Skar vs Kicker: Which Is Better?

Norvan Martin
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With the many audio brands in the market today, choosing the best audio quality based on the brand may not be too easy. Besides, many brands now diversify into producing several audio products and may lack the concentration required to develop one product for enhanced excellence. Let’s look at Skar and Kicker. 

When comparing Skar and Kicker subwoofers, Kicker is the better choice in terms of performance, power, and design, but they are more expensive. Kicker prefab enclosures generally offer better quality than Skar options in terms of build quality.

Skar vs Kicker Comparison Table

Brand ReputationSkar is known for providing affordable yet high-performance car audio systems.Kicker is a well-established brand with a strong reputation for producing reliable and powerful audio solutions.
Sound QualitySkar audio systems offer clear and dynamic sound reproduction.Kicker systems are praised for their powerful and impactful sound quality.
Build Quality/DesignSkar products often feature a robust build with a focus on functionality.Kicker systems are known for their durable build quality and distinctive design.
Product RangeSkar offers a variety of car audio systems, including speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers.Kicker provides a comprehensive range of car audio solutions, covering various needs and preferences.
PricingSkar products are positioned in the affordable to mid-price range.Kicker offers products with varying price points, including options for different budgets.
FeaturesSkar systems often come with features suitable for car audio enthusiasts.Kicker products are feature-rich, including technologies for enhanced audio performance.

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Overview Of Kicker

A Brief History 

Kicker is an American audio company that is headquartered in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Kicker is an audio company founded in 1973.

Over time, many brands have tried to copy their square solo-baric L5 & L7 subwoofers, but in vain. The company is well known for making some of the most reliable and powerful amps in the car audio industry. 

They have a great quality line of the full range and component speakers. Besides, they recently developed entire home audio products, including headphones and Zune Dock. 

The products are designed and built by Stillwater Designs. The firm traces its origin back to 1973 when it started as a two-person operation focusing on hand-building professional sound and musical instrument speaker systems. Kicker has generally produced many products for entertainment, churches, and auditoriums. 

In 1980, Kicker Performance Audio invented the high-performance stereo enclosure market. This is the time when Steve Irby – the founder and president of the company, built the Original KICKER. The Original KICKER was the first full-range speaker box that was constructed mainly for automotive use. 

High-Performance Audio System 

The Original Kicker, having been so successful and utilizing all the research and design skills that made the first products more successful, the company focused on developing the car audio market and built a complete line of high-performance audio systems for cars. 

Kicker also manufactures Marine products that help improve your musical experience while deep in the sea. They build their audio devices with the weather elements in mind. Still, the speakers and subwoofer produce pristine audio quality. 

The products are therefore designed to be completely weather-proof. Besides, they are made splash-proof to increase their lifespan even with increased exposure to fog, salt, and UV rays. 

The company’s staff has grown from just two employees in a single-car garage to a corporation with over 220 employees in a facility of over a quarter-million square feet. 

Kicker also manufactures high-quality car subwoofers. These products produce high-end sound with hard-hitting bass. The subs are also favorably priced. 

What Are Kicker Speakers?

As we mentioned already, Kicker speakers are built with premium materials featuring thin designs for easy and simple placement in car doors and dashboards.

Check the peak power output of your car stereo receiver before buying Kicker door speakers. This should be enough to support Kicker 6.5 speakers or Kicker 6 x 9 speakers for optimal performance. 

Mobile-Audio Products Sold Under The Kicker Brand Name

The company continually evolves and reaches new heights with “Lifestyle” home and personal products 35 years later.

Kicker mainly built products for digital devices, including Bluetooth speaker systems, noise-isolating in-ear headsets, and high-performance headphones. 

Some of the mobile-audio products sold under Kicker’s brand name include:

  • Hideaway Powered Subwoofers
  • KM-Series Marine Head Units with weather-brand
  • Audio accessories, power kits, Brass and wiring 
  • Full-range boxes – two-way, full-range enclosed speaker systems
  • Powersports PXi Amplified Media Controllers
  • Digital signal processors

Lifestyle products sold under the brand name include:

  • Microfit and Flow In-Ear headsets
  • Bullfrog wireless outdoor speaker
  • Tabor Bluetooth Wireless and cush talk headphones 
  • Amphitheater BT2 speaker system 

Overview Of Skar Audio

Skar Audio Brief History 

Skar Audio was founded by Kevin Schlenker in 2012 while in his college dorm at the University of Central Florida. The company, which is based in Tampa, Florida, has risen from one to ten employees and now makes high-end speakers and amplifiers for boats and cars. 

Kevin sold Skar Audio products to brick-and-mortar dealers and online and landed spots with Sonic Electronix before cutting ties. He started selling directly to customers through a network of dealers who remained online. 

Some online stores that sell Skar Audio products include Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.

Skar Audio Products 

The company offers almost any audio product and always strives to meet the fundamental standards that end-users are looking for. Besides, the products hold up to the warranty provided and exceed their lifetime with proper installation. 

The amplifiers are hit-and-miss with RP and LP durability, and still, the risk assessment says it’s okay to try. Although some users say it’s the best, others say it blows up. 

The main products at Skar Audio include:

  • Car speakers – the speakers deliver unmatched sound, are high quality, and are very reliable. 
  • RP series – the amplifiers are built to deliver reliable and high-performance power. 
  • Loaded Bass Packages – these are some of the most popular subs in the market today. With the vented design and multiple options between single and dual woofer setups, they are the perfect car audio units to use every day.

Is Skar Audio A Good Brand?

Skar Audio is a performance-based SPL car audio manufacturer with entry-level marine audio products.

The company produces car speakers with incredibly crisp highs and mids. Besides, the speakers have fantastic bass for their size. Offering a wide range of products, they still meet the fundamental standards that users pay for. 

For subwoofers, for instance, the Skar Audio ZVXv2 subwoofer line is the go-to subwoofer. With a 3-inch high-temperature voice coil, competition-grade cone, massive 3-slug motor, and a high foam surround, the ZVXv2 is genuinely designed to be the best competition. 

Advantages Of Kicker

Kicker uses the sealed box or acoustic suspension speaker design. This kind of design brings many advantages to the functionality of the speakers. Besides being easier to build and tune, the speakers offer high power handling, extended low-end output, and fast response. 

These are, therefore, some of the main attributes of Kicker speakers and contribute to the following advantages of Kicker in general: 

  • Kicker products are made with a high power handling capacity 
  • The products have an excellent transient response 
  • The speaker enclosures used are the easiest enclosures to build 
  • Extended low-frequency response and smooth roll-off 
  • Tolerant transient response 

Advantages Of Skar Audio

  • Skar Audio produces more durable products 
  • The products are of high quality 
  • Best performance products


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