Logitech Z623: The Best 2.1 Speaker System?

Norvan Martin
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Are you currently considering purchasing a set of 2.1 speakers for your multimedia PC? Do you have no idea where to start looking, which specific kind is best suited for what you are trying to do? If this sounds like you, don’t worry. You’ve found the right place. This article will provide general information about Logitech Z623 and comparisons between it.

Logitech Z623

History of Logitech Z623

Logitech, a company well known for making computer accessories and peripherals such as keyboards, speakers, and headphones, released one new product in their Z-series line: The Logitech Z623.

The Z623 was an upgrade from its predecessor, the 2.1 sets of speakers sold under the same name before 2009. These 3rd generation speakers come in at $80 – $100 for just the speakers themselves, which is $50 cheaper than the previous version and about $20-$30 cheaper than other similar models.

What Changes Did They Make?

Logitech decided it was time to step up their game and make the speakers more competitive against other manufacturers in terms of price and simple aesthetics.

You will see that they’ve increased the speaker power to 200 watts (from 130), and each satellite speaker now has two drivers (one woofer and one tweeter). They all seem like small changes, but it’s those little things that help set apart an average product from a good one.

The subwoofer looks almost the same, but it’s been slightly upgraded to help give you a better bass experience. This would be excellent news since I can remember my Z623 subwoofer being relatively weak in deep bass tones. There are only two colors available for these speakers: Black or White.

Logitech Z623 internals

Features of Logitech Z623

The 2nd best computer speaker under $100, this speaker set, made by Logitech, is one of the most popular and highest-rated. With a large subwoofer and 200 watts of digital power, you’ll feel like you’re right there in the middle of the action during your favorite movies or video games.

Not to mention its wireless remote control makes it so much easier to conveniently adjust volume and bass levels from where ever you are sitting.

With this top value for money speaker set, we will now do a review of all six features:

1. Design

You certainly can’t argue that they don’t look nice as these speakers have been given exceptional reviews when talking about their good looks. But you might be surprised at how much bass even these slender speakers can put out.

The sound quality has been praised for being accurate and true to the original recording, producing deep lows that are rare in speakers of this size.

2. Portability

You might want to get a little speaker bag if you’re planning on taking your brand new Logitech Z623 speakers with you on the go, but don’t expect it to take up too much space or weigh you down too much at 5 pounds total.

These have great portability considering their size. If someone were so inclined, they could easily fit these Logitech’s into a purse or backpack without weighing themselves down for any time spent away from home base.

And while 95% of the time, these speakers will be used in your house, they are also compatible with most portable devices like iPods or laptops that you might want to bring along with them on any outing.

3. Pricing and Budget

The Z623 speaker set is far below $100, making them one of the best values for computer speakers.

Logitech Z623 400 Watt Home Speaker System, 2.1...
  • THX-certified 2.1 speaker system brings your music, movies and games to life in immersive studio-quality...
  • RCA and 3.5 millimeter inputs make it easy to plug in up to 3 audio devices - your computer, iPod, game...
  • 2 satellite speakers and a powerful subwoofer deliver sound big enough to fill even large entertainment...

And even though they are so affordable, don’t mistake this for meaning they lack quality because reviewers have said how great the sound is, especially with 200 watts of power behind them.

Reviewers have noted that these Logitech speakers could produce very clear highs and lows in music. Of course, they won’t blow your mind or anything. But for computer speakers under $50 to find better quality sound.

4. Sound Quality

These speakers produce a great, rich sound that even computer audiophiles have been pleased with how amazing they sound, especially for the price.

The bass is deep enough to make your body feel the rumbling effect without being too overwhelming, and other frequencies are handled well with crystal clarity.

One reviewer said that these speakers could give out details in songs that other computer speakers couldn’t, which was something he liked very much. And best of all, you get 200 watts of digital power from these bad boys.

This should be more than enough for a medium-sized room, so don’t worry about needing a bigger set if you’re a little bit of a homebody.

Logitech Z623

5. Connectivity

One of the main features people like about these Logitech speakers is their wireless remote control. It lets you conveniently adjust bass and volume settings without ever having to get out of your seat.

And don’t worry, it’s easy enough for anyone to figure out how to use it (it works with most devices that can connect via wired or wireless audio connections).

This way, you don’t have to bother adjusting each speaker if you want some more bass on one side than another. Just grab the remote and do it all at once.

6. Space Considerations

You can put these speakers anywhere without running into too many problems. They look sleek, so they’ll fit in fine with almost any decor, but they are also on the very low end of the price spectrum, which means you couldn’t ask for a better value involving space considerations.

7. Customizable Presets

This feature of this speaker system is pretty cool because it allows you to customize the sound to how you want it to be based on what type of media you are using.

You can adjust everything from treble levels, bass levels, surround levels. All via the included control pod that comes with these speakers.


1. How good are Logitech Z623? Are they good for bass?

The Logitech Z623 speakers are expensive, but gamers and moviegoers will benefit greatly. Even though the satellites lack clarity, they provide a tremendous bass response and an excellent attempt at immersive THX music.

2. How many watts is Logitech Z623?

Sound characteristics that have been THX certified. The watts it holds is 400 Watts Peak/200 Watts RMS power that helps in enhancing the quality of music, movies, and more, all from your PC. It is great for gamers, and many trust its 2.1 speaker system. 

3. How big is the Z623 subwoofer? What are its dimensions?

The dimensions of the Logitech Z623 are: Left, Right: 4.6 x 5.3 x 7.7″ / 116 x 135 x 195 mm Subwoofer: 11.9 x 10.4 x 11.1″ / 303 x 264 x 282 mm

Its weight: Right: 31.7 oz / 900.0 g Left: 29.9 oz / 850.0 g Subwoofer: 14.3 lb / 6.5 kg.

4. How big are the subwoofer parts in the Logitech Z623?

The subwoofer driver is meant to be 8 inches broad, but when the enormous grill is removed, the driver shrinks to just over 7 inches across. 


The Logitech Z623 are great speakers. They have an excellent sound that can be easily matched with speakers for more than twice its price.

They are solidly built with the only plastic components on the control panel, and the grille is removable if one prefers to see all of their investment instead of leaving it covered.

If you are still looking for options, another similar Logitech system is the Logitech Z-5500. You can also check out our comparison of the Logitech Z623 vs. Z625. In fact, the Logitech Z623 compares to the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 and you can check out that analysis here

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