Placing a Subwoofer Behind Your Couch (Surprising Benefits)

Norvan Martin
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A subwoofer is a must-have component in your home audio system to experience solid bass performance.

That’s because your home theater is not fully equipped to reproduce both high and low-frequency sounds from your regular speakers. However, subwoofer placement can have a massive effect on the quality and quantity of sound you get in your media room.Subwoofer Behind Your Couch

When it comes to placing the subwoofer, most people set it up in front of their media room or in the corner, as they believe it produces the best bass when it’s near the audio source. In most cases that is fine and will give you good performance.

However, what if you want to feel all the bass vibrations and be completely immersed in the experience? Placing your subwoofer behind your couch is a great way to achieve this.

So, can you place your subwoofer behind your couch? Yes, you can. We recommend it in cases where you want to feel bass vibrations and be immersed in the experience. However, there are some considerations to take into account before you do so. Read on.

Why Is Subwoofer Placement Important?

While subwoofer placement defines the bass you get from your sub, most people don’t take the time to position their devices well and end up blaming manufacturers.

When your subwoofer is standing in the middle of your media room, you will likely get poor bass performance.

It might perform better in corners, but you might not be getting the best bass either. Even worse, it might result in bass vibrations leakage to the neighboring rooms. In such cases, you will have to consider isolating your subwoofer from the floor and soundproofing your media room.

The dimensions of your room also affect your subwoofer’s performance. For instance, you might not enjoy an excellent bass in a very small room.

However, you can combine your subwoofer with other furniture around your room to get the best audio performance your system can deliver.

What’s The Best Position to Place My Subwoofer?

Considering that the acoustics of every media room are different, there’s no magical position that will work for everyone. That calls for some experimentation to find the perfect spot where you can enjoy a balanced audio performance.

For most people, placing the subwoofer under the couch is the next best solution. That’s especially true when you’re trying to create an immersive audio experience for movie-watching.

This placement might seem ingenious at first, but you might not get the best bass as low frequencies need enough space to travel. That doesn’t mean you should place the sub right next to you either. Many people choose to place their sub on their desks for example and that’s not a good idea either.

Placing Your Subwoofer Behind the Couch And Vibrations

While placing your sub under the couch might bring the sound and vibrations close to you, we strongly advise against doing that.

put your subwoofer behind your couch

That’s because you’ll experience a lot of vibration on the floor as well as the sound waves traveling through your couch and the floor.

However, you can still get the sound close to you without experiencing issues with vibrations.

Placing it behind your couch ensures that the sound is as close to your sitting position as possible, and you can easily isolate the subwoofer from the floor.

That means it would be easy to control the sound from leaking to the neighboring rooms through the floor without sacrificing the volume or audio quality.


Why Place Your Subwoofer Behind the Couch?

As mentioned earlier, placing the subwoofer behind your couch is one of the best solutions to enjoy a solid bass performance. That’s because it allows you to enjoy several benefits, including:

  • When the subwoofer is close to your listening range, you can enjoy quality sound that’s crisp, well-blended, and clear.
  • Setting your subwoofer behind the couch helps to bring down the vibrations that may arise from sound frequencies interacting with the walls and floor, especially when listening to music.
  • It helps to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your media room, as you can keep the subwoofer out of sight. You can use a wireless conversion kit to eliminate messy cables if the media source is far from where your couch is set.
  • Placing your subwoofer behind the couch complements your home theater’s sound and other audio sources by integrating 3D bass into your audio.

The above reasons are similar to the reason why people place subwoofer behind their rear seat in their cars, especially hatchbacks. Check out our guide on the best position for a subwoofer in a hatchback to learn more.

Why Behind the Couch Subwoofer Positioning Is Better Than on the Floor

As already mentioned, the biggest reason why you want to avoid putting the subwoofer on the floor is because of the vibrations.

These vibrations might cause noise problems for people downstairs for example. Remember, these vibrations will mostly go beyond your room, especially with a wooden floor.Why Place Your Subwoofer Behind the Couch

Besides noise leakage, the sound quality in your media room may be highly diminished when the sub is on the floor.

However, you can enjoy a clear, high-quality sound if the subwoofer is behind your couch and raised at an angle.

Do you see the difference now?

If you decide to place the subwoofer on a piece of furniture behind your couch instead of a bare floor, here are some pointers to help you set it up.

How to Place Your Subwoofer Behind the Couch

  • Carefully connect your subwoofer and the interconnected cables using an electrical plug.
  • Ensure the length of your plugs can reach the subwoofer for proper connection. However, that shouldn’t be an issue if you’re using a wireless subwoofer.
  • To avoid irregular sound outputs, keep the audio source close to your subwoofer. That’s because the low-frequency sound waves produced by the subwoofer move in different directions.
  • To test the audio performance of your system, put your subwoofer and your sound source in different areas and play your favorite audio track.
  • You can also ask a friend to sit on your couch and listen to the vibration level and the audio performance when sited.
  • If you have an issue with the vibrations created by your subwoofer, consider isolating it from the floor. That’s because the more you distance the subwoofer from the floor, the lesser the vibrations.
  • Lastly, watch the connection as it should not be too far or too close to your couch. It’s also important to stay away from corners and walls to avoid reducing the audibility.

How to Position the Subwoofer for Optimal Bass

Generally, you place your subwoofer along the front wall of the listening space. Moving all of the bass sounds to the subwoofer gives your front speakers the ability to focus on mid- and high-range frequencies.

Audio enthusiasts have been known to talk about low-frequency bass sounds being nondirectional, what this means is that you can’t locate where they are coming from.

If you move your subwoofer too far to the left or right, the bass isn’t well integrated with the sound coming from the other speakers. In the majority of cases, it’s actually better not to conceal your subwoofer.

Keys Points To Consider When Choosing Where To Place Your Subwoofer

  1. The cords: For people who own subwoofers that are directly hooked up to the receiver, make certain the location where you place your subwoofer allows you to keep the wires concealed, to avoid stepping or tripping on them.
  2. Walls and Corners: Positioning your sub very close to a flattened wall surface can cause it to produce a rough and harsh moving sound.
  3. Find the ideal listening spot: To find your ideal subwoofer sound listening spot, hook up the subwoofer, turn on a movie or music that has plenty of bass then sit back and listen.
  4. Dust and Dirt: Your subwoofer will accumulate a lot of dust if placed behind the subwoofer. You can check out our guide on how to clean a subwoofer to learn how to clean it properly when this happens. 

Bottom Line

Though there are different positions you can place your subwoofer, behind the couch is among the best places. That’s because it allows you to enjoy the best bass quality as well as immersive vibrations without the unwanted floor vibrations. Additionally, placing the subwoofer behind the couch allows you to keep that organized look of your media room, especially when using a Bluetooth subwoofer to avoid messy wires.

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