Loudest Bluetooth Speakers Comparison Chart

The term “Bluetooth” gets thrown around alot these days.  In fact, Bluetooth has been around since for a while now with the term first being adopted in 1998.  However, after reading a few reviews, articles or tech sites, you’ll soon learn that not everyone is familiar what Bluetooth can actually do (or actually does).  The good thing about Bluetooth is that it is one of the more reliable and less frustrating wireless technologies.  Below this handy bluetooth speaker infographic you’ll find a great buying chart with links to your reviews and customer reviews!



There are other wireless and streaming technologies out there, but Bluetooth is the only one that doesn’t require you to have an app downloaded or install anything special on your device in order to connect.  Bluetooth, in most people’s lives, is simply there.  Any Bluetooth device can connect to any Bluetooth speaker.  Whether you have a phone, tablet, computer, or whatevs’…it will still connect to any Bluetooth home speaker, portable speaker or set of headphones.


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Why these are the Loudest Bluetooth Speakers

We like there term “pair and blare”!  You can connect multiple devices to one Bluetooth speaker.  That means that lots of people in a house can play their music from their devices whenever they want to listen to it.  And it also means that more people can share their favorite tunes with others around them.  Multiple phones can connect to one car Bluetooth receiver device for music and hands free phone calls.  Like we said, Bluetooth is simply there.

Bluetooth Speaker Comparisons

They come in all shapes and sizes and “best” is always relative.  That’s why we like to look at the loudest speakers.  There just isn’t any refuting a certain decible or wattage.  It’s measurable…while best is something a nice relative might say.

So, that’s the way it is:

We might not always be right when it comes to your taste, then this is certainly the loudest you can get a Bluetooth boom!