Types Of Silicone Earbuds
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Silicone earbuds are the most common types of earbuds as most phones come with earphones made of silicone tips.  This material comes in many styles and designs. It’s easy to get confused and spoilt for choice so today we will look at the different types of silicone earbuds so you can determine the best option for your personal use. 

Types Of Silicone Earbuds tips

1. Single Flange Silicone Earbuds

These are the most common and available almost in all our local stores. They are popular as they come with phones, therefore many people are used to them.

They are simple and come in basic design to fit most ears. They require almost no maintenance and can easily be cleaned.

Single Flange Silicone Earbuds

They are also available in hard and soft cores which also means that their comfort properties, as well as their sonic properties, do not vary too much.  In fact, they are made from varying degrees of the silicone material.

It is up to you to decide which ones work best for you. When it comes to sound, the difference might be there but quite minimal. Isolation is good and comfort is average as it heavily depends on the size.

2. Double Flange Silicone Earbuds

A simpler way of modifying your earbuds to become double flanged is sticking two single flanged ear tips together using glue.

They are virtually the same size as the single flanged but contains two curves instead of one. This makes it possible for the pair to adapt and fit comfortably into the ear canal.Double Flange Silicone EarbudsSince the ear canal is not straight, the tip has to bend to follow the shape and in this case, two pieces can bend better than one.

That also means that isolation is greatly improved and the comfort much better. Most of these earbuds come in soft silicone material which vastly contributes to the improved comfort. Compared to the single flanged pair, these earbuds are much better and more comfortable.


3. Triple-flange Silicone Earbuds

Adding more than one tip makes a triple flange earbud. Currently, these are the largest commonly available.

They provide extra comfort and that’s why you will often find them in earphones meant for musicians.

However, there have been multiple complaints that they tend to settle too deep in the ear canal that they cause discomfort and pain in just a few minutes of wearing.

We all have different tastes when it comes to comfort and therefore what may be comfortable to you could be very uncomfortable to another.Triple-flange Silicone EarbudsThe best rule of the thumb is to find what fits you best. If basic single flanged silicone earbuds work for you, stick by them as you may never feel comfortable wearing other types. Trying until you get your match is also an option.


Why Use Silicone Earbuds?

There are many reasons silicone earbuds are used today. To start, the material is quite durable and economical.

Silicone earbuds usually last longer depending on the quality and are also washable. Due to their flexibility, they are available in multi flange selections which tend to offer better sound isolation. It is almost impossible not to find something of your liking.



So there are 3 different types of silicone earbuds as you’ve discovered – single flanged, double flanged and triple flanged.

Your choice will depend on the level of comfort you desire as well as how likely the earbuds are to fall out of your ears depending on the activities you’ll be doing while having g the earbuds in.

We hope we’ve assisted you in making the right choice. If you’re looking for an even better fitted earplug, please check out our comparison of silicone earbuds and foam earbuds or our look at why you should use foam earbuds.