Philips Shoqbox SB7200 Review

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4.3/5 on June 11, 2016

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They say that music can bring everybody together; this is true when everyone around you can hear the same music. When we think about speakers, one of the first brands that come into our mind is Philips. Known for being one of the best manufacturing companies when it comes to accessories and gadgets, Philips have introduced speakers before, and they were loved by millions of people around the world.

Their newest creation is the Philips Shoqbox SB7200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, which is only around $75; you will not only get very decent music but also a great companion when you’re outdoors. With its rugged design, Smart Sensor and speakerphone capability, you will surely get every worth of your money.


For its small size, the Philips Shoqbox SB7200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker really packs a punch for the sound it produces. It uses 4-watt power and two neodymium drivers and magnets to produce quality sound. The average volume level of the speaker produces decent sounds, but if you choose to maximize its power, you will notice little distortions.

The bass of the speaker really releases a great output because it uses wOOx bass radiators for its power. For the speaker’s battery, it’s equipped with rechargeable lithium battery which can perform for 8 hours but take note that it will depend on how you use it. It can be charged through a USB cable or power adapter which is included in the package.


The Philips Shoqbox SB7200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker has a cylinder form, but it only produces sounds at one direction which is why you should position it towards you and at a 45-degree direction. Another feature that this portable speaker has is its splashproof or water resistant ability.

It has a dimension of 2.8 x 2.6 x 7 inches and weighs around just one pound. This speaker is portable because you can easily carry it around anywhere you go. It’s very well protected because it’s made with rubberized frame enclosure which you can easily grip and handle.

Other Features

The Philips Shoqbox SB7200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is equipped with a Smart Sensor wherein you can control the music like playing, pausing and skipping songs. It also has a tiny ring wherein you can insert a carabiner clip. It comes in colors Green, Black, White, and Purple.

This portable speaker can be connected in two ways. It’s either you use a wireless connection with is Bluetooth function or its wired connection by using a 3.5mm Aux cable. You can also use this as a speakerphone, but make sure that you use it inside because it can also capture background sounds.


The Philips Shoqbox SB7200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is one of the best speakers you’ll find in the market today. With its simple, rugged design, you can easily bring it anywhere you go. A lot of users have mentioned that the Smart Sensor feature may be hard to deal with at times which is why most of them use the manual function.

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