How to Get Netflix to Play through Surround Sound

Norvan Martin
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If you’ve got a new surround sound system and are wondering whether you can get your Netflix to play through it, we’ve got you covered. We present all the details you need to get it to play through surround sound without any issues.

To get Netflix to play through surround sound, all you need to do is to change the audio settings from the “Audio and Subtitles” menu to 5.1. You can also play Netflix through surround sound by changing the settings of the AV receiver. However, not all content has surround sound enabled.

Let’s dive into the details.

How to Get Surround Sound on Netflix?

Once you are ready, here’s what you should do to get your surround sound on your Netflix:

  1. Turn your audio system on
  2. Open the Netflix website or app
  3. Scroll through the content and choose a compatible one you intend to watch. You will know it is compatible if it has the Dolby logo in the description.
  4. Play the content
  5. Pause the content as soon as it begins to play
  6. Go to the “Audio and Subtitles” menu at the top of the screen or the bottom  of the screen
  7. On the menu, change the audio to 5.1
  8. Play surround sound

Check If Content/Title Supports Surround Sound

netflix know if my content supports surround sound

Audio and Subtitles:

netflix audio and subtitles

Netflix 5.1 Surround Sound:

netflix 5.1 surround sound

This is the best way to get your Netflix to play through surround sound. However, you have another option.

If your device allows, you can change your AV receiver’s settings and play Netflix through the surround. With this option, you won’t struggle to play your content. However, your receiver needs to support Dolby Digital Plus and a connection speed of 3.0 megabits per second or faster. 

All the content on Netflix will automatically play.  

This alternative method might not work in some cases, forcing you to go through the Netflix app or website following the same steps we’ve seen above.

If you are still having issues, consult the Netflix help center

Does Netflix Have Surround Sound?

Yes, Netflix can give you a cinematic surround sound experience in the comfort of your home. However, not all content offers surround sound on Netflix. This means that you need to choose a compatible title if you are keen on streaming high-quality audio.

So, to get your Netflix to play through surround sound, you should ensure your title has the “Dolby Digital Plus” logo or the “5.1” icon.

Once you’ve chosen the right title, you should select the preferred streaming plan that allows you to play content through surround sound. Next, you should choose your streaming quality.

Why Won’t Netflix Play through My Surround Sound? (Easy Fixes)

In some cases, your Netflix won’t play through your surround sound after you follow the typical ways of getting it to do so.

This can be discouraging. However, if you understand the underlying cause of the problem, you can fix it in minutes and minimize the negative impact of the hitch on your entertainment experience.

If you’re looking for the potential reasons you cannot play your content through surround sound and the most effective ways to fix each of them, read this section to the end. Here are the reasons plus the solutions:

Your Surround Is Poorly Connected

If you’ve correctly connected your surround sound and Netflix, you need to check how you connected your surround sound.  

Consider whether the cable connecting your device to the surround system is loose. If some of the cords and ports are not tightly plugged, you won’t play the content. The same might happen if there’s a problem with your speaker or receiver connection.

So, you need to double-check all your connections if you notice you can’t get your Netflix to play through the system. You can also reverse the ports at the two ends of the optical or HDMI cable to fix the issue.

Your Title Doesn’t Have 5.1 Audio.

 If your title doesn’t support surround sound, it won’t work. You should check the movie description page to ensure the title displays either a 5.1 icon or a Dolby Digital Plus icon.

 Audio Settings Are Set to Linear PCM or Stereo

In case the device’s audio setting is set to linear PCM or stereo, it won’t play until you select a 5.1-compatible option. If you encounter difficulty trying to adjust the settings, you should contact the device manufacturer.

You Are Playing Downloaded Titles

If you download titles from the Netflix app to watch offline, you might have a bad experience. They currently don’t support 5.1 audio. You should delete the title from your device and then stream it online.

You Haven’t Changed the Device’s Audio Settings

Your audio settings should allow the content from the Netflix site or app to play via your surround sound automatically. If Netflix hinders that, you should change it.

The exact process you should follow depends on the device you are using and the model. In other words, you should consult the user manual to find out the audio output that’s compatible with surround sound. If you can’t access the manual, you can do simple online research to find the right instructions for your model.

Your Preferred Language Doesn’t Have a 5.1 Audio Option

Once you choose a 5.1 audio option on your preferred title, you should consider whether the option is available for every language. If it isn’t, you should change the language of your content. The 5.1 icon should appear to confirm you’ve made the right choice.

How Do I Change Audio Output on Netflix?

If you get video but no sound whenever playing your Netflix through surround, you have some problem with your content or speaker-system connection. The right steps depend on your device.

 In most cases, you’ll fix the issue by changing your audio output on Netflix.

In case you’re using Windows, you can follow the steps below to fix the error:

  1. Launch Netflix
  2. Select any movie or TV show
  3. Move the mouse over the screen while the movie or show is playing
  4. Click the Dialog icon
  5. If your 5.1 surround sound is selected, you should change it to a non-5.1 option
  6. Try getting Netflix to play through Surround again

If you’re using any app apart from Windows, you should check the user manual that came with it for the proper guidelines.  

In most instances, as long as you follow the basic steps above to get Netflix to play through surround sound, you won’t have to go through these troubleshooting procedures to change the audio output or anything else.

Does Netflix Play In Surround Sound?

Yes, Netflix supports streaming with improved audio quality to give you a cinematic experience at home. You can stream high-quality audio on most titles available with 5.1 surround sound or Dolby Atmos.


Now you can play your favorite Netflix title through surround sound whenever you want. You should choose a title with the “Dolby Digital Plus” logo or the “5.1” icon and use the simple tips above to play it. If you encounter an issue, use the tips we’ve shared here to troubleshoot and fix it.

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