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0/5 on October 17, 2016

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Waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof
Long-lasting battery even at higher volumes
Long Bluetooth range
Portable shape
360-degree sound



Could be louder
360-degree sound means weaker bass in larger spaces


UE has been a pretty trust-worthy brand in the Bluetooth market for a long time. However, even they want to buy into the "bigger is better" mantra that Bluetooth brands are chasing these days, and that is just what they did with the UE MEGABOOM. However, while typically Bluetooth speaker casing gets bigger to make room for some serious subwoofer space, it seems the MEGABOOM didn't get big enough. While it produces that same crisp sound that we've come to expect from the brand in full 360 degrees, it is that same 360 sound that limits the potential for deep, soulful bass.

Despite some nitpicks that serious sound aficionados may have, the MEGABOOM does come with a lot of nice littler features like the long Bluetooth range, fast charging, and voice integration. However, it also comes with an app that gives you better control from your smart phone as well some additional features like the aforementioned PartyUp linking of UE speakers, tap controls, the ability to set a playlist as your alarm, and DJing your music with up to two other people.

The 360-degree sound is actually awesome if you are in smaller rooms with good acoustics, but if you are trying to crank up the noise in a wide open space, the MEGABOOM just doesn’t get loud enough. However, it does have the capability to hook up to 50 UE speakers together, which is across all UE models. So you don’t necessarily have to buy multiple MEGABOOMs if you have other models like the UE Roll on hand and want louder sound.


360-degree sound
Waterproof with an IPX7 rating
100 ft Bluetooth range
20-hour battery
Micro USB charging
Siri and Google Now voice integration