How to Raise TV A Few Inches (Solved!)

Norvan Martin
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When you watch TV, the best viewing angle and distance is about two to three feet from your eyes. This can be difficult for some people who want to raise their flat-screen television a few inches off of the ground to get that perfect view. In this article, we will discuss different ways how one can easily raise their television.

To raise a TV a few inches, you will need to raise the TV mount if it is already mounted or you may need to mount it if it is not currently mounted. You can also use things like blocks to raise the TV just a few inches. 

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How to Raise TV A Few Inches (Options)

  1. PERLESMITH Universal TV Stand: One of the easiest ways to raise a TV a few inches is to use a TV stand. This specific stand is a tabletop TV stand designed to support various TV sizes. In addition, it is adjustable and offers a stable base, making it a practical solution for slightly elevating a TV.

  2. Using 2x4s: A simple and quick DIY way to raise your TV is to use 2x4s. These are wooden boards that you can screw to your drywall and elevate your TV. You can also place the 2×4 wooden boards under the TV. This method is cost-effective and simple, allowing for customizable height based on the thickness and number of 2×4 wood strips used.

  3. IKEA Lack Shelving: These are horizontal shelves from IKEA. These shelves can be stacked to achieve the desired height. This is an excellent method for a modern design and pleasing aesthetic. 

Each of the methods discussed above offers a different balance of aesthetics, cost, and ease of implementation.

How to Raise TV a Few Inches (Step by Step)

If you want to raise your TV above your soundbar, you may just need to raise the TV a few inches. Here is how you can do it:

Step One: Get your supplies

First, you will need to get the following items for this project: a small step stool or ladder, screws/wall anchors that are appropriate for the wall where you want to mount your TV, and an electric drill.

Step Two: Find the studs on your wall

This is very important because if there isn’t one then it may not be safe enough to put any weight onto it at all. To find them simply use a stud finder that uses magnetic waves so they can easily detect wood inside walls (it usually has two red lights).

Put these on either side of the area where you want to hang anything heavy like a flat-screen TV. If both light up green great job now you know where your studs are. If only one light comes on that means the wall is hollow so you’ll want to use anchors.

Note that you can pinpoint areas where the vertical wooden frames go through by tapping on your wall and listening until you get a solid sound or use a stud finder like the Stud Finder Sensor Wall Scanner on Amazon

Step Three: Measure and Mark

Once you have located your studs it’s time to measure and mark out where your TV is going to go.

This part is important because you don’t want it too high or low, especially if you’re like me and watch a lot of TV from the comfort of your bed. It’s also helpful to have someone help with this step. 

Step Four: Pre-drill holes for screws/anchors

Now that everything is measured it’s time to drill some holes. This will make it so your screws have a place to go and they won’t just pull out of the wall.

Again, if you’re like me and have a weak grip then this is when you’ll be really glad you have an electric drill.

Step Five: Hang TV

Now comes the fun part hanging your TV. We used anchors for our wall but depending on what type of wall yours is you may want to use screws instead. After putting the anchors in we simply screwed the TV onto them.

hang tv on wall

It was up in no time at all. If there are any gaps between the back of your TV and the wall you can fill these in with some foam mounting tape or even just regular old duct tape.

If you don’t have any foam tape try this trick, cut a hole in the center of your piece of duct tape and stick it to the back of your TV, then press against the wall so that both sides are stuck together.

Pull them away from each other slightly until they separate into two pieces, now just put pressure on top to flatten them out.

TV Riser Ideas

There are many different ways to create a TV riser. You can use materials that you have around the house, or purchase something specifically for this purpose. Here are a few ideas:

  • Use a wooden crate or box and stack books or magazines on top of it to raise the TV. This is a cheap option and can be easily customized to fit your needs.
  • If you have some spare lumber lying around, cut a few pieces to size and screw them together into a platform. This is also an inexpensive solution and can be made to any height you want.
  • Purchase an adjustable TV stand from your local store. This is a more expensive option but will give you the most flexibility in terms of height and size.
  • If you have a lot of space in your living room, consider mounting the TV on the wall. This is a more expensive and involved process but can be impressive when done correctly.

No matter what option you choose, make sure that the TV riser is stable and will not wobble or tip over.

Always use caution when raising or lowering the television screen to avoid any accidents. With these tips in mind, you can create a safe and functional TV riser that meets your specific needs.

Need to Raise TV 2 Inches

There are many ways to raise your TV 2 inches, but one of the easiest is to use a TV stand. A TV stand can be as simple as a piece of wood or metal that you place your TV on top of. Another option is to buy a special stand made for raising TVs.

raise TV 2 inches.JPG

This might be more expensive, but it can often look nicer and offer more features than a basic stand. If you have shelves in your room, you could also try placing the TV on one of those instead of buying or using a stand.

If you want to get creative, you could build your custom stand. This could involve attaching pieces of wood or metal with screws or nails or even using LEGO blocks (or some other type of building blocks). Whichever method you choose, just be sure to raise your TV 2 inches so that you can enjoy it comfortably.

How to Raise TV On a Dresser?

  • Place your TV on top of the dresser. If you are worried about it falling, then use some pieces of wood to support it under the legs or buy a set that includes plastic pieces for this purpose (usually called “TV brackets”).
  • On each side of the dresser where there is space between them and underneath their area outwards towards the wall, place books as a way to raise one end of the TV. These should be at least four inches thick but no more than six inches depending on how tall your furniture is.

raise TV on dresser

  • Take the height of your TV stand and add four inches to it. That is how high you will want the books to be so they are raised just enough.
  • Once everything is in place, double-check if everything looks level by using a spirit level or simply eyeballing it from different angles. You can also use newspapers as shims (thin pieces of paper) under one end or side if needed until it is perfectly leveled out.
  • Remember to not place anything underneath or behind the TV. If you do, then it will be harder for it to breathe and could cause overheating which can lead to a fire.

65 Inch TV Riser

To place a 65-inch TV on top of your riser, you need one that is not only compatible but also fits the size.

  • It’s important to get it right, so here are some good choices: This frame has a nice clean look with its sleek black metal edges and fits perfectly over any TV stand or entertainment center.
  • With the ability to hold up to 150 lbs., this flat-screen riser can handle big TVs.
  • If space isn’t an issue then this frameless design offers plenty of legroom underneath while still giving you plenty of storage options in the open shelves below.
  • The heavy-duty construction makes it great for larger TVs, plus it comes with a built-in cable management system to keep cords tidy.

So, before you go out and buy that 65-inch TV, make sure you have the right riser to place it on.


This post has just touched upon some of the points that can be helpful when raising your TV. There are other ways to go about this, so feel free to experiment with different methods until you find something that works well for you.

Just remember not to try and lift it too high or else it will fall over. Make sure everything is properly balanced before making any major changes.

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