Status Audio BT One Bluetooth Headphones Review

Norvan Martin
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The Status Audio BT One Wireless Headphones are rather stellar Bluetooth headphones from Status Audio that sound like they cost twice as much their price!


The Status BT Ones are Status Audio’s latest consumer headphones that were made to deliver clear, strong sound. In fact, these Bluetooth, on-ear headphones were made to produce the kind of sound quality that rivals headphones costing twice as much. So, let’s see if Status BT1s matches up to the hype…


Status Audio Company Overview

Status Audio is a fairly new audio company (founded 2013) that has delivered a fairly decent lineup of headphones so far.

This includes their pro CB-1s which have been praised for their neutral, balanced sound. The BT Ones however are consumer facing headphones that has been getting a lot of attention since their release.


The typical price for the hovers around $100 or so – however it can fluctuate based on where you buy it from as well as if there are special promotions going on. In doing this review, we did consider typical headphones costing around $100.

What’s In The Box?

The BT Ones are delivered in a simple black box inside which you’ll find:

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A travel case: A sleek, hard-shell black travel pouch

The headphones: As you’d expect

3.5 mm jack: A solid jack with a straight plug on one end and a 45-degree curve on the other.

AUX cable: A sturdy 3.9′ (1.2m) AUX cable

USB-C cable: Solid cable as well, but only a foot long. These maybe a bit too short for moist people. So you may want to a longer cable like this one as an addition to your purchase if a foot is too short.



The BT One’s have a pretty simplistic design, clean and neutral. It’s the very simplistic styling that you’ll see in a lot of high end headphones.

status bt 1 headphone design

It’s not screaming hip and hype in your face, but the sleek metal frame says minimal elegance. Yet, for some pros who like heavy, metallic headphones with flashing lights, they might find the BT Ones just ordinary.



Microphone: Built in microphones that allows you to take calls without touching your phone.

Compatibility: Compatible will all Bluetooth 5.0 enabled devices

Batter Life: Lithium ion batteries offer up to 30 hours

Dimensions:  7 x 5.5 x 2 inches

Weight: 1.08 pounds

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Sound Quality

Here at Boomspeaker, we are all about clear, natural sound without all the unnecessary colorations. The BT Ones accomplishes this in fine style. It clearly shows that Status made attempts to get the frequency response right.

To test, I listened to several soundtracks ranging from EDM to purely orchestral with different emphasis:

Bass: Simply put, the bass is tight, deep and natural. In general, on-ear cans usually lack depth at the lower frequencies. Yet, for the BT Ones, the bass is not boosted nor overpowering. The depth is incredible, like an over ear headphone.

Mids: On-ears normally struggle at the mids as well, the BT Ones performed fairly well here, except that they have much greater emphasis at the higher-mid frequencies. It isn’t something the untrained ear will notice though. Moreover, I think they made up for it by cutting out some of the muddy regions in the lower mids while allowing the higher and lower frequencies to come through clearly and smoothly without the splatter of nasty low-mid frequencies that are so common in headphones.

Highs: One word, ‘punchy’. The high end had a rather surprising amount of dynamics and clarity.

Orchestral Complexity: The BT One was clear and explicit in delivering every aspect of the orchestral elements of different instruments. Each time, the pianos, drums, voices and bass instruments all seemed to be in perfect balance. It’s pretty good natural-sounding headphone response. It’s not easy to find headphones that deliver an acoustic experience in its most natural state.

What I liked most about the BT Ones is, as mentioned before they don’t any unnecessary complexities to the musical undertones and no weird overshoots and unbalanced bass. There was a slight pump in the treble when necessary, but not the kind of unnecessary pumping that many headphones resort to just to make the sound more ‘detailed’.  With the BT Ones, the sound is never bloated or unnatural, as if you were in a live, natural orchestral setting.

Sound Isolation: The BT Ones do claim to be noise isolating headphones and so I was keen on testing this feature. As mentioned before, the device isolates like and over ear headphone without the kind of noise leakage on-ear headphones are known for. Its not as great as say earplugs used for concerts, but its better than most on ear headphones.

The Sound Drivers: The sound mastery that the BT Ones delivery lie ion the power of their audio drivers. The BT One’s 40 mm drivers that deliver a frequency response of 20 Hz-20k Hz. Now you may say that’s standard for headphones around this price and you’d be correct. What really sets the BT Ones apart is their excellent driver tubing; and yet I can respect the fact that Status did not attempt to overdrive the small drivers.

Bottom Line: In general, the BT Ones sound clean, balanced and smooth. The causal music lover will find them fun to listen to. For the purist, you’ll find odd instances of slight imbalance, but it’s not annoyingly off-putting or easily noticeable. Moreover, the sound quality from these headphones don’t change when in wired mode as opposed to Bluetooth. I was able to play from my laptop 3.5 mm with good quality. This means it won’t lose much quality when attached to an analog device, which for the audiophiles among us is a major plus. Bottom line, the BT Ones offer clear soundstaging and visceral sound. It is absolutely incredible, especially at the price.


Use and Controls

The right earpiece has buttons for play/pause, volume up/down, and power on/off switch that are fitted to the ear cup. After handling the headphones for a few days, you’ll get accustomed to using theses buttons by feel. Just flip the switch when you’re ready, it will take a second notify that your connected and your live!

status bt1 Sound Quality

Once I popped the headphones out of the box, I realized using it was a dream. The headband is adjustable and sits comfortably over your head while the cups sit tightly while holding with a fair amount of pressure.

Comfort is a major consideration for on-ear headphones. They are normally uncomfortable because they clamp down on your ears and normally hurt your ears after continued use. Not so for the BT1s. These headphones are actually quite comfortable. They have very soft ear pads and are also quite light weight which makes them a pleasure to wear while on the go.



One of the most important features for me is connectivity, headphones that stutter due to poor connectively and extremely annoying. Since the Status BT Ones fitted with Bluetooth 5.0 AptX technology for seamless wireless connection, so pairing them with your favorite device is very easy. Better yet, the connection is rather stable and lossless. Bluetooth 5.0. is supposed to give these headphones a 25 meter range.

I paired the device with my phone and it held a stable connection while I walked around my apartment, closing the door. It even maintained the signal from outside the apartment. It started to fade when I moved a floor down however, but that’s still impressive connectivity.

Included with these headphones is a 3.5 mm audio cable so you can enjoy music from your non Bluetooth devices such as home or inflight entertainment systems.


Battery Life

Most wireless headphones on the consumer market last only about 10 to 12 hours of continuous playtime. With the BT Ones, I was able to get about 20+ hours of on/off play.

Charging is fast and easy as well since the headphones feature the fast-port USB-C for fast charging.



Are there better headphones out there in terms of soundstaging? Sure, but you’ll have to fork out some more money too! We’re talking 3x even 4x the price of the BT Ones. The fact is, these headphones sound great for their price and for their purpose – the general consumer market for regular daily use. But while these aren’t pro headphones, they can be used for some lower-end pro jobs like mixing your recordings. Still, it doesn’t make sense to compare the BT Ones to dramatic pro headphones like the Beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC Explorer for example. If you’re an average listener, you’ll love it!

How do I Pair My Status Headphones?

Turn the headphones on by holding the Power/Multi-Function Button until you hear “Power On”. Upon first use, the headphones will immediately enter “discoverable” mode (indicated by alternating red/blue flashing light) – this means they are ready to pair to a device.

How Do I Connect My Status Headphones?

Select “Status Audio BT One” in the Bluetooth menu on your device. Once paired, the red and blue light will stop flashing and you’ll hear an audio confirmation.
The headphone pairing procedure may vary depending on the settings of your device.

Is Status Audio A Good Brand?

For the quality of sound offered by the brand at such low prices, they are definitely considerably good. The headphones come with no customized app or extra functions; instead, the emphasis is on deep bass and clear high-frequency clarity. They are also quite comfortable, enough to wear for long hours and favoured by consumers for the clear sound they reproduce.

How Good Are Status Headphones?

At the price that they are sold? Pretty awesome. Although, the design’s triple-driver feature might come across as a little odd because it does not seem to be of any major effect on sound emphasis, but have no doubt -these earbuds sound fantastic.

The Bottom Line

There you have it, the Status Audio BT One Wireless Headphones. The BT Ones are a truly surprisingly impressive budget headphone – great for the regular everyday music lover. It’s comfortable and produces clear, punchy and amazingly detailed sound. It’s great for day to day use – on the road, at the office, even going for a short stroll. For the purists and discerning audiophiles, it may be just a bit lacking in the minds and in exquisite detail, but these are not pro headphones, you simply can’t compare them to over-ear planar-magnetic headphones. They are meant for the general market and for most people, they will be simply wonderful. Moreover, at the price range, these headphones offer great value, in fact, the best value for money we’ve seen so far!

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