Photive BTH3 Bluetooth Headphone Review

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4/5 on June 17, 2016

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4,059 reviews


Bluetooth 4.0 tech

Ear piece control buttons

Clear, crisp sound



Slightly less quality (but much less expensive) that the BTX6


With its very affordable price and a battery that last for 12 hours, the Photive Bluetooth BTH3 Headphone is a decent headphone that is worth having.  It offers laudable features, and the connectivity is stable.

Photive was behind some of the state of the art and revolutionary design of headphones with excellent quality on the market.  Last 2015 they successfully introduced Photive Bluetooth Headphones BTH3.  This review will give you an insight about the 4.0 Bluetooth headphone designed by Photive and highlight some of the features of this particular product.

Photive Bluetooth Headphones Features

Compared to the BTX6, the BTH3 costs significantly lower.  It is also designed using a bold form rather than the customary design that is focused with style.  It is also considerably slimmer compared to the previous models.

At first glance, the design of the BTH3 may not impress you.  That is because Photive focused mostly on comfort this time rather than the aesthetic appeal.  If you run your fingers on the ear cushion, you will immediately feel the difference on texture.  Other headphones will cause discomfort in your ears when wearing it for a prolonged hours but not the BTH3.

When it comes to Connectivity, Photive Bluetooth Headphones is powered by a 4.0 which makes it more convenient to pair the headset to any running device.  Notice the left ear that contains a light, the device will flash when it is connecting for the first time.  The headset will then automatically remember the configuration of the connected device which will make it easier to connect the next time you will use it.  It also has an impressive range of 33 feet.  Once you are out of the coverage area, you may experience dropouts or skipping.

Let us take a look at the buttons of this Photive Bluetooth Headphones.  There are a lot of buttons that can be found under the ear caps.  There is a power button, pause/play button that you don’t normally see in Bluetooth headset, volume, skip and rewind button.  This functionality is very commendable.  Other Bluetooth headphones only have a single button that functions in a very limited way.  The controllability of the BTH3 is a lot better compared to others.

The quality of the sound should be the most essential part of this review since this is the original function of this Photive Bluetooth Headphones.  The BTH3 utilize the 40mm driver similar to the BTX6, which was also released last 2015.  But the quality of sound that they produced differs.  BTH3 has no problem in playing different types of genre especially those with a low bass.

It creates a smooth and decent quality of sound that fits people who do not have a particular taste in music.  The sound may not be too emphasized, but it is clear and crispy.  With other Bluetooth headset, you will normally experience fizzle and box sound but not with BTH3.

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