LG Subwoofer Not Pairing With My Soundbar (SOLVED)

Norvan Martin

It can be quite frustrating when you are trying to pair your subwoofer with your soundbar or some other device and it simply doesn’t work. In this article, we focus on some of the most common fixes for your subwoofer not pairing issue.

By the way, if your issue is that your subwoofer keeps connecting to your soundbar and disconnecting, please check out this guide. In the guide, we explain how to troubleshoot when your subwoofer keeps disconnecting from your soundbar.

1. Firmware Version

Also, the devices may fail to connect if the firmware of the soundbar or sub is out of date. You can check the firmware of your soundbar using the remote control.

Begin by powering the subwoofer and turning it on. Locate the gear-like button on the remote control and press it once. Then, press the button again for about 30 seconds and wait for some numbers to display.

Check out the numbers that follow “B” signifying the firmware version of the soundbar. To update the version, download the file via the SmartThings app or using the USB port.

Turn off the subwoofer and use the soundbar’s remote to check the current firmware update. Press the sound control button that looks like a gear on the remote, once.

Then press and hold it for 20-30 seconds and check the numbers that follow “B” on the soundbar. You can then use the SmartThings app to perform the update or download the file if your Samsung soundbar has a USB port.

2. Wear And Tear

Subwoofers just like any other electronic products may fail due to usage, wear, and tear. Due to their complex design and cheaper subwoofers using low-quality materials, subs can always die or fail within their very first few years of usage especially if heavily used.

3. Connection Problems

For subwoofers to pair safely with other devices, they must be powered, and in good working condition.

The lack of power is therefore one of the major causes of the subwoofer not pairing. For instance, if the amperage reaching the electromagnetic coil is too low, the functionality of the sub can be easily altered causing it to fail to work properly.

As a standard rule, the maximum wireless signal distance between the subwoofer and the soundbar is about 33 feet.

Check if there is a wall or any other obstacle between the two devices. Depending on the type of material on the obstacle, there may be adverse interference with the sound. The subwoofer may also stop working.

Also, check that no other device such as a Wi-Fi router that uses the same wireless frequency (2.4Ghz) is in range or near the soundbar. Such devices will cause interference resulting in sound interruption.

4. Overheating

Another problem that is likely to cause your sub not to pair is overheating. Subwoofers may be overhead when used heavily over a long time.

This may cause some features of the sub to stop working properly. If you suspect that overheating is the culprit, place the sub in a well-ventilated area, and stop prolonged usage.

5. Short Circuit

The other major cause is the short circuit which interrupts the signal from reaching the destination.

When no signal is transmitted, or no power altogether, the sub will not produce any sound and will not pair with other devices successfully. Short circuits can be fixed easily by professionals depending on the type of damage.

6. Subwoofer Power

Sometimes, the sub may not link to the soundbar due to a failed or lost power connection between the outlet and the sub. The first step is to check if the subwoofer is powered on. If the sub is not powered on, check that the power cord is correctly and securely connected. You can also unplug the power cable and plug it back again, tightly.

7. Check All The Sources Connected To The Soundbar

Check all the signal sources such as TV, Blu-ray, or AV receiver. For instance, if the sound only drops out when you are watching a TV then the issue is with the connections or the TV and not the subwoofer.

8. Reset The Subwoofer Power

You can also reset the power on the subwoofer and try to use it again. Unplug its power cord from the mains supply and then plug it back. Power it on and wait for it to reconnect to the soundbar. You can then listen to some music and check if the issue is resolved.

Step 1: Turn Off The Soundbar

Point the remote to the soundbar and press the off button. This turns off the soundbar.

Step 2: Reset The Soundbar

Before you can reset the Samsung soundbar, you must locate the tiny hole at the back of the soundbar labeled “ID SET.” This hole will be used to reset the soundbar.

Using a paper clip or any other sharp object, and inserting it into the hole, press and hold the sharp object firmly inside the “ID SET” hole for about five seconds. Continue holding until STANDBY turns on and the Blue LED (LINK) light comes on and begins to blink quickly.

Step 3: Mute The Soundbar

Using the remote control, press and hold the mute button. Remember that at this step the soundbar is still off.  Continue holding the mute button until “ID SET” appears on the display of the soundbar.  This will appear briefly and then turn off.

Step 4: Turn On The Soundbar

Using the remote, turn on the soundbar by pressing the power button. The blue light stops blinking and becomes solid blue. The soundbar should now connect automatically to the subwoofer.

The other quick fixes you can try to make the connection faster include:

  • Placing the two devices side by side.
  • Check that the devices are powered and that the subwoofer and soundbar can turn on.

Troubleshooting the Connection

To troubleshoot, fix the power connection by ensuring the power cord is tightly fixed to the outlet and the subwoofer.  

On the other hand, you can fix the Bluetooth pairing by un-pairing the devices, and then re-pairing the soundbar with the subwoofer to see if the problem is resolved.

If the two devices still won’t link, follow the tricks below to troubleshoot the connection:

  • Volume: your LG soundbar may not connect to the sub when the volume is up. Turn the volume down and try the connection again.
  • Stop/Mute button: hold the mute button on the subwoofer down for a few seconds, and then hold down the stop button on the soundbar for a few seconds too. This trick will also help the two devices find each other and connect.
  • Pairing: make sure the subwoofer is in “pairing mode” before trying the connection. Look for the button on your subwoofer and hold it down for a few seconds for it to pair.
  • Plug out, plug in: this trick works a majority of the time. Turn both of the devices off at the plug and leave it for a few seconds, then turn them on. Check if the problem is resolved.

Connecting the LG Subwoofer to the Soundbar

Generally, it should be easy to connect your subwoofer to a soundbar. However, it can be challenging when it comes to LG. For most LG subwoofers, if certain conditions are not met, it will simply not connect.

To connect your LG subwoofer and soundbar, follow the steps below:

  1. Power on both devices
  2. There should be a blinking light on the LG subwoofer when it turns on
  3. Wait for the light to go solid green and stop blinking. If this happens, the connection is complete
  4. If the light continues to blink after a few minutes, continue with the steps
  5. Turn the volume on the soundbar down and wait for the LED behind the soundbar to illuminate red and begin flashing
  6. Press the ‘Mute’ button on your remote for three seconds until the LED indicator light begins flashing
  7. On the subwoofer, find the pairing button and press it for about 5 seconds
  8. The LED indicator light should begin flashing red and green
  9. Now unplug both devices for a few moments
  10. Now power on the devices
  11. Wait for them to pair automatically (the LED on the soundbar should be a sold green)


How Do I Connect My Subwoofer to My Samsung Soundbar Without My Remote?

If you don’t have a remote and want to pair your subwoofer with your Samsung soundbar without any issues, you should download and install the Samsung soundboard app on your phone. After that, pair the phone with your soundbar. You can now hold the ID set button on the sub for a short while to pair the device.

How to Pair Samsung App to a Soundbar?

To establish a connection between your soundbar and phone without a remote, you should go to your phone’s app store and search for the Samsung Soundbar app. You should then download the app and wait for it to install. Open the app and then go to “Options.” From there, scroll down to “digital” or “wireless” remote. If the soundbar is up and running and Bluetooth is enabled, the pairing process will begin automatically.

Why Won’t My Subwoofer Connect to My Soundbar?

Your subwoofer won’t connect to your soundbar if the wall outlet is faulty or you don’t plug in the power cords correctly and tightly. It could also be that at least one of the devices is defective or the firmware of the soundbar is outdated.


Pairing your subwoofer to a soundbar may be a relatively complicated process if it is constantly failing. The process can however prove very simple if you follow the instructions carefully. You can perform the quick fixes by following the steps we have outlined in this article.

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