Music Hat Bluetooth Beanie Instructions

Norvan Martin
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Music hats or Bluetooth Beanies are devices that work in a similar manner to regular wireless Bluetooth earphones except that the electronics are fitted inside a Beanie. The advantage is of course comfort and fashion. You don’t have to worry about it falling off plus beanies look great and are good for cold weather.

music bluetooth beanie instructions

However even the best music beanies might prove a bit tricky to connect to your device if you are not familiar with the process. To help solve this problem, here’s instructions on how to go about the setup of your music hat beanie as well as what to do about different issues that may arise during that process.


How Do I Turn My Music Beanie On/Off?

To switch your music beanie on/off, simply follow these steps:

  • Press the on/off switch for at least 3 seconds when the device is switched off to switch it on.
  • Normally an LED light will begin flashing to indicate that the device has been successfully switched on. This light if normally blue or green.
  • Repeat the same process for at least 5 seconds when the device is switched on to switch it off.
  • The LED above the off buttons indicates the beanie has been successfully turned off. Normally, the off light will be red.
  • Alternatively, a voice prompt from the Beanie stating “power on/off” may serve to indicate whether the device has been successfully turned on/off.


How Do I Pair And Connect My Music Beanie With My Device?

After turning on the beanie, the next important thing to do is to pair it to your smartphone or whatever device you are using. Here is a stepwise method to go about it:

First off, to connect your device to the Bluetooth Beanie, please note that most modern Bluetooth beanies are only compatible with Bluetooth 3.0 or later devices.

  • Put your Beanie in pairing mode by switching it on and pressing the pause/play button for 5 seconds.
  • When the music beanie is in pairing mode, it is indicated by the LED lights quickly flashing red then blue.
  • The music beanie will remain in pairing mode for about three minutes during which time you will be able to do a Bluetooth search for the beanie from your device and pair with it.
  • Boom! You are connected now and good to go.

Something to note here is that some devices ask for a password when pairing with speakers for the first time. If your device asks for a password, the usual thing to do is to enter “0000”.music hat beanie

Also note: the music beanie will automatically connect to the last paired device on being switched on. This is provided the device is within range and has its Bluetooth function switched on.


How Do I Pair My Beanie With Two Devices Simultaneously?

Some models of music beanies can perform this multitasking function.

bluetooth beanie 5.0

If yours is one of these models, here’s a stepwise method to connect simultaneously to two phones or other Bluetooth compatible devices:

  • Follow the steps highlighted earlier and connect to the first phone.
  • Switch off the beanie, then switch off the Bluetooth function of the first phone.
  • Following the steps highlighted earlier, connect the second phone.
  • Enable the Bluetooth function of the second phone, now both phones have their Bluetooth function switched on.
  • Switch off the Bluetooth beanie then restart it.
  • The beanie will automatically connect to both phones.


My Bluetooth Beanie Won’t Connect What Should I Do?

Sometimes your Bluetooth beanie might fail to connect to your device. Even the best Bluetooth beanies have this issue sometimes. This may be due to a number of reasons which include:

  • Your device is not compatible with the Bluetooth beanie. This could be the case if your device is not Bluetooth version 3.0 or later.
  • You haven’t correctly followed the pairing instructions for both devices.
  • Your Bluetooth device is not within range.
  • Your Bluetooth beanie is not adequately charged. If this is the case, you may not be able to switch it on or put it in pairing mode.

What to do

If you can’t get your headphones to connect to your phone at all, it could be a simple issue, or it could signal something serious, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Consult the owner’s Manual: Many headphones go into pairing mode automatically when you first use them. If you notice that your headphones are not pairing with your phone or a new device, you need to find the manual for further instructions.
  • Make Sure Other Devices are Disconnected: If you’ve already connected these headphones to a device they may not connect to your phone. Some headphones can connect to multiple devices at once, but others can’t.
  • Disconnect other headphones: Make sure your phone hasn’t connected to a friend’s headphones across the room if you’ve ever used them before, they automatically connect when turned on and within range of your device.
    You can do this from your Bluetooth settings by tapping “Forget Device” next to the connected devices.
  • Make Sure your Batteries are Charged: Try plugging them in and charging them fully before pairing, even if they say they have some battery left
  • When connecting, ensure your Bluetooth device is within range. This usually means a maximum distance of 10 meters from your beanie.
  • Make sure your device is compatible with Bluetooth 3.0 or later versions then patiently go through the pairing instructions and follow them correctly.

My Bluetooth Beanie Won’t Turn On What Should I Do?

If your Bluetooth beanie won’t turn on, the most likely reason is that it doesn’t have enough power. The most likely reason why your Bluetooth beanie won’t turn on is due to the low charge. Find the power cable and charge it sufficiently.

How Do I Wash Your Bluetooth Beanie?

With continued use, even the best Beanie will eventually get dirty. Yes, you have probably figured it out by now that the electrical parts will pose something of a washing challenge since water and electronics don’t generally go well together.

wash bluetooth beanie

But you can’t just rock your beanie for too long without washing it. So here’s how to solve that particular problem.

  • Carefully remove both ends of the Bluetooth speaker module from the beanie using the opening inside the beanie.
  • Hand wash your Beanie using cold water, then air-dry it
  • Return the Bluetooth module back inside the beanie. Make sure the buttons tally with the control panel.


How To Charge Your Beanie?

Your music Beanie will run low on charge at some point and you will have to recharge it. Here’s how to go about it :

music hat charging instructions

  • Plug the Micro USB cable into the space for it on the Bluetooth beanie.
  • Connect the other end to the USB port of a computer or a charger
  • While the device is charging, the LED will turn red.
  • When LED turns off, the device is fully charged

Music Hat Headband

Music hat headbands have elastic that stays firmly around the head. It’s easy to wear around the head for smooth music enjoyment on the go. They are better than wired earpieces and wireless headphones because they relieve you of the extra weight you need to carry.

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The music hat headband can be used easily while actively taking part in sports without fear of damage. The strap fits easily around the head and prevents frequent back and forth movement during activities.

However, since they are new technologies, they come with mountains of questions.

Q: Can I use them while playing soccer?

A: Yes, you can! This is because they fit perfectly on the head, just like your regular headband.

Q: Is the speaker loud enough?

A: It works just like your regular Bluetooth headphone, so you can control how loud or low you want it to be.

Q: Do I have to use it only during sporting activities?

A: No! Music hat headbands are fashionable, so they can be used anytime.


A music hat or Bluetooth beanie is a fantastic device for taking your music with you on the go. There are different kinds and models for you to make your pick from. Regardless of the make, they usually follow a similar method of setup and operation. We expect you will find these tips and instructions of good use in enjoying a wonderful experience with your Bluetooth Beanie.

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