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TV Only Has 2 Mounting Holes (SOLVED)

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Mounting TVs on the wall should give you a better viewing experience. However, mounting TVs may prove to be very challenging especially if your TV comes with two mounting holes only. This article looks at TVs with two mounting holes and how to mount them. 

If you find that your TV only has two mounting holes, you need to look more closely because all TVs come with 4 mounting holes. However, the top two holes are sometimes were covered by screwers which are the same as the others used all over the TV.

Does My TV Only Have 2 Mounting Holes?

Televisions come with four mounting holes. Two mounting holes are located at the bottom of the TV. The other two holes are sometimes covered by screws similar to the other screws used on the rest of the TV.

TCL TV 2 mounting holes

It is, therefore, easier to think that your TV has just two mounting holes if you do not inspect properly to locate the other two.  

TV Wall Mount With Only 2 Screws

Mounting TVs to the wall should be a well-thought process to prevent accidents during the mounting or even damage to the TV.

Before we declare whether or not you can mount your TV on two screws, let’s look at some types of the amount you can try for your TV. 

1.      Low Profile Mounts

Many people prefer low-profile mounts because they are affordable. They are mainly made of plastic and are much easier to install. Also, they are more flexible and usable on any wall. However, they have limited options for support. 

2.      Tilting Mounts 

These are costlier alternatives and are more attractive. Though they do not allow adjustments to any other direction, they can rotate up to 360 degrees on the wall and can be tilted from side to side.

3.      Swivel Mounts 

These mounts have a characteristic swivel feature. They require at least 8 inches of distance for wall mounting. They make it much easier to adjust the angle of TV viewing as they are adjustable in all directions. 

4.      Full-Motion Mounts 

These are by far considered the best TV mounts as they offer the highest flexibility in terms of tilt, rotation, and height adjustment. They can pivot 180 degrees each way, offer full rotation up to 360 degrees on a platform, and permit the TV’s side-to-side tilting. They are, however, costly. 

So, Can You Mount Tv With Only Two Screws? 

The answer is yes; you can wall mount a TV with just two screws. Therefore, it would help if you bought the right mount with adequate support for two-screw wall mounting. Also, choose the mount with all the features you need for the best experience. 

You need to be careful when mounting a TV with only 2 holes if you are reusing a old TV wall mount

How To Mount TV With 2 Screws

To wall-mount your TV safely with just two screws, obtain drywall anchors. These will support the screws not to come out of the wall.

Screw the anchors behind the drywall where the TV is to be mounted and insert the little tab inside every anchor into the screw hole from the TV mount. 

Screw the screws tightly into the anchors to hold the TV tightly in place without damaging the wall. 

Don’t break a sweat if your TV came with two holes only. You can still mount it with just two holes on the back. Besides, screwing the TV on two contact points will make it much more stable than having just one point of contact on it, particularly if it weighs below 40 pounds. 

Also, the issue of space takes center stage in your decision to wall-mount the TV. This is because mounting a TV on the wall saves space while adding much more appeal to the looks of your TV set. 

We generally do not recommend mounting your TV with just 2 screws because of the weight of most TVs. This is especially true if you are putting 2 or 3 TVs on your wall or if the wall is weak.

How To Mount My TV?

As we have already mentioned, mounting a TV should not be painful. Consider several factors, including the type of mount you intend to use, the size of the TV, and the amount of space available. If you are wondering how a TV, here is a step-by-step guide. 

Step 1: Find The Right Location 

Before wall mounting a TV, find a wall that can support 100-200 pounds of weight. If you live in a house with weak walls, you may need to consider other mounting options. However, look for a thick, steady wall. 

Step 2: Secure The place

Once you have an excellent wall to mount your TV, secure the actual location where the mounting should be done.

Ensure there are no power outlets or other obstacles that would make the process much more demanding. This will also help you prevent possible accidents in the process. 

Step 3: Fix The Bracket 

Now fix the brackets. The brackets will vary mainly depending on the model of the TV, shape, and design. 

Generally, you will need a minimum of two points of contact to support the TV during mounting. Also, the two mounting points should be well spread at a minimum of 12 inches apart

Mark the studs and screw the brackets on each marked location. Be sure to use long screws that go deep into the wall to create a steady and robust mount.

Do not use TV screws that are too long and likely to protrude beyond the wall. However, if you are using anchors to support the mounting, use screws that are long enough to penetrate the wall, the anchor, and go into the stud. 

Step 4: Mount your TV

Once the brackets are securely fixed, it is time to attach the TV to them. Please remove all the obstacles that may make it difficult to secure the TV. Tighten the mounting screws to achieve a tight fit of your TV. 

TV Wall Mount Instructions

Here are some of the necessary instructions to follow when mounting your TV to the wall: 

  • Do not over-tighten screws during the mount. 
  • Use screws that are long enough for the studs behind the drywall not to cause any damage
  • Do not use screws that appear old or rusty. 
  • Please choose the right amount and buy it with all the required features for the best experience.
  • Do not mount the TV too high up on the wall.
  • Use a VESA wall mount to mount your TVs.
  • Check that the weight of your TV does not exceed the maximum weight requirements of your TV.
  • Take a photo of the serial number tag on the back of the TV before mounting it to use in case you need warranty service for your TV in the future. 

TCL 32 Inch TV Wall Mount Screw Size 

The size of the screw for mounting the TV depends on the TV’s weight. 32 TCL inches TVs come in different models. Below are the three different models and the wall mount screw size required: 

  • 32D100 – M4 x 12 
  • 32S301 – M4 x 12
  • 32S305 – M4 x 12
  • 32S331 – M4 x 12