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11 Best RGB Color Speakers for 2022

11 Best RGB Color Speakers for 2022
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If you like a colorful display of lights as much as you love your music, then we can both agree that a blend of the two is a great choice for you.

That’s exactly what RGB color speakers offer. In this article, we will take a look at the best TGB color speakers out there.

Best Overall
SereneLife Portable Wireless Bluetooth Boombox...
Most Affordable
CLEVER BRIGHT Portable Bluetooth Speakers Touch...
Most Portable
Portable Bluetooth Diamond Speaker with...
Best For Computers
SPKPAL RGB Desktop Speakers,2.0 PC Computer...
SereneLife Portable Wireless Bluetooth Boombox...
CLEVER BRIGHT Portable Bluetooth Speakers Touch...
Portable Bluetooth Diamond Speaker with...
SPKPAL RGB Desktop Speakers,2.0 PC Computer...
Best Overall
SereneLife Portable Wireless Bluetooth Boombox...
SereneLife Portable Wireless Bluetooth Boombox...
Most Affordable
CLEVER BRIGHT Portable Bluetooth Speakers Touch...
CLEVER BRIGHT Portable Bluetooth Speakers Touch...
Most Portable
Portable Bluetooth Diamond Speaker with...
Portable Bluetooth Diamond Speaker with...
Best For Computers
SPKPAL RGB Desktop Speakers,2.0 PC Computer...
SPKPAL RGB Desktop Speakers,2.0 PC Computer...

1. Best Overall: SereneLife Portable Bluetooth Boombox Stereo

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Design: You won’t find many RGB Boomboxes around, even among the best boomboxes. A high-end boombox speaker, the SereneLife Portable Stereo has a ported enclosure design built with a rugged and durable enclosure.

The speaker comes with a digital screen for easy operation, also displaying various colors to add a nice effect to your musical experience.

Moreover, it’s a lightweight speaker that plays MP3 files from micro SD and USB slots, as well as AUX input.

Performance: Thanks to the speaker’s ported design, it can blast an impressive bass and incredibly loud sound.

The 1800mAH battery will surely last a long time, allowing the two inbuilt 4-inch subwoofers and two speaker divers to create a full-range audio performance.

Additionally, the speaker rocks a modern amplifier that can breathe out up to 80watts of sound.

Verdict: If you want a high-end RGB color speaker with a great performance and durable enclosure, then this is your speaker. The SereneLife Portable stereo gives you 80watts of stereo sound with heart-thumping bass and great clarity. However, the amplifier may dampen low and mid-range frequencies at high volumes. Nevertheless, the speaker is worth it considering.

2. Most Affordable: SHAVA Jewel Portable RGB Speaker

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Design: Featuring an all-in-one design, the Shava Jewel speaker includes Bluetooth connectivity, a hands-free speakerphone, and LED mood lamp.

The speaker comes with 6 RGB color themes, which easily change when you tap the speaker mesh.

Moreover, it allows you to enjoy your favorite tunes from a micro SD card and through a 3.5mm AUX cable.

Performance: Aside from a cool design, the Shava Jewel speaker has excellent hands-free capability thanks to its noise cancellation feature.

It offers clear sound and strong bass, but the mids and highs are a little muddy. However, the speaker is audible when you up the volume.

Even better, you get around 8 hours of music playtime with the inbuilt 200mAH battery.

Verdict: While the sound experience may not be overwhelming, the Shava Jewel boasts of an affordable price and great functionality. The 6 RGB colors create a nice visual display when playing your favorite tunes, while the inbuilt mic supports great hands-free functionality. That said, the Shava Jewel is one of the most pocket-friendly LED speakers on the list.

3. Best Design: GravaStar Mars Bluetooth Speaker

While the GravaStar Mars Bluetooth Speaker isn’t the cheapest Bluetooth speaker on the list, this cool audio gadget is great for space lovers.

Its design is shock-absorbing, with its three legs ensuring it doesn’t move even when you play the music at maximum volume.

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As a modern speaker, it supports wireless stereo streaming, allowing you to pair two GravaStar speakers to create a single big stereo sound.

Each speaker can deliver 20 watts of high-impact sound with enhanced based together with bright LED lights for about 30 hours with a single charge.

High-impact sound
Intuitive touch controls
Shock absorbing design
Multiple connections

Sound distortion at high volume
A bit expensive

Gravastar Bluetooth Speakers Mars Pro, Bass Boost,...
  • 【ZINC ALLOY SHELL】Mars Pro’main body is made with a high-quality zinc alloy sphere that allows sound...
  • 【COOL BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS 】Light up your space beautifully, create the perfect ambiance with 6 RGB...
  • 【STEREO AND BASS】 Audiophile - Level algorithmic acoustics, 2.5" full-range speaker, and 1" high-frequency...

4. Most Portable: SYLVANIA Portable Bluetooth Diamond Speaker with Color-Changing Lights

Portable Bluetooth Diamond Speaker with...
  • Bluetooth version 4.0
  • Built-in color-changing light show moves to the beat of the music
  • Sd card slot

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Design: If you like RGB Bluetooth speakers that change color, the Diomand Portable Bluetooth speaker is among the best units for you.

The speaker features IP44 splashproof exteriors that make it water resistant, though it will not survive when submerged in water.

Nevertheless, you can take the speaker wherever you go due to its portable size and integrated carrying handle.

Performance: With a built-in 4-inch subwoofer, this RGB color speaker from Yumeitech provides an excellent bass performance and clear vocals.

The high-fidelity sound produced by the speaker feels the same from every direction, and the lights add a nice visual effect to your audio experience.

Moreover, the 2000mAH battery featured in the speaker can last for up to 12 hours.

Verdict: This speaker is perfect for anyone looking for a portable RGB color speaker with solid bass and high-fidelity sound. Its price is nothing short of a real bargain, and you can use it in both indoor and outdoor scenes. Furthermore, it offers a convenient connection through Bluetooth 3.0 technology.

5. Best For Computers: GOgroove UB3 LED Computer Speakers for Desktop and Laptop

GOgroove UB3 LED Computer Speakers for Desktop and...
  • ULTRA CLEAR BALANCED AUDIO – Each speaker contains a single 2.5-inch XL driver which produces full range...
  • ILLUMINATED LED DRIVERS & VOLUME KNOB – Striking RGB lighting changes colors and is controlled by a button...
  • HEADPHONE OUT PORT & AUX INPUT PORT ENABLED – Connect headphones directly to speakers for private listening,...

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Design: The GOgroove UB3 LED Computer Speakers for Desktop and Laptop is a modern computer RGB speaker rocking a futuristic design with beautiful RGB lights.

The speaker comes with a subwoofer and two satellite speakers for audio performance, with simple control knobs on the subwoofer.

It features a nice cube design with wide compatibility through USD and other wired connections.

Performance: Equipped with innovative technology and high-grade speakers, the Docooler computer speaker delivers a wonderful audio experience.

The subwoofer ensures that you have enough bass with your tunes, while the speakers pump out 3 Watts of stereo sound.

Moreover, this speaker is energy efficient, safe, environmentally friendly, and reliable.

Verdict: This GOgroove UB3 is specifically built for computers and tablets. It high-fidelity loudspeaker gives you a balanced sound, making the RGB Bluetooth speaker a nice companion for all your outdoor activities. You may note a weird noise when the speaker is not in use, but you can remedy that by switching off the speaker or connecting an audio device.

6. Best RGB Soundbar: Smalody  Led RGB Speaker Soundbar

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Design: If you like computer soundbars, then the Smalody LED soundbar will easily suit your minimal taste.

It comes in a cool LED design with blue lights surrounding the volume button in the middle.

Both sides of the speaker also include a colorful display of LED lights that change the color while playing music. Furthermore, this portable speaker rocks a modern and eco-friendly design.

Performance: The soundbar promises HD stereo sound using a unique noise-reduction technology.

It works by giving you a loud and clear voice without external noises, bringing you an awesome media experience.

That allows you to enjoy 10 watts of audio power with enough volume and bass response.

Verdict: With a modern luxury design and numerous high-end features, it’s easy to recommend the Smalody Soundbar to modern speaker enthusiasts. Its easily portable thanks to its mini size design and it saves you a lot of desk space when using it as a computer speaker. The low-mid range feels a bit weak, but the overall sound performance is fantastic once you configure the settings appropriately.

7. Best Full Colour: NoveltyToday Smart RGB Color Changing Musical Cube

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Design: Creating fun atmospheres with RGB lighting effects for parties, the Novelty Today Musical Cube is a great waterproof speaker for indoor and outdoor use.

It offers universal compatibility with a range of devices through Bluetooth, and it rocks a nice cube shape that looks like a portable lamp.

Additionally, you can control the RGB color display using an app or remote control.

Performance: With a nice cube shape design, this RGB portable lamp offers an amazing 10watt audio performance.

It contains a solid battery life thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery that offers 8 – 12 hours of lighting and musical entertainment.

Even better, the lamp allows you to set alarm clocks to remind you of the important stuff.

Verdict: When shopping for an IP54 waterproof speaker for indoor and outdoor parties, the Novelty Today Smart musical cube is here for you. It’s made of weather resistant materials that can last for a long time while offering a colorful musical display. The speaker offers a delightful performance, though its price seems a bit high for its size.

8. Best Bass: CLEVER Bcenter RGB Stereo Speaker

Design: Rocking a portable design, the Clever Bcenter RGB speaker is a convenient unit that comes with compact and modern design features.

This colorful Bluetooth speaker delivers great performance and durability, while the RGB lights create a visual feast while enjoying your music.

Moreover, it offers broad compatibility through Bluetooth, TF card reader, and AUX audio input.

Performance: While striving to balance the sound with the aesthetic appeal, this RGB stereo speaker delivers an astonishing sound.

The speaker comes with a good noise isolation feature that reduces outside noise and creates a clear sound ideal for listening to your favorite tunes.

Its high version Bluetooth connectivity helps to save power when streaming music and also supports hands-free calling.

Verdict: Boasting of reliable battery life and impressive appearance, this RGB Bluetooth speaker comes with a crystal gradient that gives an unforgettable user experience. It’s a compact and portable speaker with an IPX4 waterproof rating to make it withstand water splashes. However, the speaker is not fully waterproof, despite having a robust exterior casing.

9. Best Performance: Sound BlasterX Kratos S5

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Design: Aesthetically speaking, the Kratos S5 would be described as computer speakers. It has a nice lighting system that gives it a nice touch, though it doesn’t react to the sound output – it’s purely decorative.

It hosts various controls at the back and three audio inputs; RCA, 3.5mm AUX, and Micro-SD port.

Performance: The Kratos S5 speaker system boasts of a pleasing volume for a small home theater or PC gaming setups.

Not only does the subwoofer pack a punch, but it also has a huge stereo soundstage. However, the downward-facing sound driver results in a rumble when you crank up the volume to over 70%.

Verdict: While the Kratos S5 may not be the unit for audiophiles, its sound performance and clarity are ideal for PC gaming, listening to music, and movie watching. Of course, you can find better gaming speakers than this, but you’ll have to dig deeper into your pockets to get as many features or even a good subwoofer.

10. Best Pulsating: InaRock Wireless Portable RGB Speaker

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Design: The InaRock Wireless RGB speaker has a three-color LED lights pulsating through its body, creating a dazzling visual effect with your music.

The high-quality dual voice coil takes care of the sound performance, while a built-in high-capacity battery delivers 8 hours of continuous music.

The control panel at the bass makes it easy to control the volume, light effects, and skip tracks.

Performance: This 2.1 channel speaker system can pump out 10 watts of stereo sound using its dual 5watt sound drivers.

The sound provides a center treble and deep bass, giving you the perfect musical experience to enjoy. Moreover, the built-in microphone offers clear voice calls.

Verdict: The InaRock wireless speaker is a nice and neat speaker that comes at a reasonable price without compromising the performance. The light show will easily stimulate your mind when enjoying your tunes, creating a unique performance. On the flip-side, the battery life is not overwhelming, though it can deliver good music playtime.

11. Best For Gaming: Logitech G560 PC Gaming Speakers

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Design: The Logitech G560 is designed as one of the finest gaming RGB speakers with lighting activated by the audio.

It’s integrated with DTS:X technology that renders 3D positional audio to allow you to enjoy the gaming environment from every angle.

Moreover, it connects with Bluetooth devices including smartphones, tablets, and Windows computers. However, the DTS:X won’t work with a Mac OS X device.

Performance: At 120 watts RMS power, the Logitech G560 can deliver a heightened gaming experience using a unique driver design to deliver a great soundstage.

The speaker features an explosive down-firing subwoofer and dual satellite RGB speakers for a clear and pure sound. Additionally, you can switch seamlessly switch between 4 audio devices.

Verdict: Built as a gaming speaker, the Logitech G560 is a powerful audio system for anyone who wants to experience heightened audio realism. This 2.1 speaker system creates a nice show according to the music and in-game action, giving you an incredible light projection with a 120watt sound. However, you may want to consider other options if you are using a Mac OS X device.

Why RGB Color Speakers?

RGB color speakers are innovative speakers that create a pleasing display of lights while you enjoy your music, giving the speaker a nice touch, and enhancing the ambiance of its surroundings.Why RGB Color Speakers

Aside from the aesthetic appeal, RGB color speakers allow you to set the mood of the room while listening to your favorite jams.


So that’s our list of the best RGB color speakers out there. These speakers provide a cool and dazzling display of lights and are quite cool to have in your man cave or even in your living room! We hope you found one that matches your style and tastes!