will make a VIZIO menu bar to be displayed on your television. On that menu, there’s an option called “audio”

Step 7: Turn off TV speakers

When the audio menu bar pops up, click on the “TV speaker” to turn off any output from your tv speaker to prevent echoing. One can use the arrow keys on the remote to turn it off.

Step 8: Switch the Analog Audio Out function to Fixed or Variable

The setting you pick depends solely on preference and it’s not such a big deal.

If you choose the variable option, the volume on your soundbar will toggle according to how you adjust the television volume. If you select fixed, the volume will be controlled by the soundbar.

Method 4: Use An Optical Cable

Step 1: Remove the protective plastic cover on each end of your optical cable to allow you to plug it into the TV and soundbar safely. Be sure to have a suitable cable for your connection.

Step 2: Wire one end of the cable to the “OPTICAL” port on the back of your TV. Make sure the connection is secure. 

Step 3: Join the other end of the cable to the “OPTICAL” port on the soundbar.  

Step 4: Connect the soundbar to the power outlet and switch it on. 

Step 5: Change the audio settings of your TV to use only the soundbar. Also, change the digital audio out setting to Bitstream or Dolby Digital. 


How To Fix A Faulty Remote?

Sometimes, the problem might just be a remote that doesn’t seem to be working or at most, working to your taste. Here are some issues that may arise with your remote and how you can fix them.

-No clear line between the remote and your soundbar: Very much like every other remote, the Vizio soundbar remote needs to have a clear line to control and connect with the soundbar with the use of IR sensors. If the remote is too far or the IR signal is blocked by an object, the remote may not work.

-New Batteries: The next most plausible reason that your soundbar remote may be faulty is that your batteries are either out of juice or have gone bad. If this is the case, new batteries should do the trick right away.

-Restarting the remote manually: Restarting/power cycling a remote is simply taking out the batteries, pressing all the buttons twice returning the batteries, and testing it out again. If

-Restarting the soundbar: Oftentimes, the problem might stem from the soundbar IR sensor and needs a quick refresh. To do this, simply turn off the soundbar and unplug it, press and hold the power button for 30 seconds, then plug it back in. If this fixes it, it probably means that you have an older soundbar model and it needs a quick software update.

Can I Connect With RCA?

Some older soundbars and TVs will have RCA connections, but not all do. In any case, check out our guide on how to connect a soundbar to a TV with RCA


In this article, we’ve shown you how to hook your TV up to your soundbar without a remote, how to troubleshoot a faulty remote, and recommended a range of options for you if you’d like to acquire a new soundbar! Everything you need to solve your sound system problems from head to toe!

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