JBL Flip 2 Review – Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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4.6/5 on June 11, 2016

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The new look of the Flip 2 speaker is similar in appearance to the original wireless Bluetooth speaker by the company, however, it does have a few different features to it that makes it much better.

Full Features and Benefits of the JBL Flip 2 Bluetooth Speaker 


JBL has out done itself in improving the quality of sound that the speakers emit, as well as the speakerphone future. With noise canceling technology and the SoundClear echo, it goes above and beyond. The speaker is also equipped with a much higher power rating with 2 x6 watts of power.

Like the original design, it does play loudly for its smaller size. Another feature change is the way the speaker charges. You had to charge the original design with an AC Adapter but this newer model charges with a micro USB which means you can use it in your computer or any plug-in device.

The Flip 2 kicks things up a notch in terms of sound. It is able to handle the bass much better when you put it at a higher volume.

The sound that comes out is much cleaner and smoother than the original. It also can play a bit louder although you may notice a harsh sound to the volume when you increase it above 70 percent.


Wireless JBL Flip 2 Capability and Pairing Technology

Another feature that has been changed is the way it pairs to phones and tablets. They added an NFC tap to pair technology that allows you to pair your devices by having Bluetooth enabled in the settings. This will allow for an automatic pairing feature.


If you aren’t really familiar with this speaker, it’s named the Flip because it’s able to stand up or lay down. There is no play or pause button on the speaker which some people aren’t too fond of, but its’ a small feature that doesn’t make a difference in sound.

You also get a carrying case with your speaker or you can check out this super sharp case Previously a small neoprene case was included, this time, a hard case to offer much better protection is included as well as a USB adapter and Micro- USB cable.

So, at less than 1 lb and the unique design of the JBL Flip 2 this is a speaker that you can literally carry around in your pocket…as long as you’re not wearing your skinny jeans.  So, put that weight and size in a backpack, purse, piece of luggage, etc…and it’s not even a noticeable addition.

The thing we like best about the Flip 2, though, is its versatility in design.  You can orient the Flip 2 in a horizontal or vertical way.  That makes the speaker easier to fit anywhere and even hide a little bit if you want it out of the way.  Standing vertically, the Flip 2 may have been part of the inspiration behind the Amazon Echo. Sit the Flip 2 horizontally and you have a powerful mini-tank of a Bluetooth speaker.  And don’t about sound.  You wont be giving any quality up whichever way you choose orient and listen the Flip 2.



When it comes to the Flip to, it is a great speaker for the price. It has decent battery power and offers a nice quality of sound. If you are looking for a small, portable Bluetooth compatible speaker that allows you to take it along easily, this is the one for you. With a plug and play charger, you have the ability to charge your speaker virtually anywhere.

The new paring technology allows you to easily and automatically pair any devices to your speaker as long as the Bluetooth is enabled on them. This makes for easy installation.  If you can live with the 5 hour battery life then you can have a great speaker that is otherwise, in our opinion, near perfect.

JBL’s original Flip was lauded for how crisp it sounded, and it still it surprised us.  The Flip 2, we heard similarly great things from other reviews around the net…and the quality surprised us.  JBL now has a Flip 3 version out and we are deep in to testing it as well.  

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