Most Powerful Bluetooth Speakers – 5 Portable Speakers With the Best Bass

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For some people, a speaker is a speaker. If it plays sound, it works just fine, but those really serious about their sound will search for the most powerful bluetooth speakers rather than just grabbing whatever looks best.

Not all Bluetooth speakers reach the same volume or sound quality, but where they tend to vary most is in the bass. Many brands have it so the radiators constrain the bass from breaking the main speaker in the box which keeps you from that table-rattling, earth-shaking bass that you desire from your Bluetooth speaker. While some models can be tweaked to output more bass, if you’re are looking for a Bluetooth speaker that can live up to your standards, it is best to just find one with a dedicated subwoofer on the inside, even if it sacrifices some of its compact nature. These are really the most powerful bluetooth speakers.

Below, we look at 5 portable speakers with the best bass. Let’s get to it!

Jawbone Jambox Mini

First on the list of the most powerful bluetooth speakers is the Jawbone Jambox Mini. While not as loud and bass-heavy as its larger BIG Jambox model, the Mini combines most of the raw power into a more portable model. With a wide frequency range of 85 Hz up to 20,000 Hz and a pair of passive subwoofers, you get great bass without sacrificing sound quality. While it only reaches 90 dB (the larger version reaching 100 dB), it still has some impressive volume for its size.

While the 10 hour battery life could be better, it does come in a variety of colors and that nice cheap price tag is a major boon for what you get.

JBL Xtreme

It’s tiny. It’s aesthetically appealing. It looks like a typical Bluetooth speaker, but this little cylinder has some power behind it. With four active transducers and two external passive radiators, the JBL has bass that you can feel.

While more expensive than some models and its battery life is only okay at 10 hours, unlike other models it is splash proof so that you won’t lose it to rain or random spill exposure. It also features echo cancelling at the touch of a button that helps keep your sound quality top notch no matter where you take it.

Anker SoundCore

Although one of the lightest options, the Anker SoundCore is also, strangely, one of the bulkiest. While long and light with a very affordable price tag, the Anker has a lot of benefits that has made it one of the more popular Bluetooth speaker options. As it doesn’t have a subwoofer, it isn’t going to rattle your windows, but the specially designed spiral bass port allows you to get some of the best bass without a subwoofer inside.  Read our full review here!

Combine that bass with a 24-hour battery life, great sound clarity, and a whole range of Bluetooth capabilities, and you have a great all-around speaker that can also bring the pain.

Owlee Stealth

It is not the prettiest wireless Bluetooth speaker, but it is one of the most powerful. When considering this list of portable speakers with the best bass, power was a greater factor than design. With 360 degree sound and two subwoofers, the Owlee can shake your desk if you let it. As well as only having 10 hours of battery life, the Owlee does have some splash protection, but it is definitely not a big outside player.

Beats By Dre Pilll

You likely were guided here looking for something like Beats by Dre, but not so ungodly expensive. While all of the above are fantastic in terms of both bass and sound quality for their size, if you want the best, it is still always going to be the Beats. Not only does this little speaker get ridiculously loud, but it has power and clarity behind it.

Still, price is an issue and you definitely aren’t going to want to get rough with your near $200 piece of equipment, which can be … Limiting.


There you have it, 5 portable speakers with the best bass. These guys will give you tremendously powerful sound at a reasonable price. These are really the bass gems of the bluetooth speaker wold. So, if you are a bass lover looking for a portable speakers with the best bass, simply have your pick!

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