Skar vs Sundown: Which Brand Is Better?

Norvan Martin
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When it comes to subs, there are a few major players in the industry. Sundown Audio and Skar Audio are two of the most popular brands and for good reason. Both companies make quality products that offer great performance.

But which one is better? That’s a question that has sparked many debates over the years. In this article, we’re going to take a look at both brands and compare them head-to-head.

Sundown Audio offers better quality products than Skar because they have better quality controls and use better components. Skar Audio is a budget brand that often uses cheaper Chinese components and has a reputation for producing lower-quality products.  

In fact, Skar has a terrible reputation in some circles and is not generally recommended for professional audio setups. If you need something cheap for a side project, Skar is just fine as they offer some good deals, but for a more professional setup, Sundown is the better choice. In other words, if you are serious about car audio, Sundown is the better choice. 

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Skar vs Sundown Comparison Table

Brand ReputationEmerging reputation in car audioWell-established in car audio with positive reviews
Sound QualityKnown for delivering powerful bassRecognized for balanced and accurate sound
Build Quality/DesignSturdy build with various design optionsDurable construction with distinct design choices
Product RangeSpecializes in car audio componentsOffers a variety of car audio products
PricingCompetitive pricing in the car audio marketVaried pricing options catering to different budgets
FeaturesFocuses on innovative technologies for car audioEmphasizes advanced features and performance

An Overview of Sundown Audio

Sundown Audio is a high-end speaker company based in Australia which was founded in 2009. The company makes various types of speakers, from the entry-level A-Series to the top-of-the-line DS-Series.

sundown audio

The sound signature of their speakers can be described as “neutral”. Their price range varies between $99 and $4999 depending on model, size, the material used for construction, etc. This makes them competitive with other popular brands at their corresponding price points.

They are best known for making products that are not necessarily expensive but give audiophiles an improved audio experience compared to most off-the-shelf, nonspecial speakers available.

For example, they have managed to satisfy customers by offering products that sound great at lower volumes without needing to crank up the volume knob, which can often distort the sound.

An Overview of Skar Audio

Skar Audio is a Florida-based manufacturer of high-quality car audio equipment. The company was founded in 2011 by two audio enthusiasts who were unsatisfied with the quality and performance of the products available on the market at the time.

Skar Audio

Since its inception, Skar Audio has become one of the most respected and well-known brands in the car audio industry. The company’s products are used by some of the world’s best car audio installers and are favored by discerning audiophiles everywhere.

Skar Audio designs and builds all of its products in-house, using only the highest-quality components available. The company’s mission is to create products that offer superior sound, reliability, and performance at an affordable price.

Advantages of Sundown Audio

One of the main advantages of Sundown Audio is that its products are built to last. Many customers report that they have owned their Sundown amps and speakers for 10 years or more with no problems.

Sundown Audio also has a great reputation for customer service. If you ever have a problem with your Sundown gear, the company is quick to help you resolve it.

Sundown audio products offer incredible sound quality at an affordable price. Whether you’re looking for an amp, speaker, or subwoofer, Sundown has something to fit your needs and budget. So if you’re looking for top-quality audio equipment, Sundown should be at the top of your list.

Advantages of Skar Audio

There are many advantages of skar audio products. Some of the most notable include superior sound quality, durability, and flexibility.

Skar audio products are known for their fantastic sound quality. Whether you’re looking for a powerful subwoofer to deliver thumping bass or high-quality speakers to fill your car with clear music, Skar Audio has you covered.

Thanks to their precise engineering and attention to detail, skar audio products deliver unparalleled sound quality that is sure to please even the most discerning audiophile.

In addition to great sound quality, skar audio products are also built to last. Many models feature heavy-duty construction that can withstand the rigors of everyday use. This durability ensures that your investment will last for years to come, providing you with high-quality sound for your money.

Another great thing about Skar Audio products is their flexibility. Skar Audio has a huge selection of speakers and subwoofers that are perfect for just about every application.

Whether you’re looking for something powerful to power your home theater system or something more practical for your daily commute, Skar Audio most likely has what you need.

The Ultimate Skar Zvx Review

Skar Zvx is a powerful subwoofer that can handle up to 1,200 watts of power, making it perfect for any car audio system. It also comes with a durable cast aluminum frame and a rubber surround, ensuring that it will last for years to come.

Thanks to its high-quality construction, the Skar Zvx provides amazing sound quality and deep bass. It’s perfect for music lovers who want to feel the beat of their favorite songs. And with its easy-to-use controls, it’s easy to get the perfect sound for any type of music.

The Skar Zvx also comes with a mount and amplifier, so all you have to do is plug it in and turn it on. It’s simple enough for anyone to install in their car. Plus, its compact size makes it easy to place anywhere in your vehicle.

Skar Audio VXF Review: A Review of Skar’s Newest Active Speaker

Skar Audio is a company that produces high-quality car audio products. The Skar Audio VXF subwoofer is one of their latest offerings, and it’s a product worth taking a look at.

Skar Audio VXF-12 D2 12" 3000 Watt Max Power Dual...
  • 12-Inch Dual 2 ohm sq/SPL Car Subwoofer
  • Peak Power: 3, 000 Watts | RMS Power: 1, 500 Watts
  • 3" High temperature Copper voice Coil | Sensitivity (SPL): 87.1 dB

The Skar Audio VXF is a 12-inch, dual 4-ohm subwoofer that can handle up to 800 watts of RMS power. It features an advanced cooling system that helps keep the subwoofer running cool even under heavy use, and its spider venting system allows for extended cone life.

The Skar Audio VXF sounds great, delivering powerful bass with excellent clarity. It’s perfect for anyone who wants an affordable subwoofer that can handle a lot of power without breaking down.

Sundown 15 Review: A Look Behind the Speaker

The Sundown 15 is a speaker that is designed to give you the best sound possible. It offers great sound quality and clarity, which makes it perfect for listening to music or watching movies. It also features a durable design, which makes it ideal for use in any environment.

The Sundown 15 has a frequency response of 50 Hz to 20 kHz, which means that it can handle a wide range of sounds. It also has a sensitivity of 88 dB, making it easy to hear even the faintest sounds. Additionally, the Sundown 15 features an 8-ohm impedance, making it compatible with most amplifiers and audio devices.

The Best Looking 15 Inch Subwoofer: Skar ZVX-15vs. Sundown X-15

The Skar ZVX 15 is a bit smaller than the Sundown x 15. It also has a higher power handling, meaning that it can handle more power before breaking. The Sundown x 15, on the other hand, has a bit more bass.

Skar Audio ZVX-15v2 D1 15" 3000 Watt Max Power...
  • 15-inch Dual 1 Ohm SPL Car Subwoofer
  • Peak Power: 3,000 Watts | RMS Power: 1,500 Watts
  • Massive Triple Stack Magnet & High Temperature 3" 8-layer Copper Voice Coil

Sundown Audio X-15 v3 D2 Pro 15" Dual 2-Ohm 2000W...
  • Power Handling: 2000 watts Sealed Enclosure Suggestion: Not Recommended Ported Enclosure Suggestion: 4.25 cu....
  • Displacement: 0.22 cu. ft. Depth: 10.85 in Outside Diameter: 15.51 in Cutout: 13.83 in
  • Recommended Tuning: 32 Hz Recommended Port Area: 68 sq. in.

Both of these speakers are great options and it depends on what you are looking for. If you want more bass, then go with the sundown x 15. If you are looking for a smaller speaker with higher power handling, then go with the Skar ZVX 15.

Sundown Subwoofers: A Renowned Company In The Industry

Sundown subwoofers are some of the best on the market and for good reason. They offer incredible sound quality and performance, as well as a wide range of features that make them perfect for any situation.

One of the main reasons why Sundown subwoofers are so popular is because they are incredibly powerful. They can deliver huge amounts of bass, making them the perfect choice for anyone who wants to experience the ultimate listening experience.

Why are Skar Audio Products Cheap?

Skar makes cheap products because they are manufactured from cheap Chinese components. In some cases, Skar sources cheap Chinese-made devices and simply adds its branding to these devices. 

While Skar Audio offers cheap products, you should be careful to check the reviews of these products to ensure that they actually provide what they claim. 


It is safe to say that both Skar and Sundown are great subs, but they each have their unique strengths and weaknesses. If you are looking for a sub with a great low-end response and punchy bass, then Skar is a good option.

However, if you are looking for a sub with a more extended bass response and greater output capability, then sundown may be a better choice. Ultimately, it comes down to what your specific needs and preferences are. So, be sure to do your research and decide which subwoofer will best suit your needs.

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