Marantz Vs Onkyo: Which Brand Is Better? (The Truth)

Norvan Martin
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Marantz and Onkyo are two iconic audio brands that have a lot in common. This means it’s often difficult to divide between them when comparing similar devices from both brands. Before you choose between Marantz and Onkyo, you need a guide that you can trust with the kind of selection you are about to make. In this article, we look at the two brands in detail to help you make an informed decision. 

Marantz and Onkyo offer devices of similar quality. However, Onkyo receivers are generally more powerful while Marantz receivers have better equalizers within the same price range. 

Marantz Vs Onkyo Comparison Table

Brand ReputationMarantz is renowned for its audio heritage and quality.Onkyo is well-regarded for its audio and home theater products.
Sound QualityMarantz receivers deliver rich and warm sound with musicality.Onkyo products are known for their clear and dynamic sound reproduction.
Build Quality/DesignMarantz products feature a blend of classic and modern design with robust build quality.Onkyo products often have a sturdy build and a functional design suitable for home theaters.
Product RangeMarantz provides a diverse lineup, including premium and entry-level receivers.Onkyo offers a wide range of audio and home theater products catering to different needs.
PricingMarantz products are typically positioned in the higher price range.Onkyo provides products with varying price points, including budget-friendly options.
FeaturesMarantz receivers are feature-rich, focusing on user-friendly functionality.Onkyo products often come with a variety of features, including advanced audio processing.

Let’s discuss this further. 

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The Marantz Brand and Company 

Marantz is an old name when it comes to the manufacture and marketing of audio devices. They have been in the industry for over 5 years producing amplifiers, CD players, turntables, and other musical components.

Marantz strives to reproduce the magic of the original intentions of the artist with the philosophy “because music matters.”

Marantz Receivers 

Marantz continues to improve its receiver models. Marantz receivers have therefore greatly improved with robust additional features augmented to make your listening experience undebatable.marantz products

Some of these features include:

  • HDMI inputs/outputs
  • Dolby Atmos Height virtualization included
  • Bluetooth transmission to a single set of headphones 
  • Main zone HDMI/TV Audio distribution downmixed to 2CH for Zone 2/HEOS speakers
  • All Zone Stereo settings added to smart select buttons
  • HDMI Input Auto Rename. This setting allows the AVR to automatically change the input name, especially if recognized. For instance, if you are using PS4, the name will automatically change to PS4. 
  • HDMI Custom Input Assign. This setting makes it easier to assign and save a single HDMI input jack to multiple source names so that separate audio input assignments such as digital, HDMI, and analog can be individually saved. 
  • Roon has been tested and can use either USB or Airplay. 

In addition, all Marantz receivers purchased from authorized dealers come with a 3-year warranty. Besides, refurb models purchased from authorized dealers have a 1-year warranty. 

Some of these Marantz receivers include:

· Marantz SR7015(2020 Model)

This is a 9.2-channel home theater receiver with Dolby Atmos, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 2, and Amazon Alexa compatibility. 

With the Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, this receiver delivers quite an immersive surround sound. Also, it comes with HEOS Built-in technology for seamless cloud music streaming and wireless whole-home audio with compatible components. 

· Marantz SR8015 (2020 model)

This is an 11.2-channel home theater receiver with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Dolby Atmos, Apple AirPlay, and Amazon Alexa compatibility. It also has an inbuilt HEOS technology for internet music streaming and wireless whole-home audio with compatible components. 

· Marantz NR1711 (2020 Model)

Also a 7.2-channel, it is a slimline home theater receiver with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Apple AirPlay, and Amazon Alexa compatibility. 

It supports 7 channels and can deliver up to 50 watts with 2 channels driven. Additionally, the HEOS Built-in technology offers internet music streaming and wireless whole-home audio with compatible components. 

The other Marantz receivers in the market include Marantz SR5015 (2020 model), Marantz NR1510 (2019 model), Marantz SR6015 (2020 model), and Marantz SR5014 (2019 model). pen 

Onkyo Corporation 

Onkyo is a Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer that specializes in building premium home cinema and audio equipment.onkyo receivers

Some of the main audio devices Onkyo manufactures include surround sound speakers, AV receivers, and portable devices. 

The Onkyo Sound Philosophy 

The Onkyo design process is guided by the philosophy “Hear Every Detail, Feel Every Emotion.” Besides, they utilize three main technologies in driving success in their designs and delivery of powerful sounding systems. These are:

  1. Hi-current Amplification Design that supports the provision of sufficient current needed to drive speaker systems, 
  2. Non-phase-shift Amplification Layout that helps to create an uncommonly well-focused and realistic sound image, and 
  3. VLSC (Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry) reassembles the signal in its original form after successful digital-to-analog conversion and pulse-noise filtering for enhanced sound fidelity. 

Onkyo Receivers

Onkyo receivers are produced and divided into three series: 


These models are much slimmed and can control surround systems of up to 7.2 or 5.2.2 channels.

Some of the features you get here include audio and video reproduction with Dolby Atmos Height visualization and 4K/60p support. 


The Onkyo NR series includes all the features of the SR-Series with additions of multiroom and networking capabilities. They are a great choice if you are looking for more features while on a budget.

Some of the added features in this series include TuneIn, Spotify Connect, Chromecast built-in, Deezer, AirPlay 2, FlareConnect, and Works with Sonos. And if you go for the latest TX-NR696, you get a THX certification. 


This series takes the grand cinema experience right into your room. By integrating top-quality components, you get only the best audio and video experience. Such features include IMAX Enhanced, multiple zone control, and THX Ultra certification. 

In addition, Onkyo receivers are much more user-friendly, with tall black box designs and knobs that easily get you to the source you want in case you misplace the remote control. Further, the receivers have full-color, high-definition interfaces, and simple, powerful remote-control systems. 

Some of the features you get from Onkyo at a glance include:

  • Support for the atmospheric Dolby Atmos and DTS:X formats
  • Chromecast built-in
  • DTS Play-Fi
  • Spotify Connect 
  • AirPlay and Bluetooth
  • Proprietary FlareConnect system

Let’s look at some of the Onkyo receiver models in each series.

1. Onkyo TX-NR797

This is a 9.2-channel network A/V receiver from Onkyo. It comes with the following features enabled:

  • Airplay 2, DTS Play-Fi, Chromecast, and is Sonos-enabled
  • IMAX Enhanced 2 content option
  • Speaker outputs with DAC and D/A audio in three rooms
  • Dolby Atmos Height Virtualizer to create 3D sound fields using horizontal speakers
  • Dolby Surround for mixing legacy sound for height-enabled systems
  • Anti-noise refinements to support a wider soundstage
  • AccuEQ Advance 9-point calibration helps eliminate standing waves for the natural expression of audio. 

2. Onkyo TX-RZ1100

This is a 9-channel AV receiver packed with 140 watts per channel for the delivery of ultra-clean sound. It is fixed with a high-powered amplifier with a 5.2.4-channel audio setup. Other features include:

  • THX Select2 Plus certification
  • Sophisticated digital switching technology that allows listeners to choose whatever they intend to listen to
  • DTS Neutral
  • Dazzling 4K video distribution
  • AccuEQ room calibration with AccuReflex Technology. 

Marantz receivers have therefore greatly improved with robust additional features augmented to make your listening experience undebatable.

Marantz vs Onkyo Sound Quality

At the end of the day, many prefer a Marantz A/V receiver over Onkyo.

Note that Marantz items are usually more expensive. If you’re on a budget, it would be better to go with  Onkyo but keep in mind the possibility of a broken HDMI board. A Marantz, on the other hand, would be a fantastic pick if you can afford one.

Onkyo receivers and Marantz receivers sound different. The fact is, these brands use different pre-amplifiers that push different wattages as well as different equalizers. 

Onkyo Sound Quality: Most Onkyo receivers have a higher wattage than Marantz receivers of a similar price range. Higher wattage means more power and a higher volume. 

Marantz Sound Quality: Marantz receivers have excellent EQs. These receivers even sound good straight out of the box with factory settings. However, if you have one of the later receivers, their AccuEQ system may not be that great. 

Which Is Better, Marantz or Onkyo?

In general, when it comes to receivers, we recommend Marantz over Onkyo if you are on a budget. However, some Onkyo receivers have an HDMI board issue that you should consider. You should however get the Marantz if you can afford it. 

Both Marantz and Onkyo integrate features that add quality to the audio and video outputs delivered. Besides, there is a model for every budget depending on the features a listener is interested in. It is therefore advisable that you consider the features you are looking for, and the budget before deciding to go with Marantz or Onkyo.

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