UE Roll 2 Volcano Review

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4.8/5 on July 9, 2016

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334 reviews


Huge, 360 degree sound that bangs in every direction.
The most portable and easily attached speaker because of the shape and bungee.
Up to 100 feet wireless range
9 hour battery life. Rechargeable.
It's own app to get the most out of your speaker.
Works with Apple and Android Bluetooth wireless devices


Very few. Not the best bass being the only one of note.


Maybe the best adventure (biking, hiking, pooling, beach, etc) speaker on the market. It's not as durable as a true camping or outdoors Bluetooth speaker but it's not far off. Huge kudos to Logitech for this awesome device.

I firs found this Logitech gem when I was researching some shower speakers for my girlfriend.  We’re not huge into music, but we do enjoy it.  What does that mean?  We own an Amazon Echo and there’s music playing somewhere in the house at all times.  I don’t care if I have music in the shower, but the girlfriend needs it.  Right now she’s using a Soundbot SB 510…which isn’t a bad little speaker.  I think she needs a little more ooomph, though.

And we’re not the only Bluetooth Review site to rate the UE Roll 2 so highly. Other “big” sites such as CNET and WireCutter (whom voted the UE Roll 2 as their favorite) have also praised and enjoyed it as much as we have.  There’s just something about the UE Roll 2 that perks people up. It’s innovative.  It’s ballsy.  It’s powerful.  The price tag could easily be double for the performance it puts outs.

That’s why he UE Roll Volcano….with its “pill shape” and huge “+” and “-” buttons on it caught my eye.  It looks a little weird, yeah, but it’s that weirdness that also adds to the cool factor that this waterproof Bluetooth speaker bumps out.

The UE Roll has some cool color options, great power, is super-easy to operate, and is absolutely water proof. You can immerse the damn thing in about 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes with no worry of integrity breach.

Because of the unique design and the bungee-cord attachment, the UE Roll will pretty much hang and stay out of the way anywhere.  This isn’t just a shower speaker and I hope I didn’t give you that impression…this is on of the most versatile, waterproof Bluetooth speakers on the market.