Can I Pawn Subwoofers, Amplifiers and Speakers?

Norvan Martin
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In this post, we are going to learn if it’s possible to pawn your subwoofers, amplifiers, and speakers. We will also look into the pawnshops available that can take these products. 

If you’re a music enthusiast, then chances are that you have several sets of subwoofers, speakers, or amplifiers lying around your house. You may have ditched a few older versions in favor of newer models that come up almost every season. This may be the reason why you would like to sell the older models so you can have enough money to get something new. 

You can pawn your subwoofers, amplifiers, and speakers at pawn shops for some quick cash. But to get top dollar for your audio equipment, you need to give an accurate description of the condition of your product and follow it up with pictorial evidence if you can’t physically present your product to the pawnshop. Having some documentation that verifies you are the real owner of the product will also help you get a valid offer.

Let’s learn a bit more:

Do Pawnshops Buy Subwoofers?

A good subwoofer will elevate your listening experience. It reveals low-frequency sounds your other speakers cannot produce.

pawn shop subwoofer

But, if you’ve noticed a better version with exceptional results, you may want to sell the current subwoofer and get a new one. Fortunately, most pawn shops do buy subwoofers.

Remember, what you’re selling may be exactly what someone else is looking for. So, keep your subwoofer in the best condition to get the best price for it.  

Do Pawnshops Buy Amplifiers?

So, you’ve had an amplifier lying somewhere in your car or home. Despite the amplifier being in excellent condition, you may want to get a new one.

Do Pawnshops Buy Amplifiers

Luckily, you can pawn it for a decent amount of cash at almost any pawnshop. The price will depend on the type of amplifier you have and how long it has been in use. 

Do Pawnshops Buy Speakers?

Yes, pawnshops buy speakers as well. You can get maximum value for your gadget by:

  • Assessing its condition: Unsentimental evaluate the condition of your product. Cacks, chips, and repairs can reduce the resale value. 
  • Comparing prices: Different pawn shops offer different prices for the same product. Choose a shop that will provide the best value.

Do Pawnshops Buy Bluetooth Speakers?

Bluetooth speakers are among the best items you can pawn or sell at pawn shops since they are always in demand.

You can get top dollar for a speaker from a well-recognized audio brand such as JBL or Kenwood. So if you’re ready to upgrade your wireless gadget or get rid of one you’re not using, then a pawn shop is your plug. 

Pawn Shops buy different Bluetooth speakers, including;

  • Indoor Bluetooth speakers: These devices offer incredible sound quality and work best with an AC adapter. 
  • Outdoor Bluetooth speaker: These wireless speakers are designed with weather- or water-resistant capabilities. The rugged design makes them a great option for fun outdoor activities. 
  • Specialty Bluetooth speakers: These types of speakers are designed for specific functions such as tactical outdoor speakers or waterproof speakers. 
  • Portable Bluetooth speakers: These gadgets are small and compact for easy transportability. 

How Much Do Pawnshops Pay For Subwoofers?

Subwoofers have become a hot commodity for music lovers; they help add more detail to music to make it sound better.

Home subwoofers are easier to pawn off since they tend to last longer compared to car subwoofers. Car subwoofers are easily subjected to mechanical damage caused by road vibrations. 

On average, your home subwoofer can last for about 10 years without replacement or repair. But its lifespan can diminish if you subject it to dirt, extreme temperature, or humidity. This will consequently affect its resale value.

With this in mind, expect to pawn your subwoofer for about $3 to $80 depending on the quality, condition, and brand.

How Much Do Pawnshops Pay For Amplifiers?

An amplifier determines the audio power of the musical instrument, stereo components, and home theaters.

They boost the signal from the source to the speakers. Although most are built into audio equipment, amplifiers can also come as separate components.

Pawnshops can offer between $10 to $100 for most amateur amplifiers. But for a multichannel amplifier, you may get about $4,000. 

When buying subwoofers from pawnshops, you need to be careful and avoid obvious issues and also more difficult-to-spot issues. One example is subwoofers that cant keep a soundbar connection.

How Much Can A Pawnshop Pay For Speakers?

Speakers come in different sizes, shapes, and prices. There are several types, such as floor-standing, wall-mounted, in-ceiling, and in-wall speakers. 

Floorstanding speakers are bigger and deliver the best performance. So you can get about $10- $1,500 from a pawnshop. In-ceiling or in-wall speakers are quite small, so you can expect a resell price of about $5 to $750.

Pawnshops That Buy Subwoofers

Get the best value for your subwoofer by pawning or selling it at a reliable pawnshop. PawnGuru is a reliable pawnbroker that will get you a fair price for your subwoofers. They bring your offers from different pawn shops so you can choose what suits you best.

This way, you don’t have to move from one pawnshop to another in search of the best prices. Thus, you save time and energy.

Pawnshops That Buy Amplifiers

Whether you want to pawn your car or home theater system amplifier, there is always a market for your product. For example, LambertPawn is your best plug for musical instruments, including amplifiers. 1st United is another reliable pawnshop dealing with car audio equipment such as amplifiers and subwoofers.

Pawnshops That Buy Speakers

Before spending some bucks on a new speaker, make some money out of the old set! PawnBat buys speakers and other audio equipment at a competitive price. It also offers a free valuation of your product and will assess the condition of your speaker to give an accurate offer.

It also accepts equipment from various brands, including Sony, Bose, Kenwood, Infinity, and more. 

Xtremepawn is also a massive buyer of audio equipment. If your product comes with an original instruction manual and other accessories, you will be sure to get some cash.

Pawnshops That Buy Stereo Equipment

If you’re selling low-quality stereo equipment, you may consider places like Facebook, eBay, or Craigslist. However, if you’re looking for a decent resale value for a high-quality product, then, a pawnshop is the ultimate choice. A pawnshop like Larryssuperpawn buys stereo equipment at a reasonable price.


Pawn shops are suitable plugs for getting quick cash when selling your audio equipment. These shops take almost any item that’s in good condition and offer a good resale price. Often, no lengthy paperwork or credit check is involved. So, if you have a subwoofer, amplifier, or speaker that has been lying around, pawn it at any reliable pawnshop near you. 

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