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Norvan Martin
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To start the mic test, you do not need any programs, just click on the button below and then give us access to your mic.

If your mic is operational, you will see audio bars in the box below.

By the way, if you are hearing yourself in your headset, check out this guide on how to fix it.

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If you see music bars responding to sounds, then that means the mic works!

If you’re having problems, continue reading.

Mic Not Working?

If you don’t see the music bar appear, then try these steps:

Step 1. Reload The Page: First step is to just reload the page and try again. In many cases that solves the issue.

Step 2. Check If The Mic Is Connected: If reloading the page did not fix the issue and you are using an external microphone, then check if your microphone is connected. In addition, you should check that your microphone is connected to the correct socket.

check microphone port

This socket is normally pink and normally has a microphone icon above it.

microphone port

If the mic has a USB connector, then make sure the USB cable is properly connected to the USB socket. If you are using an XLR to USB cable, ensure that you check this as well.

Step 3. Check Mute: Some microphones have a mute button on the device itself. Check that your microphone is not muted. In fact, sometimes the mute button or slider is on the mic’s cable, so make sure you check for that.

Step 4. Check Volume: Sometimes the issue may be as simple as the volume is turned down too low. Ensure that you check that the volume on the microphone is not turned all the way down.

Learn More About Online Mic Testing

If you are intrigued about online microphone testing, then please continue reading:

Why Use Online Mic Testing: How many times have you had microphone issues with Skype, a conference call or similar? You spend several minutes trying to figure out the issue to no avail.

Why? Because most of these services in these apps for microphone testing are far from perfect! In fact, many of them are rather disappointing in terms of troubleshooting. It can be a sad nightmare.

So, this is why online microphone testing is important. Moreover, when you test your mic online, you can ensure that any issues detected are not with the software that you are using with the mic.

Checking Your Mic With Software: The issue with checking your microphone with a software on your computer is that if the mic doesn’t work through the app, you won’t be able to tell if it is the software or the mic that’s not working.

Why Test Mic Online Through The Browser?

The benefit of using the browser for your mic test is the fact that this is a direct and easy way to test your mic. By using the browser, you can ensure that the issue is due to software on your computer or even the computer operating system itself.

In addition to that, using your browser to test is quick and easy. Its not a good idea to use software on your computer to test your mic because the software you use may have its own issues and may not work because of that.

Mic Works Online But Does Not Work On Computer

So what if the mic works on the website but does not work on your computer?

If this happens then it suggests that the issue is with the software you are using or with the computer itself. In such a case, you should try the troubleshooting steps mentioned above.

In addition, you can try to log a support ticket with the software vendor to see if they can assist you with finding and fixing the problem.

Mic Is Working On The Website Not Not Working In My Software?

So what about cases wherein your mic is working in your browser above but not working in some software on your computer? In such a case, try the following:

1. Restart The Application: Simply close down the application and open it again. In addition, check for the application in Task Manager and click on ‘End Task’ if you see it.

2. Restart The Computer: Do a complete restart of the entire computer.

3. Submit A Support Ticket: If none of the above worked, then we suggest you submit a support ticket or get some extra from the support team for that program. Be sure to tell them that your mic is not working on BoomSpeaker so that they can find the issue faster

How To Test Your Microphone On Windows 7, 10 and 11

This microphone test will work with any operating system that can use a browser. This means it should work fine on Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows 11. Just follow the steps for an easy way to check your microphone on Windows.

How To Check If Headset Mic Is Working

So if you are concerned that your headset mic is not working, how do you check if headset mic is working properly? The method you use to check if your headset is working will depend on the device the headset is connected to. For example, if it is connected to a Windows 7, 10 or 11 device, here are the steps:

  1. Go to Sound settings
  2. Go to Input > Test your microphone
  3. Speak into the mic
  4. Look for the blue bar that rises and falls as you speak into your microphone. 
  5. If the bar is moving then your mic is working fine and if it is not moving then you have an issue with your mic
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