How To Reset a Mitsubishi Outlander Radio?

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The Mitsubishi Outlander is one of the most popular Mitsubishi car models. In this article, we will look at how you can reset the Mitsubishi Outlander’s radio. 

Let’s begin. Here is what we shall discuss:

  • How To Retrieve The Radio Code?
  • Steps To Reset The Mitsubishi Outlander Radio 
  • Reasons For Resetting Your Mitsubishi Outlander Radio 

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Step 1: Retrieve The Radio Code?

Before resetting Outlander’s radio, one must note that some Mitsubishi Outlander models may require a special radio code to be entered after resetting.

The code is often included in the vehicle’s owner’s manual or can be obtained from a genuine Mitsubishi dealer. Ensure to have this code handy before proceeding with the reset process. 

Step 1. Check The Owner’s Manual

You will find the code in the instructions or owner’s manual/booklet under the “radio” or “navigation” section. Also, it might come with a radio code card too. The radio code card has the code you will require to unlock the radio system. Look for the card in the owner’s manual. Check the glove box or other documentation that came along with your Outlander.

Step 2. Visit The Official Website

You will see the “Request Radio Code” page on the official website. On that page, you have to fill in your details, such as under the vehicle and radio information, you have to fill in the VIN, Radio Serial Number, and Radio Part Number. Below is the “Enter your contact information” section, which has First Name, Last Name, Email, Street Address, Apartment or Suite, Phone, and Zip. 

Once all of these are entered, click on the submit button below. You will get the code for free.

Step 3. Get In Touch With A Mitsubishi Dealer

If you are still unable to find the radio code, the best option is to contact an authorized Mitsubishi dealer. They can look up the code for your car based on the vehicle identification number (VIN). Be prepared to provide proof of ownership, such as the vehicle title or registration, as that is needed during the verification to prove that you are the owner.


Step 1: Reset The Radio

Here are the steps you must follow to reset your Mitsubishi Outlander’s Radio. Read below:

Step 1. Turn The Radio On

You must turn your radio on to reset it. Click on the power button, and the radio will get turned on. Once that is done, head to the menu button and press it. Hold it until the radio display changes. 

Step 2. Go To “Settings” Or “System Menu”

Use the arrow buttons to navigate the “Settings” or “System” menu. In that, you have to look for an option that says “Reset” or “Factory Reset.” Select “Yes” or “OK,” confirming that you want to reset the radio. 

Step 3. Enter The Code

Enter the radio code using the preset. You must enter the code in the correct order, and in case of a mistake, don’t worry; start over and try again.

Step 4. Test Your Radio After Entering The Code

After the above procedures are done, check the radio to see if it functions properly. 

Reset a Mitsubishi Outlander Radio

Reasons For Resetting Your Mitsubishi Outlander Radio 

Here are the reasons why someone may need to reset their radio:

  • A Mitsubishi Outlander radio may need to be reset for several reasons. A power surge or other electrical problem is a frequent cause of radio malfunction. In this situation, resetting the radio can assist in fixing any issues and getting it back to operating normally.
  • A software issue is another factor that could need resetting a Mitsubishi Outlander radio. Radios are susceptible to technical problems that can lead them to freeze or stop functioning altogether, just like any other electronic device. Resetting the radio in certain circumstances can assist in removing the issue and regaining functioning.
  • A Mitsubishi Outlander radio may need a reset if the battery has been unplugged or changed. A disconnected battery may result in the radio losing power and going into a “locked” state. The radio must be unlocked using a unique code as part of this security measure to prevent theft before it can be used again.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I unlock my Mitsubishi Outlander radio?

The owner’s manual is typically where you can find the card with the Mitsubishi radio security code, which is on one that came with your Mitsubishi automobile. The four-digit code for reactivating the radio is printed on the card.

2. What is a radio code?

A radio code is a unique security code that helps keep your car devices, including the radio, safe from theft. This way, your systems stay safe, and no one can gain access to your vehicle. 

3. What does reset mean on a radio?

When we say to reset the radio in vehicles, we mean wiping the program clean and beginning over, and this removes any glitches and makes the system and the software afresh. 

4. What are presets in a radio?

In a radio, presets are the pre-assigned stations you can quickly tune into without having to search for them manually every time. Most modern radios have preset buttons that allow you to easily save your favorite radio stations by switching between them with a button.

They are usually found on the front panel and are numbered, and they are built so drivers can easily switch stations without getting their eyes off the road. The presets save time too, and make it easier to navigate the radio. 


So, to sum up, you should first retrieve the radio code, which can be found in the owner’s manual, by visiting the official website or contacting the dealership. Once you get the code, you can follow the procedure to reset the radio. Also, there are reasons why someone might want to reset their radio, such as a power surge, software issue, or battery being disconnected. For more information, check out our guide on how to unlock a car radio without the code.

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