Logitech Z5500 and Z906: A Comprehensive Review

Norvan Martin
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Logitech is a company most known for its computer accessories. Recently, they have released two gaming speaker systems, the Z 5500 and the Z 906 surround sound system.

These speakers are comparable with other companies’ surround sound systems that cost twice as much. The speakers offer gamers an opportunity to experience good quality surround sound.

This article will discuss how the speakers compare with one another regarding sound quality, features, design, and other functionalities. The two systems are available for purchase on Amazon.com.

Features of Logitech Z5500

Logitech Z5500

1. Design

The Logitech Z5500 is a functional, sleek contemporary speaker system. The subwoofer stands at 15 inches tall, 15 inches wide, and 23 inches long, with the Amplifier Unit being around 19 inches tall.

Logitech Z5500

Both units are weighty enough not to be knocked over easily but can still be moved if necessary. These speakers look stunning in a dark room due to their two-tone color scheme of black and silver, it makes them stand out even more because they’re nonconventional for speakers.

Usually, speakers have a wood grain look or some other style that fits into your home décor instead of standing out as these do. The best part about their design is the ease with which you can connect them all up and start enjoying your new system.

2. Portability

Portability is the one big problem with sound systems. They tend to be very heavy and bulky to accommodate all of the speakers necessary for surround sound, not to mention the subwoofer required by most systems.

The Logitech Z5500 Digital Surround Sound Speaker System has done away with much of that bulk. It usually delivers a fantastic five-star sound that will make you feel like you’re at a live performance or in a movie theatre.

Even if you don’t want to break down your speaker system when moving, keeping them in their sections makes it easy to pack up and move them piece by piece without too much hassle. Also, their lightweight design means they can be taken on vacation or to a friend’s house with ease.

3. Pricing and Budget

The Logitech Z5500 Digital Surround Sound Speaker System is one of the more expensive speaker systems on the market.

Logitech Z-5500 THX-Certified 5.1 Digital Surround...
  • THX-certified 5.1 speakers with 505 Watts of power
  • 10-inch subwoofer
  • Audio inputs for up to six devices

For a good reason, they deliver such high-quality sound through five speakers (two satellites, two rear channel speakers, and a center channel) plus a powerful subwoofer that you won’t want to go without them once you’ve experienced them.

You can find comparable surround sound speaker systems for half the price or less if your budget is small, but the tradeoff in quality will be noticeable and not worth it. For their price tag, these speakers are well worth it.

Logitech Z5500

4. Sound Quality

The sound quality of this system is impressive, thanks to its many speakers and subwoofer. The sound is crisp and clear, with tons of detail, it’s better than being at a live performance or in the theatre because you can hear everything so clearly.

You will feel like you are standing right next to the instruments as they are played. It’s hard not to get wrapped up in the sound quality coming from this system, even if it isn’t turned up, so be careful around small children or pets.

Even though these speakers have an impressive 5.1 Dolby Digital Certification, there are settings where you can project only 3D Stereo surround sound. This is for those times when you don’t want your neighbors calling the cops on you for disturbing them with your entertainment.

5. Connectivity

The Logitech Z5500 Digital Surround Sound Speaker System boasts many connectivity options. This is to ensure it can be hooked up to almost anything imaginable, from your TV to your computer.

There’s even an HDMI cord included so you can connect them directly to your HDTV and enjoy all of the latest digital media in 5.1 surround sound instead of the standard 2 or 2.1 stereo sound that most HD televisions offer.

You needn’t worry about having to listen through the speakers on your laptop while watching a movie on Netflix. This is either because there’s an optical input for DTS and Dolby Digital audio formats as well.

Just make sure that any other devices you hook up are compatible with this system.

6. Space Considerations

The Logitech Z5500 Digital Surround Sound Speaker System is pretty bulky, with all five of its speakers and subwoofer. This is because it takes up quite a bit of space even though they aren’t exceptionally tall or wide.

You will need at least three feet behind the front speakers and ten feet between them for optimal performance. The rear channel speakers should be placed on either side of your TV about three to six feet away from your main listening area and facing inward towards it.

If you place them too close or too far away, the sound quality will suffer. Be sure to leave plenty of room in front of your TV so that you can get the full effect when watching motion pictures.

If space is an issue, this may not be the best speaker system for you, but if it isn’t, then its overwhelming sound quality should more than make up for any inconvenience.

Features of Logitech Z906

Logitech Z906

1. Design

The most noticeable feature that sets this speaker system apart is its sleek look. The speakers are thin yet sturdy with an immaculate finish.

They appear modern in design and complement almost any home theater system or gaming environment. The subwoofer is also thin enough to fit under many entertainment center cabinets without obstructing the display screen or being seen through doorways when not in use.

This product can be easily moved from one room to another but may require disassembly for each move because it comes in multiple pieces for easy transport.

2. Portability

The Logitech Z906 is easy to move from room to room because it comes in multiple pieces for easy disassembly.

This feature makes it possible to take this product with you on trips which can be beneficial when you want equipment that provides surround sound like the Logitech Z906 but don’t want bulky speakers or wires lining your hotel room floor.

However, when moving this product, you will need to unplug all of the speakers and subwoofer cables so they do not become damaged during transport.

The most portable speaker systems are wireless Bluetooth models since there are no power cords required for operation and no speaker cable connections required if connecting through Bluetooth technology.

3. Pricing and Budget

The Logitech Z906 Digital Surround Sound Speaker System is the most expensive speaker system that we have reviewed to date at just over $300.

Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System -...
  • 5.1 digital surround sound: Hear every detail in your Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks the way the studio...
  • THX certified home theater speakers: Your assurance of true cinema quality sound. Satellites : 4 x 67 W, wall...
  • Delivers a continuous 500 watts of power, with the ability to deliver a peak of 1,000 watts under certain...

This set offers excellent sound quality for both music and movies, an advanced subwoofer with a built-in amplifier for full-range bass, a variety of input options including HDMI, optical cable, and digital audio inputs, as well as analog line-in jacks.

It also includes a flashcard ion which you can use to store your favorite songs, so they are always available during playback.

If you want all of these features but do not want to break the bank, this product may still be within your budget if you shop around online or even in stores for one of their special deals.

4. Sound Quality

The Logitech Z906 offers impressive sound quality that can quickly fill a large room or an outdoor area with powerful music and movie effects.

The speakers deliver good high-end clarity due to the silk dome tweeters they contain while maintaining reasonable mid-range response for vocals and other instruments in music tracks.

This product also provides clean, accurate bass reproduction, which is surprising considering it has no traditional subwoofer speaker but instead includes a wireless powered subwoofer with a built-in amplifier.

The actual frequency range of this speaker system is 30 Hz – 20kHz, which is excellent compared to many others on the market today.

5. Connectivity

This product features multiple connectivity options, including:

  • Digital audio inputs for both optical and HDMI cables
  • Analog line ins for audio or stereo minijack input
  • An AM/FM radio tuner with digital signal processing (DSP)
  • A flashcard reader to provide direct playback of MP3s and WMAs
  • Subwoofer-out RCA jacks and the standard power cord.

If desired, the corded subwoofer can be wholly disconnected from the wireless speakers by unplugging it, which is excellent because it means you won’t lose sound even if one of the speakers dies.

6. Space Considerations

The Logitech Z906 Digital Surround Sound Speaker System includes four separate speaker units mounted on stands or placed on shelves above or below your TV screen. It also features wall mounts for its satellite speakers, if preferred.

The subwoofer is wireless, so there are no cords to run around the room, and the speaker cables for this unit can be completely disconnected from the speakers if desired.

From a space allocation standpoint, you will need at least 25 square feet of space in front of your television screen with an additional 10 square feet behind each speaker stand or wall mount for optimal performance with this speaker system.

Pros of Logitech Z5500

  • Surround sound experience with DTS and Dolby technologies.
  • Built-in 5.25″ down-firing subwoofer
  • High-quality amplifier for high-fidelity sound
  • Versatile audio connectivity
  • Wireless remote with LCD screen

Cons of Logitech Z5500

  • Price – It was pretty expensive
  • Weight – The subwoofer weighs a whopping 23 lbs
  • No HDMI inputs

Pros of the Z906

  • Five very powerful, 23-watt speakers provide a full range of sounds from highs to lows
  • Built-in 600 watts digital internal power supply amplifier eliminates the need for an external power amplifier
  • Subwoofer amplifiers produce deep, rich bass performance even at high volumes
  • Easily connect all your devices using standard RCA analog jacks or digital S/PDIF inputs on each speaker
  • It comes with a convenient wireless remote so you can control the volume from across the room

Cons of Logitech Z906

  • High price
  • Loudness may be an issue
  • Controls are complex

Logitech Z5500 vs. Z906 – How Do They Differ?

First off, they are pretty different in terms of audio quality. The Z5500 is known for its crisp highs but lacks mid-range sounds or “beats.”

The Z906, on the other hand, has improved audio quality all around, and its bass is more powerful.

It also distributes sound more efficiently throughout a room, making a big difference even when using five speakers.

Both systems have many inputs, including a S/PDIF input for connecting a TV or computer through a digital connection instead of analog, two microphone inputs for karaoke or just chatting online with your friends, and four AUX connections that can be used for anything from MP3 players to computers to video game consoles.

In addition to these essential inputs, both system control centers also feature dedicated headphone sockets so you can jam without disturbing anyone else in the room.

One significant advantage of going with the Z5500 is that it is much cheaper than its big brother, the Z906. The Z5500 goes for around $300-350 on Amazon, while the Z906 can cost upwards of $600.

When it comes to sheer power, the Z5500 wins by a landslide. It has two massive subwoofers with 400 watts powering each one individually, which means that it feels like an earthquake when you crank up your music or game sound effects.

The smaller 205 watts powered sub in the Z906 isn’t anything to sneeze at either but still doesn’t pack as powerful of a punch as the other system’s twin subwoofers do. If you are looking for the most powerful system on the market, stick with the Z5500.


Choosing a speaker system for your computer is a very personal choice. You can go to a store and listen to speakers, but it will come down to how you perceive audio.

If you are still looking for options, other similar Logitech systems include the Logitech Z623 and the Logitech Z-5500.

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