How Loud Can Bluetooth Speakers Get

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If you are looking to find a set of the loudest Bluetooth speakers on the market, then this is the review for you. The search for the loudest speakers has been narrowed down to a few different portable types including the larger varieties, ultra-portable and your traditional portable speakers. It’s important to mention that the loudness of a speaker is determined by the decibels.

Bose Soundlink III Speakers

Bose speakers have always been a powerhouse in the market of sound. The company prides itself on the best quality speakers around. The Soundlink III is one of the newest devices they have on the market in their lineup. This Bluetooth compatible speaker has a ton of power in a tiny, portable decibel. It offers over 14 hours of battery life with a 90 decibel sound volume.

Jawbone Big Jambox Speakers

A little bigger than most portable speakers, the Jambox uses twin 2.2-inch drivers to report over 100 decibels of sound volume. It also gives you ten hours of playback which is great considering how large it is. The Bluetooth compatibility is one of the best features of this product. These are considered to be one of the loudest Bluetooth speakers on the market.

Soundmatters Fox Dash 7 Speakers

This tiny unit is rather impressive. It is only .75 inches think and weighs only 7 ounces. In fact, you can actually fit it into your pocket. The sound volume of this tiny device is said to reach 97 decibels.  With a 12-hour playback you can enjoy hours of endless sound.

X Mini Me Speakers

This tiny little device generates over 80 decibels of sound volume at a 1.75-inch design. These are wonderful Bluetooth speakers that offer you superior sound quality in such a tiny size. With six hours of playback you can enjoy sound for quite some time. For the pricing, this is one of the most affordable loudest Bluetooth speakers. 


All of the Bluetooth speakers listed offer hours of endless listening enjoyment with a high quality of volume range. There is really no winner when it comes to these devices as they all have a ton of features that makes each of them one of the best in their categories.

Depending on your sound needs when it comes to finding the loudest Bluetooth speakers, you will want to do your research ahead of time to find the set of speakers that suit your needs the best. With such superior sound quality in such tiny devices, the decision may be difficult to make. But with the proper information you can find just the right Bluetooth speakers to suit your listening and music needs.

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