soundproof dog crate
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If you’re reading this, you probably love dogs. We do too! They are truly an excellent choice when it comes to adopting a pet.

However, we are not too fond of the loud barking. Not only is it impossible to ignore, but its very hard to deal with especially at nights.

That’s one of the primary reasons why you may need a soundproof dog crate (sound reducing dog crate).

So, if you are facing this problem, this article will go a far way in eliminating the issue. If your purchase a new soundproof dog crate or soundproof the dog crate yourself, doing so will help to reduce the echoes and reverberations created from your dogs barking.


What Is A Soundproof Dog Crate?

Soundproof dog crates are small crates modified to prevent the dog’s barking from escaping.

They are usually modified by adding sound-absorbing materials such as sound baffles and panels.

These materials do well at absorbing sound, especially your dog’s barking. In fact, they do well at absorbing reverberations which reduces the intensity of the barking.

Let’s face it, even if you have cute little puppies, their barking and whining can be torture.

Moreover, soundproof dog crates can be rather comforting for your dog, as the echo of their own barking can sometimes scare them.

Beyond that, they get scared of thunderstorms and such. Soundproof dog crates will help your puppies sleep peacefully. In fact, soundproof dog crates also help to reduce sound coming into the crate from outside.


So, How Does a Soundproof Dog Crate Work?

Soundproof dog crates are really sound reducing dog crates. This means they won’t block out all your dog’s barking, however good soundproof dog crates will block out MOST of your dog’s barking.

So, don’t be fooled by the word ‘soundproof’, it is just a marketing term. You will not find a dog crate that will block ALL your dogs barking.

Even if you find one, it will certainly make the dog hot and uncomfortable which may even lead to illness.

Having said that, most soundproof crates are made with sound deadening products that absorb the sound of your dog’s barking, significantly reducing the amount of noise in your space.

They also eliminate reverberations and echoes that may increase the intensity of the barking sound. These crates can be made from different materials and are very useful in controlling barking sounds.


Why Soundproof a Dog Crate?

soundproof dog crate thunder

Though you may know it, soundproofing a dog crate can be beneficial to both you and the dog.

The crates minimize the amount of sound that your dog can hear, allowing it to relax and stop barking.

Let’s say there’s a massive thunderstorm, your dog will be able to sleep like a puppy!

Keep in mind that dogs often bark when something is bothering them.

Besides making your pet happy and comfortable, soundproof dog crates reduce ear fatigue for you and your neighbours.

Luckily, you can solve the barking issue by soundproofing your dog’s crate.


How to Soundproof A Dog Crate?

So, the question is how to soundproof a dog crate? The most challenging part of soundproofing your dog’s crate is the fact that it has to breathe.

That means you have to leave enough gaps for air to get in and out. Unfortunately, this space will also let a lot of barking noise to go through. However, it’s still possible to make your dog crate soundproof, using different materials.

As you can see, sealing all the gaps in your dog crate to make it soundproof is not a realistic approach. The better idea is to increase the crate’s ability to absorb sound, by installing different sound deadening products. Here are a few ways that you can use to soundproof a dog crate:


1. Using Dog Crate Covers

Dog crate covers are an economical solution to barking issues. Buying a cover for your regular dog crate costs much less than a soundproof dog crate.

Simply put, these covers are set over the structure of your dog’s crate, reducing the amount of sound getting in and out.

The covers are made of dense noise deadening materials that make it difficult for noise to escape from the dog cage, but don’t cause the crate to get too hot.

For example, polyester is often used for dog creates. The Petsfit Polyester Crate Cover For Wire Crates is an excellent example. Another simpler, yet effective solution is other, simpler types of fabric, e.g the Pet Dreams 3 Piece Crate Bedding Crate Cover.

Dog Crate Covers

Dog crates covers are readily available on the market, and you can always find a product that fits your budget.

You may also place a blanket on top of the crate, to make it hard for sound to escape into the atmosphere.

However, you should be careful when using a blanket, to avoid making the crate too hot or dark. But, you will want to ensure that the cover fits well on your crate.


2. Absorption Sheets

Another cost-effective technique compared to a soundproof dog crate. Absorbing mid to high range frequency sounds, absorption sheets are made from a soft sound deadening material that reduces echo and the amount of noise going through the crate.

Moreover, they create a dark, quiet atmosphere that’s just perfect for naps or bedtime.

Absorption Sheets on dog crate

Most of them come with factory installed grommet holes for easy mounting, making them ideal for covering the wall spaces in the dog’s cage.

However, you can purchase various soundproof sheets and do it yourself. The Arrowzoom Convoluted Foam Soundproofing Insulation is a good soundproof sheet to use.

Alternatively, you can use acoustic foam sheets such as the  Eggcrate Acoustic Foam Sound Proof Foam Panels.

As you will note, this simple fix is very effective and affordable. Installing the sheets on your crate is easy, and you don’t need any specialized skills or tools. Keep in mind that the absorption sheet should be big enough, to cover your entire dog crate. So, they are perfect to throw over your dog crate for a quick, simple solution!


3. Soundproof the Walls

If you’ve already used absorption sheets and crate covers, the next step is to soundproof the walls.

You should especially do this if the walls are drywall as soundproofing drywall can make a big difference, especially if you remember to use acoustic sealant. Of course, doing this can be quite expensive, but if you can’t sleep or if your neighbours constantly complain, it may be necessary.

Seven Best Soundproof Dog Crates (Affordable)

First and foremost, you should know that it can be very tricky to find the best soundproof dog crate on the market.

To avoid making mistakes, here are the top 5 dog crates that will help you reduce your dog’s barking noise:

1. Zen Crate Anxiety Relief Pet Crate

This high-quality product is an excellent treatment for your dog’s anxiety and is highly durable. Think of it as an anti-anxiety dog crate.

The design looks beautiful, and it includes sound damping technology that reduces physical vibrations from the environment.

The crate also comes with a detachable door and sound insulation to minimize barking noise.

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2. Petsfit Indoor/Outdoor Dog Crate

The Petsfit Dog crate looks really cool. The design is simple, yet elegant. From the design alone you might realise that this crate was not made for large dogs. It was made for smaller dogs and pups. Accodiding to Petsfit, the crate is for ddogs up to 19″ (small to medium dogs).

Of course, there is no sense having a stylish crate if its not clean, so this crate is made with removable and washable soft pads that not only offer comfort but are easy to clean. Although, some people still prefer to purchase a good pet mat to offer their dog maximum comfort.

Like most of the other soundproof dog crates on this list, this one has two doors and the top entrance can be rolled up. In addition, the mesh design makes the crate well ventilated. 

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3. AmazonBasics Folding Soft Dog Crate

Made by AmazonBasics themselves this soft-sided 36-inch dog crate is for dogs up to 90 pounds.  It has 2 doors, one at the front and another neat one at the top. One one of the best features about this crate is that you can completely fold flat for carrying in hand or to save space. The structure is made of PVC and the fabric is polyester, so it’s easy to set up.

The entire crate measures 36 by 24 by 24 inches and is best suited for crate-trained dogs.

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4. Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Indoor and Outdoor Crate

The Noz2Noz Soft-Krater allows you to take your best friend with you anywhere you go. Whether its for a quick walk or to run errands, this crate is equipped with an overhead strap for easy portability.

This crate is for dogs up to 70 pounds. It is made with a new heavy-duty tight-weave mesh fabric which makes it well-ventilated yet durable.

One of the special features of this crate is how easy it is to clean. The base is water resistant which means its very easy to clean – getting rid of stains and waste is a breeze.

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5. Classy Go Soft Crate (K&H Pet Products)

This classy crate from K&H products comes in three sizes, with mesh windows and a high-quality frame. The crate is very durable, and it has locking zippers and a space for an inverted water bottle, helping you to maintain minimum spillage in your dog’s shelter.

The material used is also easy to clean, and it absorbs a considerable amount of echo and noise, while your dog barks.

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6. Soft Side Pet Crate

This attractive and durable travel crate comes in four sizes, with the largest covering up to a 90-pound dog.

It has a removable bottom panel, and the top has a zipper, allowing you to feed your dog and clean it without any issues. The entire crate is also water-resistant, and the material is very effective at reducing barking noise.

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7. Go Pet Club Soft Crate

Featuring a faux-lambskin pad at the bottom, this functional crate comes in five sizes and is very comfortable. The crate has a tent-like look, and the top cover is made of heavy duty polyester fabric with a PVC backing. That makes the crate waterproof and very effective at limiting the sound of your dogs barking.

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8. Fold-A-Crate (From 2pet)

Fold-a-crate is an economical solution to reduce your puppy’s noise and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The crate is made of high-quality fabric, making it attractive and very useful in minimizing noise. It comes in four sizes, and the price is a real bargain.

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Ho To Soundproofing A Kennel

We have already covered how to soundproof a dog crate. So now, how do we soundproof a kennel?

The soundproofing techniques mentioned above are beneficial for a dog crate, but you will need to consider other solutions for soundproofing a kennel.

Kennels typically require different treatment methods. When considering kennels, sound blocking isn’t isnt the real issue.

The issue is echoes and vibrations.  That’s because sound can reflect off hard surfaces inside your kennel or even within the room, creating an overwhelming amount of echo and reverberation sound.

In this case, the idea is to limit these echoes by using different acoustic treatments that make the “room” less loud. Think of it as ‘soundproofing a dog room’. You can do this by adding absorption to the kennel.

This is the real key to reducing or eliminating these echoes and therefore softening the sound created from your dogs barking.

Now, you will still hear your dog’s bark, however, the impact will be greatly reduced. In fact, in most cases, you can get rid of up to 80% of the echo!

The most popular products for these room treatments are acoustic tiles, baffles or panels. Also, keep in mind that when you are treating kennels, it’s important to keep the acoustic treatment near the top portion of the walls of the kennels.

This is important because it will keep the treatment away from the dog. Otherwise, you risk damage.


1. Acoustic Tiles

Acoustic Tiles are made with industrial strength adhesives, so they can adhere directly to the walls and ceilings.

This means you can place them on walls and ceiling in the room where your dog’s kennel is.

ceiling acoustic tiles

Acoustic tiles are often from recycled cotton materials and are designed to cut down the echoing due to your dog’s barking.

Moreover, they are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors and styles. For example, these FoamEngineering Acoustic 12 X 12-Inches Tiles make good sound reducing barriers for your kennel.


2. Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are an excellent choice for kennel soundproofing. This is for reasons:

There are a wide variety of fabrics to choose from. In fact, you can even get fabric fabrics from Guilford of Maine.

acoustic panel dog

You can personalize your panels by printing custom images on them.

They offer superior sound absorption and are made with a fabric wrapped finish. Moreover, they are especially good at soundproofing kennels because they offer an NRC rating of 1.0.

This means they are excellent for absorbing mid to high frequencies. These Acoustic Foam Panels  are normally used for sound recording studios and similar spaces, but it could easily be used within your kennel.


3. Sound Baffles

Sound baffles are excellent for reducing echoes in a room. Baffles are sound reducing material which are often suspended vertically from the ceiling.


The best thing about sound baffles is that they are lightweight, class A fire rated, decorative, and easy to self-install.

How To Stop Your Dog Barking In Crate

  • Use a dog camera: Dogs hate hate hate being alone, but sometimes its a must. One of the best way to help your dog feel a bit more reassured is by using a video system. With these systems, you can use an app on your smartphone to see and talk to your dog. The dog will also see and hear you on their end. In fact, you can use it to serve your dog treats and do other things as well. A good example is the Furbo Dog Camera which offers treats (using a game of catch), nightvision camera, livestream, barking alert and more.
  • Avoid emotional farewells: Crying, hugging and petting your dog just before you go out of town is a recipe for constant barking. While you won’t have to deal with it, the neighbours will be less than comfortable with that situation. Emotional farewells will leave your dog distressed and feeling lonely and as a result, they may end up barking uncontrollably and whining for hours until they fall asleep or until you get home. When you are leaving, it is of course OK to say bye, but not much more. This way, your dog will get accustomed to you leaving. 
  • Get your dog tired: Sleeping dogs cannot bark. In the same way people play with babies to get them to fall asleep, you can play with your dog to get them to fall asleep as well. In fact, even if they are not sleeping, tired dogs will rarely bark. Take your dog for a quick walk in the morning/evening and play games with them so that by evening when you are ready to put them in their kennel, they will be too sleepy to bark.
  • Find a dog sitter: Now, if you are leaving your dog alone, its hard not to expect them to bark. No one likes to be alone, dogs included. As long as you are able to afford one, pay for a dog sitter. Otherwise, you can always ask a family member or friend to stay with your dog if possible. That fact is, with a sitter, you can rest assured your dog will be in good hands and have someone to play with for the full duration of the time you are away. Remember, it is important that your dog feels safe even when you are not around.
  • Place the crate in a familiar and comfortable room: Leaving your dog in a crate in the garage or in the basement is not a good idea. Garages and basements are lonely, often dark and hot. Dogs don’t like either of these situations. They will quickly get flustered and frustrated. Instead, find a room that the dog is used to and that is comfortable, like the living for example. Even the bedroom may also be a good place to start.
  • Train your dog to stay in the crate: Disciplining your doggy is absolutely fine. It is, actually, necessary. Most dog owners will argue that they cannot discipline their dogs as it seems so cruel. However, you will have to train your dog to stay in the crate and be comfortable. Of course, during the first few days, they will whine and bark whenever you place them in the crate. Giving in and letting them out will only complicate thing. Be firm and you’ll notice that with time, they will be able to stay in the crate without causing too much trouble.
  • Get your dog a toy: We all know that dogs love love love playing. The best way to get a dog playing by themselves and therefore distracted is by throwing them a toy. Its all about keeping the dog occupied and distracted from the situation. One really cool and popular toy that most dogs seem to really like is the Snuggle Puppy. The Snuggle Puppy is a fluffy little toy that your dog will ruffle around. If you want to extend playtime, you can throw in the Kong Toy which is a treat server. Every now and then, it will throw in treats for your dog to nibble on.


Bottom Line

If your dog or puppy has a barking issue, the best way to control the noise is by soundproofing the crate. Remember, even barking noise can cause hearing issues in the long run. Check out our noise level charts to find out how loud your dog is or get a decibel meter app to measure the loudness of their barking. However, that may be a little tricky for you, and you may need to buy a soundproof dog crate. Keep in mind that it is imperative to match your crate with the size of your dog.