Logitech Wireless Headset H800 for Gaming Review

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4.2/5 on June 17, 2016

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2,689 reviews


Good performance even through physical barriers like walls.

Flexible, Adjustable microphone arm.

Ear piece touch controls


Ear pieces do not "cup" ears but instead rest on top of them.


The H800 is probably one of the best gaming headsets out there (see others here), offering comfort and quality, along with numerous sweet features, at a really affordable price. Every user, gamer or not, will enjoy this awesome headset.

Having a good headset is essential for gaming, especially when it comes to multiplayer FPS shooters that require extremely quality sound in order to detect any sound, even the most subtle ones. And when it comes to gaming, Logitech know exactly what gamers need. They are no strangers to peripherals and are one of the leading manufacturers of gaming equipment, from mice to keyboards, controllers, and of course, headsets. And that is what we are going to talk today – the Logitech (H800) wireless headset for gaming.

Comfortable Design and Quality Sound

The H800 is a versatile, all-round, compact headset that provides extremely powerful and clear sound, along with numerous other features. The great thing about this particular headset is the fact that it is perfect for both gamers and mobile phone and tablet users, capable of satisfying everyone’s needs. The H800 comes with an adjustable headband, foam ear cups that provide the comfort you need for a good 10-12 hours long gaming session. In addition, the Logitech wireless headset for gaming is really light and easy to carry around thanks to their fold-and-go design. But no matter what other features has, a headset must, above all, offer clear and quality sound. What gamers will probably love most are the built-in equalizer and laser-tuned speakers that reduce distortion to a minimum. The sound is crystal-clear and lets you detect even the most subtle noises.

Other Features

The excellent wireless connection allows extremely good performance even when the gamer is in a large room with wooden or metal obstacles between the two devices. Having no wires in your arms’ way is really comfortable, and everyone will appreciate this. The quality microphone ensures you will be clearly heard by your teammates no matter what software or in-game voice chat you will use. In addition, the microphone arm is flexible and adjustable, so you can modify its position just the way you want. Another sweet feature is the on-ear touch controls that allow you to adjust the volume mute the microphone, answer calls, change music tracks and even switch between your devices. The batteries of the Logitech wireless headset for gaming are built-in and easily rechargeable using a USB cable that fits in the socket under the right ear cup. Despite the fact that most rechargeable wireless headsets use two cables, one for sound and one for charging, the H800 needs only one.

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