How To Block Ads On Your Smart TV (SOLVED)

Norvan Martin

It’s difficult to find a good TV these days that doesn’t have some sort of smart capability. Unfortunately, most TVs, when connected to the internet, will be exposed to advertisements sponsored by the platform they are using.

Many manufacturers have created their ad distribution channels within their operating systems. This can significantly disrupt the user’s experience, particularly with pop-up adverts or prominent rotating adverts that can’t be disabled.

To avoid ads on your smart TV, use a TV adblocker, a network adblocker like Pi-hole, use an external media box or streaming device like Apple TV 4K, Nvidia Shield, Roku, or a Fire Stick. You should also avoid connecting to the internet if possible. Finally, some TVs allow you to opt out of ads. 

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Why Do Some Smart TVs Have Ads?

Ads are displayed on smart TVs to generate revenue for businesses.

Like any other ad system, they are primarily used to raise awareness of a product or service and drive traffic. Users can generally delete most commercials from their televisions with little effort.

How To Disable Ads On Smart TVs

There are techniques to stop advertisements on your TV, but they aren’t basic settings that you can change on your television.

You’ll need to use more complicated methods like custom router firmware and third-party ad-blocking DNS servers to block them throughout the entire network.

Disabling ads on smart TVs requires more than just tweaking basic settings. Advanced methods, from custom router firmware to third-party ad-blocking DNS servers, are often necessary.

Methods to Consider:

  • Using Adblockers:
    • Install ad blockers directly on smart TVs.
    • Numerous apps filter advertising, with adblockers being highly trusted. One Ad Blocker we recommend is “Blokada”.
    • Caution: Some ad blockers may carry malware or malicious software that risks harming your TV. Ensure you’re confident in your choice before proceeding.

  • Router-Based Ad Blocking:
    • An approach that blocks specific ad URLs, ensuring they don’t appear on your TV.
    • Opt to implement on a laptop or desktop for easier navigation, due to the advantage of a physical keyboard.
    • Steps:
      1. Access your router’s settings through a web browser. Remember, configurations vary among manufacturers.
      2. Seek out internet settings, delve into filters, and choose options like “Blocked Web Pages (Blacklist)” or “Blocked Sites”.
      3. Add the frequent ads displayed on your smart TV to these blocked lists.

  • Pi-hole Implementation:
    • A renowned network-wide ad blocker.
    • Effectively guards against ads and trackers without necessitating individual device adjustments.
    • Important note: Installation requires some tech-savviness; it can be installed on Linux. As its name suggests, Pi-hole may also be installed on Raspberry Pi.

  • Employing Media or Streaming Devices (EASIEST):
    • Evade TV ads by switching to dedicated media boxes or streaming devices.
    • By using these devices, you often bypass the native TV interface, along with its ads.
    • Popular media devices include the Fire Stick, Roku, Apple TV, Nvidia Shield, Amazon, or CCwGTV (Chromecast with Google TV) television.

  • Opt-Out Choices:
    • For Android TVs:
      1. Navigate to Settings.
      2. Choose Device Preferences or Device, depending on your TV version.
      3. Select About or About TV.
      4. Scroll and find Ads.
      5. Disable the Opt out of Ads Personalization option (or a similarly named option). This stops Android TV from tailoring ads using your data.
    • Other Notable Points:
      • Some Samsung TVs offer limited ad controls, but others don’t. Specifically, certain models are explicitly non-configurable for ad settings.
      • Brands like TCL, in contrast to Samsung, allow users to opt out of ads.

Best Smart TVs With No Ads

Ads have unfortunately become more widespread on today’s Smart TVs. Most TVs have a built-in operating system that includes advertising. To help our readers, we’ve compiled a list of televisions that are less prone to ads or are entirely free from them:



Q: Why Are Smart TVs Cheaper?

The advent of smart TV advertisements has allowed manufacturers to reduce TV prices. Selling user data and displaying ads on these devices supplement the manufacturers’ income, enabling them to offer products at a more affordable rate.

Q: Can Smart TVs Spy On You?

Yes, some smart TVs can collect data on your viewing habits. It’s crucial to read the user agreements and privacy policies associated with your TV and associated services. Turn off any tracking features if privacy is a concern.

On some Sony TVs, Google has released an update that adds a row of suggested content. The “Customize Channels” section does not allow you to deactivate these adverts.

Q. How do I permanently block all ads?

To permanently block all ads on your smart TV, consider using a streaming device like Fire Stick. Additionally, you can opt out of ads in the TV settings. Advanced methods like custom router firmware and third-party ad-blocking DNS servers can also be used to block ads on the entire network.

Q. Can you get an Ad blocker on a TV?

Yes, you can get ad blockers on a smart TV. Some apps filter advertising, with adblockers being trusted solutions. One recommended adblocker is “Blokada.” However, it’s essential to be cautious as some ad blockers might carry malware or malicious software that could harm your TV.

Q. How do I block ads on my Samsung TV?

Some Samsung TVs offer limited ad controls, while others don’t. Specifically, certain models cannot be configured for ad settings. However, for Android TVs (which includes some Samsung models), you can navigate to Settings, choose Device Preferences or Device, select About or About TV, scroll to find Ads, and disable the Opt out of Ads Personalization option. This prevents the TV from tailoring ads based on your data. Otherwise, you can also employ the general methods mentioned earlier, such as using a network adblocker or external streaming device.

Q. How To Avoid Ads on Your Smart TV

To avoid ads on your smart TV, avoid connecting the TV to the internet and using apps that display ads. If you do not connect your TV to the internet, you can update it using a USB instead. However, you won’t know when there’s an update available, so you’ll have to check the manufacturer’s website occasionally.

Q. How To Block Ads On Smart TV on YouTube

There are several options for ad-blocking on your smart TV. These methods vary depending on the platform and your technical ability to understand your Internet connection and your smart TV’s backend.

YouTube Premium

If you prefer to watch YouTube on your smart TV, signing up for YouTube Premium is the simplest way to avoid commercials.

YouTube Premium is a paid subscription service that removes advertisements from the YouTube experience.

The advantage of YouTube Premium is that it offers various options for different users. You won’t have to wrestle with any settings, and your subscription will support content creators’ ad earnings.

YouTube Premium costs $11.99 a month, and for an additional $6.00 per month, you can add up to five (5) family members to your account.

4K TV With No Ads

VIZIO 50-Inch M7 Series Premium 4K UHD Quantum Color LED HDR Smart TV

With the all-new VIZIO M-Series 4K HDR Smart TV, you can immerse yourself in the limitless possibilities of 4K streaming in award-winning Quantum Color.

VIZIO 50-Inch M-Series 4K QLED HDR Smart TV...
  • 4K Ultra HD - Over 8 million pixels for breathtaking detail. 4 times the resolution of 1080p!
  • Dolby Vision Bright Mode - You’ll see even more lifelike accuracy, color saturation, black detail, and...
  • Quantum Color - Next-generation QLED delivers cinematic color with over a billion hues of vibrant color.

For your enjoyment, the M-Series combines a best-in-class Active Full Array Backlight with over a billion colors. Dolby Vision’s high dynamic range, paired with a full array of backlights, provides outstanding image quality, drawing you into the story.

VIZIO’s IQ Active processor offers faster picture processing and browsing, while the ProGaming Engine with Auto Game Mode, Variable Refresh Rate with AMD FreeSync, and ultra-low input lag elevate console gaming to new heights.

TCL 43-inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV – 43S435, 2021 Model

The Roku 4-Series TV offers four times the resolution of Full HD for enhanced clarity and detail, as well as dozens of streaming channels for endless entertainment. High dynamic range (HDR) technology delivers vibrant and realistic colors for a lifelike viewing experience, complemented by 4k picture quality.

TCL 43-inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV - 43S435, 2021...
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): TV without stand: 38.2 x 22.4 x3 inches, tv with stand: 38.2 inches x 24.5 inches x...
  • Smart functionality delivers all your favorite content with over 500,000 movies and tv episodes, accessible...
  • Pairs 4k ultra HD picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of high dynamic range (HDR) for the...

Furthermore, some HD movies, episodes, and sporting events are upscaled to near Ultra HD resolution using 4K Upscaling.

From the simple, customized home screen, you can access tens of thousands of streaming channels as well as your cable box. The super-simple remote, which has about half the number of buttons as a typical TV remote, allows you to access your favorite entertainment.

Sony Smart TV Without Ads

Sony X80J 65 Inch TV: 4K Ultra HD LED Smart Google TV

Enjoy a 4K HDR smart TV experience with natural color and impressive sound. The X1 4K HDR Processor eliminates digital noise and enhances details for lifelike picture quality.

Sony X80J 65 Inch TV: 4K Ultra HD LED Smart Google...
  • 4K HDR PROCESSOR X1 – Powerful TV processing that delivers a picture that is smooth and clear, full of rich...
  • TRILUMINOS PRO – Reproduces more colors than a conventional TV resulting in picture quality that is natural...
  • GOOGLE TV – Seamlessly browse 700,000 plus movies and TV episodes from across your favorite streaming...

Google TV allows you to access all of your favorite streaming apps, while Google Assistant lets you search for content and operate your smart home using just your voice. Display resolution (H x V, pixels): 3840 x 2160.


This article will help customers looking for ad-free televisions determine the type of product they should purchase, as well as how to remove ads if they decide to buy a television with advertisements. While many TVs come with annoying ads and commercial content, there are always options like Vizio and Sony that do not include these features.

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