Connect Two Bluetooth Headphones To A Samsung Device

Norvan Martin
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For many people, Bluetooth headphones are an essential accessory for many Samsung device users. Whether used for listening to music, watching movies, or making calls – Bluetooth headphones provide a convenient wireless way of experiencing media.

But what if you want to share the experience? In this guide, we will show how you can connect two Bluetooth headphones simultaneously on Samsung devices. 

Please note that while this feature is not always supported, later devices that are Bluetooth 5.0 compatible often support this option.

How To Connect Two Bluetooth Headphones At Once On Samsung Devices

Step 1: Verifying Bluetooth Compatibility

Before pairing two Bluetooth headphones to your Samsung device, ensure both headphones are compatible.

Taking steps such as consulting the user manuals or product descriptions for information confirming support of Bluetooth 5.0 can assist in this step.

Step 2: Place Headphones into Pairing Mode

Step two for pairing both headphones with your Samsung device will involve placing them both into pairing mode to establish an association between each headphone.

Please note that specific steps may differ depending on which headphones are in use.

Please consult their user manual or product description for assistance, but this typically involves pressing and holding down a button on each headphone until you see a flashing light or hear an audio cue indicating that the headphones are in pairing mode.

Step 3: Pair the First Headphone

Once both headphones have entered pairing mode, it is time to pair one of them with your Samsung device. Here’s what to do:

  • On your Samsung device go into “Settings,” choose “Connections,”
  • Tap on Bluetooth then “ON.” To pair one headphone, follow these steps
  • Your Samsung device will begin scanning for nearby Bluetooth devices automatically.
  • Once you find an available headphone in the list of available devices, tap to connect. When successful pairing is achieved, a message on your Samsung device will indicate it as such.

Step 4: Connect the Second Headphone With Dual Audio

Your Samsung device needs to enable a function known as “dual audio” or “multi-point connection” to attach the second headset without unplugging the first one.

Multiple Bluetooth audio devices can be connected to the device simultaneously thanks to this feature. It is crucial to review the specifications of your specific device because not all Samsung devices enable this capability.

If your Samsung device does support dual audio or multi-point connection, you can typically enable it in the Bluetooth settings.

Once enabled, you can pair the second headphone to your device while the first headphone remains connected and active. Both headphones will then be able to play audio simultaneously.

Now it is time to pair up a second headset. Here are the steps:

  1. Keep the first headset paired to your Samsung device.
  2. Switch the pairing mode back on.
  3. On your Samsung device, navigate to Bluetooth > Pair New Device.
  4. Once a second headphone appears in your list of available devices, tap its name to connect.

When successful pairing is accomplished, an onscreen message will inform you that a connection has been successfully established.

Step 5: Listen with Two Headphones

With both headphones connected to your Samsung device, it is now time to enjoy audio together through two headphones simultaneously.

Play music, watch movies, or make phone calls – any audio will reach both headphones simultaneously!

If any issues with audio arise while using both sets, please check and adjust both volume settings on both heads simultaneously if one headphone seems louder than expected;


Pairing two Bluetooth headphones to your Samsung device may prove challenging at first, but it can be an exciting way to share audio experiences with someone else.

By following the steps laid out here you’ll easily be able to pair them and share audio simultaneously!

When connecting both sets make sure both are compatible, and turn both pairs onto pairing mode before following these instructions outlined above – be patient as connecting will happen much more quickly once patience and persistence come into play! Enjoy music together quickly!

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