Sony MDR-ZX770BT/B Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones Review

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4.3/5 on June 17, 2016

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358 reviews


Great music quality as is Sony's rep


40mm speakers


Bass is sometimes TOO deep...


A great pair of headphones for music.  They're a must have at the park, in the beach, or in a cafe trying to block the world out.

There’s been a boom of new wireless headphones on the market in the past few years due to their ever-growing popularity. And what’s not to love about them – they are practical and give you mobility and freedom of movement. But with so many products out there, choosing a good pair of headphones is really hard, especially if you are looking for something more luxurious and classy. They could cost you a small fortune, and the high price doesn’t always mean quality. That being said, your safest bet would be to go for a product from a reputable manufacturer. And Sony is amongst the best companies for headphones in the world. If you are looking for affordable high-end Bluetooth headphones, then you might be interested in their MDR-ZX770BY/B headphones.

Quality and Elegance

These Sony Bluetooth headphones are an all-round quality product that offers everything a customer could be looking for. They are stylish and comfortable, the sound is amazing, and the freedom you need is there thanks to the wireless connection. But regardless of all, headphones are for music and radio, so what we all need is a good sound. Well, the 40mm speakers of this model ensure you will get one of the cleanest, balanced and rich audios available on the market. In addition, you get an extremely impressive deep bass thanks to their Beat Response Control technology. You can choose between completely black and black with blue accents designs that will certainly impress anyone who sees them on your ears. Another sweet feature these Sony Bluetooth headphones offer is the built-in microphone that makes hand-free calls as easy as they get. In addition, with the powerful rechargeable battery, you get up to 17 hours of wireless music and phone calls.

Comfort and Functionality

We all want to have the freedom to move no matter what we do. Whether you are working out in the gym or jogging in the park, strolling through the office or mowing the lawn, the impeccable wireless connection technology of these Sony Bluetooth headphones will allow you to pair them with another device and do whatever you want to without those annoying wires getting in your way. However, all these activities usually involve a lot of external sounds, and the noise of your music may bother others around you. Thankfully, the ear cups of this particular model block even the loudest external sounds that may ruin the pleasure for you and let no noise outside. You can listen to your favorite music all day long, and you won’t even notice your Sony Bluetooth headphones are on your ears thanks to the extreme comfort these ear cups provide.

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