SVS vs Monolith – Which Brand Is Better?

Norvan Martin
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SVS and Monolith Audio are two renowned and well-respected brands in the audio industry that produces high-quality speakers, headphones, soundbars,  and subwoofers. 

In this article, we will cover a general overview of both brands, looking specifically at the sound quality, durability, price and so on. Of course, each brand has different devices at different price points. However, we will compare them as closely as we can.

SVS products are known for their excellent sound quality and powerful bass, while Monolith products are known for their high-quality sound and construction.

SVS vs Monolith Comparison Table

Brand ReputationSVS is well-regarded for its high-performance subwoofers and audio products.Monolith is known for producing audio components with a focus on high-quality performance and value.
Sound QualitySVS emphasizes powerful and accurate bass reproduction with its subwoofers.Monolith focuses on delivering detailed and precise audio performance across its product range.
Build Quality/DesignSVS products feature robust build quality, often with a sleek and modern design.Monolith emphasizes durable build quality with a straightforward and functional design approach.
Product RangeSVS offers a range of subwoofers, speakers, and audio accessories.Monolith provides a lineup of audio components, including speakers, amplifiers, and headphones.
PricingSVS products are positioned in various price ranges, offering options for different budgets.Monolith products often provide high-end performance at competitive prices, delivering value for the cost.
FeaturesSVS products integrate advanced technologies for enhanced low-frequency performance.Monolith products may include features such as high-quality components and versatile connectivity options.

Pros and Cons of Monolith:

  • Pros: Known for producing high-quality speakers and home theater systems with excellent sound quality and strong bass response. Many of their products are well-regarded for their value for money.
  • Cons: Some users have reported issues with durability and reliability of some of their products.

Pros and Cons of SVS:

  • Pros: Known for producing high-quality subwoofers and speakers with excellent sound quality and strong bass response. They offer a wide range of products at different price points.
  • Cons: Some of their products can be expensive, and some users have reported issues with durability.

Quick History

SVS Quick History

SVS was founded by a group of audio-loving engineers, in 1998. The innovation was driven by the need to create world-class, immersive, and affordable subwoofers and amplifiers. The company is based in Youngtown, Ohio and currently produces speakers, subwoofers and cables.

Monolith Quick History

Monolith is a subdivision of Monoprice, an American consumer electronics company whose gadgets include TVs, video cameras and even 3D printers. Monolith was introduced as the audio manufacturing brand. They make amplifiers, headphones and earbuds, home theatres and speakers.

Sound Quality

SVS Sound Quality

SVS’s designs are produced by a top-notch acoustic engineering team that combines sophisticated technology, precision engineering, exhaustive lab, real-world testing, and a deep passion for audio excellence.

svs subwoofer company logo

The company produces reference-grade loudspeakers with coherent soundstage and pinpoint imaging, superb detail, and sonic transparency. The subwoofers also deliver a great audio experience and come with a 5-year unconditional warranty. 

As an example, the SoundMatch 2-way crossover is used with a tapered array design that helps minimize beaming and creates an expansive, focused, and precise soundstage. The Precise tuning of SoundMatch Crossover also helps deliver pinpoint accuracy of highs, mids, and lows. 

The acoustically optimized 1-inch aluminum dome tweeters and high-output 4.5-inch midrange drivers ensure delivery of high sound quality.

Monolith Sound Quality

Monolith devices deliver high-end audio quality at midrange prices. Their devices are capable of producing powerful bass and crisp midtones with excellent accuracy.

Monolith logo

They are also quite loud, delivering immersive, room-filling sound.


SVS Features

Here are some of the striking SVS features: 

  • Active digital crossover
  • Compact, stylish, and acoustically refined cabinets
  • 192kHz/24-bit lossless streaming
  • Mono or stereo playback options 
  • Subwoofers feature active dual opposing 8-inch drivers

Monolith Features

Here are some features that are commonly found in Monolith devices:

  • Active Noise Cancellation in the headphones and earbuds
  • Bluetooth 5 with Qualcomm aptX HD
  • Many connectivity options are available, including 3.5mm jack, RCA, DAC, Bluetooth, Digital Optical, USB and WiFi
  • Audio equalizer with customizable presets
  • Dolby Atmos Surround Sound
  • Remote control and app support.

Build Quality

SVS Build Quality

The build quality of SVS speakers and subwoofers is pristine, with tapered edges known as chamfers used to minimize edge diffraction. Acoustic enhancements such as shorting rings and a tweeter diffuser add performance-driven style to the speakers.

SVS pb2000
SVS pb2000

These are packed into compact and appealing cabinets available in stunning piano gloss black or premium black ash finish.

Monolith Build Quality

One of the more easily noticeable features of Monolith devices is their sturdy build. One common build is a rugged chassis with powder coated finish to resist scratches and prevent corrosion.

Monolith M-12 V2 subwoofer

The Monolith M-12 V2 subwoofer has a solid chassis of High Density Fiberboard (HDF) to give a sonically inert enclosure that eliminates cabinet resonance, giving a clear, unadulterated sound output.

Ease of Use

SVS Ease Of Use

SVS added physical controls directly to its active speakers to make it easier to control the volume, choose the inputs to use, or pause playback directly. The speakers are also easy to mount

Monolith Ease Of Use

Due to the minimalistic design of Monolith devices, they are easy to operate, with just a few buttons for the more important functions. The support for remote control allows easy operation. The Sonarworks SoundID, Monolith’s custom app allows additional functionality such as an equalizer.


SVS Cost

Here’s a range of prices for SVS speakers and subwoofers:

Monolith Cost

Monolith products are not the cheapest audio devices, but they perform like high-end devices while keeping their prices in the midrange. The Encore B6 Bookshelf starts at $160 while the Monolith 3X home theatre amplifier comes in at $1300 with both delivering excellent performance.

The price range for most Monoliths products is listed below:

  • Amplifiers: $1100 – $4000
  • Speakers: $250 – $2100
  • Subwoofers: $300 – $2100
  • Headphones/earbuds: $100 – $400

Space Requirements

SVS Space Requirements

The speakers are built into compact cabinets that are easy to mount anywhere. The subwoofers are also decently built with smooth edges and small cabinets that take very little floor space. 

Monolith Space Requirements

Monolith devices vary in size, though most of their products are large home theatres and desktop/shelf speakers. The desktop and shelf speakers are small and light enough to fit into your desk or shelf space. The home theatres and amplifiers are larger and heavier.

Remote Controls

SVS Remote Controls

SVS remote controls help you seamlessly control speakers and subwoofers without changing your sitting position. Moreover, you can now control the SVS subwoofers with a wireless SVS app. This app works in a similar way as wired remote controls

Monolith Remote Controls

Some Monolith devices support the use of third-party remote controllers as well as custom-made Monolith remotes. The Sonarworks SoundID app also allows for remote control of your device if they’re connected over the same WiFi network.

Connectivity Options

SVS Connectivity Options

SVS supports several connectivity options as listed below:

  • Bluetooth with aptX and AAC for high fidelity streaming from iOS and Android devices
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi for direct streaming 
  • DTS Play-Fi app control
  • AUX
  • Optical and line-level inputs for high fidelity sound from gaming consoles, TVs, AV receivers, CD players, turntables, etc. 
  • Ethernet input for hard-wired internet connection 
  • USB port for adding an SVS SoundPath wireless audio adapter 

and charging mobile devices

  • Speaker level inputs

Monolith Connectivity Options

Monolith fits their devices with a host of connectivity options to choose from, including both wired and wireless options. This includes Bluetooth, HDMI, USB, optical audio input, DAC, WiFi and other options.

Power Range

SVS Power Range

SVS speakers deliver a wide range of power with output as high as 720 watts. The subwoofers feature all-new 12-inch SVS drivers delivering up to 550 W RMS and over 1,500-watt peak power amplifiers. 

Monolith Power Range

The power range varies from device to device. The Monolith Encore T6 tower speaker is one of the more power-hungry models, rated at 2.83V at 1 m, so it might require the use of an AVR to stabilize the voltage. It also requires 180 Watts per channel compared to the smaller Encore B6 Bookshelf which uses 150 Watts per channel.

Frequency Response

SVS Frequency Response

The speakers have a frequency response of 48 Hz – 25 kHz, while the subwoofers work from 17 Hz to 270Hz.

Monolith Frequency Response

We will give a quick overview of some of the common Monolith devices here. The Monolith Encore T6 has a frequency response range from 37 Hz to 20 kHz, which makes it a good standalone speaker. The Monolith 3X home theatre amplifier has an astounding 20Hz to 20KHz frequency range.


SVS puts out the high-quality sound with clear and crispy treble. Many of their speakers are audiophile-grade, and their subwoofers are powerful. There is a good range of products to meet every budget. This is why if you are looking for good speakers, SVS should be on your top list. On the other hand, Monolith produces devices that deliver high-end performance at a lower cost than more premium brands. Monolith devices are for people who are willing to pay more for quality audio but do not want to pay the premium prices for high-end brands.

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