TCL vs Samsung: Who Makes Better TVs?

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TCL and Samsung TVs are among the most popular high-quality options on the market; with the competition between these manufacturers driving prices down. Which of these brands is the best for the budget shopper and which is better overall? Read on for a detailed comparison between Samsung and TCL to be able to pick the perfect one that suits your needs.

TCL vs Samsung Comparison Table

Brand ReputationEmerging Global BrandWell-Established and Trusted
DisplayVarious ResolutionsFull HD to 8K Options
AudioDolby Audio SupportAdvanced Audio Technologies
Build Quality/DesignSleek and Modern DesignsPremium Build Quality
ConnectivityDiverse Connectivity OptionsAdvanced Connectivity Features
PricingBudget-Friendly to Mid-RangeModerate to High
FeaturesSmart TV Features, Roku PlatformSmart Hub, Advanced Smart Features

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Main Features

Samsung stands out from the crowd since it offers universal TVs that you can use for almost any purpose. It comes with a virtual assistant known as Bixby that voice commands control. Some Samsung TV models also offer Alexa and Bixby built-in.

Moreover, Samsung offers Auto Game Mode and other related features designed to optimize the screen for your games and enhance your gaming experience.

A patent Ambient Mode is another unique feature. It turns the TV’s screen into another part of the interior. The Universal Guide also provides a detailed list of content that is personalized for you.

TCL comes with an Auto Game mode too. At the same time, some models from this manufacturer also have an iPQ engine that corrects color inaccuracies. Others also offer picture-in-picture functions that allow you to task switch and use multiple accounts with ease.

Picture Quality

Samsung is well known for providing crystal clear quality. However, while this is true, it does have its issues. An example is the Samsung auto-dimming service menu problem

The two companies use advanced technologies to ensure users like you get realistic and vivid pictures. Both of them can offer HRD, LED, OLED, QLED, and other high-quality features. 

TLC TV Picture Quality

Other than providing detailed 4K images, TCL and Samsung TVs provide excellent contrast and make the overall picture outstandingly natural.

If you compare TCL 4K and Samsung 4K TVs, you might not immediately tell which one offers the best picture quality. Samsung perfectly upscales Full HD quality to 4K. However, it’s less efficient. Please note that Samsung TVs typically use HDR10, while TCL uses Dolby Vision.

samsung Tv picture quality

The most significant difference in picture quality is that Samsung TVs use the Quantum Dots technology, enabling them to offer a more realistic picture. On the other hand, TCL TVs use NBP Photons, which is cheaper but can’t show a wide color gamut as Samsung’s technology.


Samsung uses some of the most popular surround sound technologies such as DTS and Dolby Atmos more frequently than TCL. Most TVs from Samsung are also equipped with 20W speakers. TCL’s TVs, on the other hand, come with 16W speakers, which are less powerful.

Operating System

Some TCL and Samsung TV models offer Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility and unlimited access to Amazon Prime, HBO, Hulu, Netflix, and other popular streaming services.

Most modern Samsung TVs use Tizen, which is an operating system that Samsung developed for its smart TVs. It’s fast and highly reliable. This OS offers several pre-installed streaming services and apps.

Most TVs from TCL run on Roku, which has a simple interface. It also gives users access to lots of streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video.

Overall, the two operating systems are easy to use, work fast, and have neatly arranged menus. However, Roku appears a little bit outdated.

It’s important to note that you can find TCL models that offer more smart features than Samsung TVs.

TV Ports

TCL and Samsung TVs offer come with identical sets of HDMI ports. Most of them feature less than three HDMI ports and a single USB port. Nevertheless, Samsung TVs typically have more ports.

In either case you should be able to easily connect your TV to your home theater and cable box.


Most Samsung and TCL TVs are equipped with two boomerang-shaped feet that offer much-needed support. However, Samsung TVs are often much thinner than their counterparts from TCL. Moreover, they look more elegant.

In terms of software, some TCL TVs seem to go into recovery mode. For example, we have a guide on TCL Roku TV recovery mode as an example if you want to learn more.

What’s more, most Samsung TVs are more durable given that they are made of sturdier plastic. On the other hand, most TVs from TCL are made of average-quality plastics.


Since the quality of Samsung and TCL TVs differ, you can expect their price to vary. The exact rates change from time to time.

However, the price of Samsung TVs is often much higher. For example, the average cost of TCL TVs currently ranges from 200 USD to 300 USD. The average cost of Samsung TVs is approximately 250 USD more than this.

So, you can see that if you prioritize quality pictures, durability, and the like, you should consider digging deeper into your pocket to afford a Samsung TV. On the other hand, consider buying a TCL TV if you’re on a tight budget and want a TV that won’t let you down when you use it with care.

Intrusive Ads

TV ads can be annoying and while there are many ways to go about removing them, it’s best to just get a smart TV without ads to begin with. For example, many Samsung TVs do not allow you to remove ads from the TV settings. However, many TCL TVs do. Check out our guide on how to remove smart TV ads to learn more. 

TCL Vs. Samsung 32 Inch

If we compare two 32-inch models from these brands, the Samsung UA32F5500AJ and the TCL 32B2500, we’ll see that the Samsung model is typically equipped with more useful features.

The Samsung UA32F5500AJ offers 2 USB ports and three HDMI ports. The TCL 32B2500 has the same number of USB ports. However, it only features one HDMI port. The Samsung model also comes with plenty of smart features that its rival lacks. These include Gesture Control, Facebook, and Web Browser.

These 32-inch LED TVs also have different displays. 

The Samsung model’s display is Full HD, 1920×768. Its competitor’s display is HD-Ready, 1366×768.

As you can see in this TCL and Samsung comparison, the Samsung UA32F5500AJ is the best if you are looking for a TV with many valuable features.

TCL Vs. Samsung 40 Inch

We can also compare the LED 40-inch Samsung and 43-inch TCL models to see that these TVs offer quality sound. The Samsung TV uses the Dolby Digital Plus sound system. Its competitor uses Dolby Decoder,and  DTS Premium. 

The Samsung model features two speakers. However, each of them has a total speaker output of 20 W. Overall, these televisions’ sound quality is almost the same.

TCL Vs. Samsung 43 Inch

We can also compare the Samsung UA43J5570AU and TCL L43P1US to see which has the best connectivity, smart features, and more. The Samsung model features Wi-Fi and internet, three HDMI ports, and two USB ports. Its TCL counterpart comes with the same features.

At the same time, the Samsung TV’s smart features are games and web browsers. On the other hand, the TCL smart features are Games, Facebook, Web Browser, and Skype Compatible. 

From this, you can see that some TCL TVs have more valuable features than some Samsung models.

Is TCL Better Than Samsung?

While TCL does offer high-budget products with amazing picture quality, when compared with other brands, Samsung, though quite pricey, excels in visual display wititsir high-value, quality screens. Generally speaking, TCL offers a range of TVs that are great for all budgets but Samsung is definitely worth the prices they charge.

Is TCL A Good Brand Of TV?

The TCL brand has a reputation with consumers for producing TVs with amazing picture quality at a cost that won’t break the bank. Understandably, they don’t boaof as many functions, desi,gns and features and aren’t as durable as higher-end competitors, but their smart TVs are still of very high value and are definitely worth your money.

Does Samsung Make TCL?

Samsung and TCL are two entirely separate companies and Samsung Electronics does not make TCL Televisions. Though both companies are Asian, TCL is a Chinese company while Samsung is a South Korean company. However, according to Wikipedia, Samsung announced that it would begin to outsource the production of some of its LCD TVs to TLC.

Does TCL TV Last Long?

TCL TVs are pretty long-lasting, if not as durable as so of the more expensive brands on the market. Their products can last anywhere from seven to ten years depending on how well they are used and how properly they are maintained.

Samsung vs. TCL TV: Conclusion

You should see TCL as an excellent manufacturer when it comes to middle-end quality and budget. However, it’s not often the best for picture and sound quality, durability, the number of connectivity options, the quality of the operating system, and the number of features. Samsung often scores much better in these areas. So, if you are ready to pay for the additional benefits, you can go for TVs from Samsung. On the other hand, if you want an affordable TV, you should consider buying TCL. 


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