(SOLVED) Phone Speaker Crackling After Water Damage

Norvan Martin
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One of the most common phone-prone damage is water damage, especially for phones without water resistance.  The cracking sound coming from the speakers on your phone is one of the most obvious signs of water damage. This article explains the cause of this cracking sound after water damage and offers solutions.

Water damage can cause a variety of cell phone problems, and one of the most common symptoms is a crackling noise from your phone’s speaker. There are multiple reasons for this.

Why Does My Phone Speaker Crackle After Water Damage?

1. Speaker Damage

Speaker cones, which are made of thin sheets of paper or plastic that vibrate and produce sound, can be harmed by water. The sound is distorted and crackled when this layer is damaged.

2. Amplifier Water Damage

Additionally, water can harm audio signal amplifiers. Distorted or crackling sounds can be produced by damaged amplifiers.

3. Moisture Accumulation

The speaker chamber may get humid if water enters the phone. The speaker may shake erratically and produce a crackling sound as a result of this wetness.

4. Corrosion

The speaker and other internal parts of the phone are susceptible to corrosion. The speaker may malfunction or crackle due to corrosion.

Fixing Phone Speaker Crackling After Water Damage

You can attempt to correct the issue if the speaker on your phone starts to crackle after being submerged In water

Step 1: Switch Off The Phone

If your phone has had water damage, switch it off right away to avoid further harm.

Step 2: Dry Off The Phone

Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe the phone to get rid of any visible wetness. To dry the phone, you can also use a low-wattage hair dryer, but be careful not to overheat it.

Step 3: Use A Water Ejection Tool

A phone water ejection tool like the one we designed here will play a sound of a certain frequency that will cause the speakers to vibrate rigorously and dislodge any water and dust.

Step 4: Use A Desiccant:

Another method for removing moisture from your phone is to use a vacuum. Put a few packs of silica gel or some white rice in a plastic bag with the phone to absorb moisture.

Phone in white rice and silica gel

Create a vacuum by sealing the bag and using a low vacuum to help dry the phone. 

Step 5: Wait

Wait at least 24 hours after drying the phone for the moisture to completely evaporate.

Step 6: Replace the Speakers

If you’ve attempted these fixes and your speakers are still producing sound, the speakers may need to be repaired or replaced. The ideal person to handle this is a trained technician with experience in fixing water damage. 

Preventing Water Damage

The easiest approach to protect your phone speaker from crackling after water damage is to prevent water damage. Here are some suggestions for preventing water damage:

1. Avoid Water

When swimming, boating, or near water, keep your phone out of the water.

2. Using A Waterproof Case

To guard your phone against water damage, consider using a waterproof case.

3. Do Not Charge Your Phone Near Water

Do not charge your phone near water as it increases the risk of water damage.

4. Be Careful With Liquids

Avoid placing drinks or liquids on or close to your phone and exercise caution while handling liquids around it. Numerous issues with cell phones, like phone speaker crackling, can be brought on by water damage. 

How To Fix a Water-Damaged Phone

There are several methods you can try to fix phone speaker crackling after water damage in addition to the ones mentioned above. For instance, you might want to perform a factory reset on your phone to address speaker issues.

The data on your phone will be completely erased, so be aware of that. So, before wiping the phone clean, make sure to back up your data.

Utilizing software tools to identify and correct hardware issues with your phone is an additional choice. These tools can assist in locating and resolving speaker issues on your phone and are accessible for both Android and iOS devices.

1. Software Problems 

In rare circumstances, a software problem rather than a hardware problem may be to blame for the speaker on your phone crackling. For instance, a conflict affecting your speakers might have been caused by a software upgrade. In this instance, updating your phone’s software or going back to an earlier version may help you solve the issue.

2. Take It To A Repair Agency

Although water damage is frequently the reason for phone speaker crackling, it is not the only one that could exist. Crackling or distorted noises can also be brought on by other problems like software conflicts, hardware problems, or actual physical damage to speakers or internal components.

We advise taking your phone to a reputable repair agency if you are unclear about what is causing the speaker issue. They can identify the issue and recommend the most effective solution.

3. Let’s Go The ‘DIY’ Way

In some circumstances, you might be able to fix the speaker yourself by swapping out the broken parts. However, as this calls for some expertise and understanding, it is not advised for individuals with no prior knowledge of phone repair.

Furthermore, you should be aware that attempting to fix the phone on your own can void your warranty. As a result, it is advised to consult the manufacturer or phone provider before making any repairs.  

4. Get A New Phone

If you’ve tried all of these methods and your phone’s speaker still crackles after water damage, it may be time to replace your phone. This can be an expensive option, but it’s often the most effective way to fix the problem and make sure your phone is working properly.

Be careful that water damage to your phone can cause problems beyond just cracked speakers. Even if the speaker problem is fixed, water damage might result in corrosion and other problems that ultimately lead to further phone problems.

Therefore, it is always recommended to take the following measures to prevent water damage in the first place. Use a waterproof case, be careful with water, and regularly back up your data in case your phone is damaged beyond repair.


Phone speaker crackling after water damage is a frustrating problem, there are some solutions you can attempt. You can keep your phone in good working order by following the preceding instructions and taking precautions to avoid additional water damage.  

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