Types of Sharp TV Blinking Error Codes (Quick Fixes)

Norvan Martin
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If your Sharp TV blinks error codes when you power it on, you should troubleshoot the underlying issue. This way, you can fix the problem without spending a dollar. For all the tips you need to do this right, read on.

What Do Sharp TV Blinking Error Codes Mean?

Sharp TV blinking error codes indicate potential errors. The problem can arise from the firmware installed on your TV and the hardware. Pending updates, internal glitches, overheating,  power supply issues, and more can also cause these errors.

After troubleshooting the underlying issue, you’ll be able to determine the possible solution.

What Does Blinking Light On Sharp TV Mean?

The lights on a Sharp TV are meant to be clues about the status of the unit. The blinking of either the power light or the OPC (Optical Picture Control) light is an error message or fault code. 

It may be a setting on the television, it might be a problem with the firmware or a mechanical issue that requires service.

Sharp TV Main Errors Descriptions

Error Codes Error Description
02 Start-up communication error 2. Initial communication from the main CPU is not received.
03 Start-up communication error 3. Only the initial communication is received.
04 Start-up communication error 4. Until panel information request reception.
05 Start-up communication error 5. Until initialization completion reception.
06 Start-up communication error 6. Until version notification transmission.
07 Start-up communication error 7. Until start-up information notification transmission.
08 Start-up communication error 8. Until start-up information response reception.
09 Start-up communication error 9. Until time-out setting reception.
0A Communication error A. REQ time-out.
0B Communication error B. Restart time-out during the beginning of time acquisition start-up.
0C Communication error C. Ending sequence time-out.
0D Communication error D. Preset start-up time-out during completion.
0E Communication error E. download, start-up time-out.
0F Communication error F. Time acquisition time-out.
11 Communication error H. Regular communication time-out.
16 Panel-related error. Lamp failure.
1A Other error 2. Monitor temperature failure.
1D Power supply error .1 PS_ON (AC_DET) failure.
1E Power supply error 2. D_POW (DET_13V) failure.
1F Power supply error 3. D_POW (DET_D3V3) failure.
21 Power supply error 5. Panel power failure.
23 Other error 3. Error standby request from the main CPU.


Sharp TV Main Errors Troubleshooting

Error Codes Error Description
02 Initial communication from the main CPU is not received. Check UART bus between main CPU and sub CPU.
03 Only the initial communication is received. Check UART bus between main CPU and sub CPU.
04 Until panel information request reception. Check UART bus between main CPU and sub CPU.
05 Until initialization completion reception. Check UART bus between main CPU and sub CPU.
06 Until version notification transmission. Check UART bus between main CPU and sub CPU.
07 Until start-up information notification transmission. Check UART bus between main CPU and sub CPU.
08 Until start-up information response reception. Check UART bus between main CPU and sub CPU.
09 Until time-out setting reception. Check UART bus between main CPU and sub CPU.
0A Request time-out. Check UART bus between main CPU and sub CPU.
0B Restart time-out during the beginning of time acquisition start-up. Check UART bus between main CPU and sub CPU.
0C Ending sequence time-out. Check UART bus between main CPU and sub CPU.
0D Preset start-up time-out during completion. Check UART bus between main CPU and sub CPU.
0E Download, start-up time-out. Check UART bus between main CPU and sub CPU.
0F Time acquisition time-out. Check UART bus between main CPU and sub CPU.
11 Regular communication time-out. Check UART bus between main CPU and sub CPU.
16 Backlight error.
1A Monitor temperature failure. Check TV setting environment.
1E DET_13V failure. Check 13V power line.
1F DET_D3V3 failure. Check D3V3 power line.
20 ERROR_3D (3D-PWB) failure. Check 3D-PWB.
21 DET_PNLxxV failure. Check T-CON power line.
23 Error standby request from the main CPU. Check ERROR STANDBY CAUSE.


Sharp TV Error Troubleshooting

Problem Possible Solution
No power. Turn on (I) the MAIN POWER switch on the left side of the TV.
  Check if you pressed ”power” on the remote control unit. If the indicator on the TV lights up red, press ”power”.
  Is the AC cord disconnected?
  Check if you pressed ”power” on the TV.
The TV cannot be operated. External influences such as lightning, static electricity, etc., may cause improper operation. In this case, operate the TV after first turning off the power, or unplugging the AC cord and re-plugging it in after one or two minutes.
The remote control unit does not operate. Are batteries inserted with polarity (+, -) aligned?
  Are batteries worn out? (Replace with new batteries.)
  Are you using it under strong or fluorescent lighting?
  Is a fluorescent light illuminating to the remote control sensor?
The picture is cut off. Is the image position correct?
  Are screen mode adjustments (WIDE MODE) such as picture size made correctly?
Strange color, light color, dark color, or color misalignment. Adjust the picture tone.
  Is the room too bright? The picture may look dark in a room that is too bright.
  Check the “Colour system” setting.
The power is suddenly turned off. The TV’s internal temperature has increased. Remove any objects blocking the vent or clean.
  Is the “Sleep timer” set? Select “Off” from the “Sleep timer” menu.
  Is “No signal off” or “No operation off” activated?
No picture. Are connections to external equipment correct?
  Is the input signal type selected correctly after connection?
  Is the correct input source selected?
  Is a non-compatible signal being input?
  Is the picture adjustment correct?
  Is the antenna connected properly?
  Is “On” selected in “Audio only”?
No sound. Is the volume too low?
  Make sure that the headphones are not connected.
  Check if you pressed ”mute” on the remote control unit.
  s the proper item selected in the “PC audio select” menu when connecting devices to the HDMI 2 terminal or the EXT 4 terminal?
The TV sometimes makes a cracking sound. This is not a malfunction. This happens when the cabinet slightly expands and contracts according to changes in temperature. This does not affect the TV’s performance.

Which are the Most Common Sharp Aquos Blinking Codes?

Here are the three most common Sharp TV Error codes:

1. Sharp TV Aquos TV Error Code 03

This error code usually appears on the screen as ‘Start0up communication error.’ It specifically means that your TV is only receiving the initial communication. It can’t accomplish the rest of the work.

All error codes ranging from 02 to 09 mean the same thing as code 03. However, the 03 code is the most common.

You’re highly likely to receive these error messages after a power outage or after removing your power cable from the TV suddenly. Some causes of code 02 to 09 errors are not known, but that should not hinder you from fixing them.

2. Sharp TV Error Code 21

 If you notice error code 21, your TV is most likely running into power-related problems. So, if the power supply is not working correctly, you are highly exposed to this risk.

3. Sharp TV Error Code E203

This code indicates that the broadcast you are trying to access is down. In other words, the channel you want to watch could be down from the backend, or your cable service might be entirely down.

Why are My Sharp Aquos OPC and Power Light Blinking 3 Times?

When the Sharp Aquos OPC and light are blinking three times, you could be a victim of various hardware and software issues. It would be best if you troubleshot to narrow down the potential problem and the best solution.

To diagnose the problem, try to feel your Sharp TV for excessive heat. Too much heat could be the perfect indicator that your fan is broken. It could also mean that another hardware has malfunctioned.

If the TV is neither making irregular noises nor overheating, you could be a victim of issues related to updates or firmware.

Did you know that simple things like transporting an OLED TV flat can cause this error? Check out our guide on if you can lay an OLED TV flat to learn more. 

How Can I Fix Sharp TV Blinking Error Codes?

As we’ve said, Sharp TV systems use numerous lights to indicate various potential errors. Besides, the pattern of the blinking light might not mean much to you.

So, the best solution is to use the proper troubleshooting techniques to fix the underlying trouble.

Once you see any of the error codes, you need to follow the steps below to fix them:

1. Power Cycle Your TV

Performing a complete power cycle on your Sharp TV is one of the easiest ways to troubleshoot the exact issue. Here are the simple ways to do this:

  1. Power off your Sharp TV.
  2. Remove the power cable from the wall outlet.
  3. Wait for at least 5 minutes.
  4. Plug the power cable back into the power outlet.

Please note that you can get the best result by plugging your Sharp TV into an alternative power outlet. It’s a great way to avoid bad-voltage issues affecting the outlet and other related issues.

What’s more, you should consider avoiding power strips since low-quality power from these devices can hinder the television from operating normally.

2. Avoid Overheating

If your Sharp TV is overheating, you should do this:

  1. Keep the Vents Clear: Clean the dust off the television and wipe the dust off the screen and back panels.
  2. Keep your TV Away from Heat Sources: Remove it from heat sources like the fireplace, kitchen ovens, and heater. You should also keep the TV away from the ground.
  3. Keep the Airflow Obstructions Free: Remove the objects you placed around your TV, particularly on the backside.

3. Update Your Sharp TV

If you’ve activated automatic updates on your Sharp TV, you might not need to go through this step.

However, if you haven’t done so or automatic updates don’t work on your device, you must do it manually. Here are the simple steps you should follow to do this:

  1. Download Firmware Update

The steps you need to follow to download the official firmware update are:

    1. Plug a memory stick into your computer.

    2. Google “Sharp Products downloads.”

    3. When prompted to select your TV, insert your TV’s correct model number.

    4. Select the relevant firmware for your TV model.

    5. Click “Save.”

    6. Upload the downloaded files on the memory stick.

    7. Plug the memory stick into your Sharp TV.

  1. Install Firmware Update

Now that you have the latest firmware on your memory stick, you can install it easily. Follow the steps below to do so:

    1. After plugging your memory stick in the TV, go to “Menu” and then “Digital Setup.”

    2. Open “Software Update.”

    3. Enter your four-digit password.

    4. Check the USB Stick and initiate the update.

    5. Once the update process is complete, click “Enter.”

4. Factory Reset Sharp TV

If none of the above tips helps, you should perform a factory reset. Remember, this method will wipe clean your TV’s data, including all your files and configurations.

So, you might need to back up everything you require to restore them quickly once you’re done.

Once you’re ready to factory reset your Sharp TV, do this:

  1. Unplug the power cable.
  2. Keep pressing and holding the “Channel Down” and “Input” buttons simultaneously on your Sharp TV’s remote.
  3. Select “Service Mode” when redirected to another screen
  4. Hit “Factory Reset.”
  5. Allow your Sharp TV a few minutes to factory reset

How Do I Fix A Blinking Green Light On A Sharp TV?

Unplug the TV, press and hold (on TV) volume-down and channel-down, and keep holding them while plugging in the TV.

The TV will come on with “k” on screen or will crash again if the backlight is bad. If it stays on, use your remote and arrow right then look for “fact init” and any other reset and turn them on.

Why Is My Sharp TV Flashing Green?

Sharp TVs use Optical Picture Control (OPC) technology that automatically adjusts the screen brightness. The OPC LED illuminates green when the OPC is turned on. An OPC LED that flashes indicate that there is a problem with your television.

This indicator usually appears after a power change or a component failure. Although the pattern of the flashes varies depending on the model and service issue, you can do some basic troubleshooting to rule out likely causes and try to fix your TV.

Summing Up

Sharp TV blinking error codes can interrupt your planned relaxing and entertainment plans if you don’t know how to fix them. Right now, you have all the tips you require to prevent that from happening. Irrespective of the type of Sharp TV blinking error code, you can use the tips to troubleshoot and fix them fast without spending a coin. If you need more help to get started, feel free to get in touch with us.

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