Turtle Beach Ear Force Gaming Headset review

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4.3/5 on June 17, 2016

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536 reviews


Awesome surround sound that puts you in the game.

Clear and distinct voice chat.


WiFi set up requires some time.


The Turtle Beach Ear Force Gaming Headset review is that this headphone packs plenty of features and is certainly worth buying.  Keep in mind that gamers are a finicky bunch.  (I'm one of them so I can say that).  The reviews on Amazon are good and in line with most gaming opinions.  This is a top notch wireless gaming headset.

Chatting while playing is a great component of an enjoyable online game. The Turtle Beach Ear Force XP400 Surround Sound Gaming Headset offers both high-quality sound and also the ability to chat while playing. In the following Turtle Beach Ear Force Gaming Headset review, we are going to look at whether this particular headset is worth buying.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Gaming Headset review – Design and Key Features

The Turtle Beach XP-400 has lots of options and features, which is clearly seen from the wide range of buttons that are visible externally. The main appeal as far as this Turtle Beach Ear Force Gaming Headset review is concerned is the capability of playing surround sound. You can use the headphones to listen to quality sound on all your devices from the Xbox and PS3 to your mobile. There are several equalizing options that you can choose depending on your listening needs.


Since the XP400 has both a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth setup, using it is quite easy depending on which you opt to use. However, setting it up via Wi-Fi can take some time, but once you are connected, the sound quality is totally worth the time it takes. You can then activate the chat menu on your Xbox console or PS3 by following the easy instructions, and you should be ready to start enjoying your game in a few minutes.

Build quality

While the XP400 looks heavy, it is very comfortable and light in use. The closed cups fit very comfortably over your ear, and the padded headband feels comfy. They feel expensive and very sturdy.

Sound quality

The fact that you have Dolby Surround Sound and handy EQ settings means you should expect some great sounds and the XP400 does not disappoint in this area. There are different surround sound setups that you can select, and each offers a layered smooth sound that gives a distinctive impression of being spoken to or fired at from different angles. It gives a rich sense of realism and immersion, which is what makes it one of the major highlights of this Turtle Beach Ear Force Gaming Headset review.

Chat quality

People looking for chat gaming headphones need to check out this Turtle Beach Ear Force Gaming Headset review. Speaking is easily picked up by the attached mic, which is adjustable. The mic is very sensitive, and you will be able to communicate clearly with your friends, whether in-game or making a call over Bluetooth.

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