Klipsch vs Boston Acoustics
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Some of the best speakers on the market are from the age-long manufacturers – Klipsch and Boston Acoustics. You may be wondering whether to choose Klipsch or Boston Acoustics for your next audio device. Read on to see how these brands compare and which you should choose in this Klipsch vs Boston Acoustics battle.

Klipsch offers excellent speakers which are a bit costly, but there are some good lower budget options. Klipsch’s sound quality is generally powerful and harsh. Boston Acoustics on the other hand offers good speakers at a fair price with full range sound.

FeatureKlipschBoston Acoustics
QualityQuality may vary depending on costGood quality
Frequency ResponseExposed high frequenciesFull
Product RangeWideNot as wide
SoundBright and dynamic and boomy (Great impact and volume)Full range and smooth

Klipsch Company Review  

Klipsch is a 75-years old audio manufacturing company.

klipsch logo

Klipsch continues to excel in speakers manufacturing and assembly with employees producing Klipsch Heritage Series, THX Ultra2, Select Reference II, Professional, Palladium, and many more cinema speakers by hand in Hope, Arkansas. 

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Are Klipsch Speakers Good?

Klipsch speakers are older and among the more prestigious brands on the market. Although they are a little more expensive, the extra charge is tagged on the quality of performance listeners get from them.

Wondering whether the speakers are good? Look at the pros and cons associated with them.


  • Good quality
  • Great for high frequencies
  • Wide range of products 


  • High-priced 
  • Need to buy all Klipsch to stick to the signature design throughout your living room
  • Not for everyone as the speakers seem to sound quite differently from others to some people

Klipsch Audio Speakers Lines

1. The Fives 

The fives support digital, analog, Bluetooth, and HDMI. They are powerful, beautifully crafted, and can be easily hooked up to any other device such as television, smartphone, computer, or even a turntable. klipsch the fives speakers

Each powered monitor is ported and features a 4.5ā€ long-throw woofer for enhanced bass. 

Some of the key features of this speaker include virtual connectivity, class-leading amplified speakers, powerful sound from small speakers, HDMI-ARC connectivity to TVs, Bass EQ, built-in premium moving-magnet phono for connecting turntables, USB input, and high-quality Bluetooth streaming

2. C-130ASWi

The new C-series model has a front-firing Cerametallic active woofer powered by a BASH digital hybrid amplifier.

It utilizes side-firing passive radiators that help with optimizing sound output while reducing the box size. Other features include:

  • Klipsch LowControl App; it supports iOS and Android for wireless tuning and customization of the speaker system. You also get access to a 5-band parametric EQ, input selection controls, volume, phase, and automatic room correction software with a microphone for easy and quick room correction.
  • IP Control with built-in RJ-45 connectors; for integration into Crestron, RTI control systems, and Control4. You can therefore easily and automatically change input, gain, EQ, and even phase settings when a new source is selected in the control system. 
  • Wireless Compatibility; the speaker receives high-definition signals via a 2.4gHz high-definition transition from anywhere within the room. Some of the key features include; Hand polished Piano Gloss Finish, 10ā€ Front-Firing Cerametallic Driver, line-level Dual RCA, 2.4gHz Wireless inputs, Balanced line-level XLR, Ultra Bass Response from Small Cabinet, Automatic room correction, Klipsch LowControl App-enabled, and 400W Continuous Power/800W peak.

Boston Acoustics

Founded in 1979, Boston Acoustics is an innovative audio products manufacturer. The products from Boston Acoustic include high-performance loudspeakers, advanced car audio systems, and tabletop products.

boston acoustic logo

Some of the trademarks registered and patented by the company in the U.S include Boston, Boston Acoustics, BostonAcoustics.com, Avida, Bravo, The Boston Acoustics Logo, BrassTrac among many other Trademarks.

boston acoustics speakers

Some of the best speakers from Boston Acoustics are listed below:

1. Boston Acoustics CS26 II Black Walnut Classic II Bookshelf Speakers

This Boston manufactured speaker has an outstanding performance and is fitted with easy and secure wire connections.

Also, it is fitted with Kortec soft dome tweeter to deliver crystal clear high-frequency sound, and Deep Channel Design for more bass.

2. Boston Acoustics A 25 Compact Two-Way 5.25-Inch Woofer Bookshelf

With a scratch-resistant high-gloss finish, these speakers support sound frequencies between 55Hz and 25kHz.

3. Voyager 60 Outdoor Speakers

These outdoor speakers are designed to blend with the outdoor setting. They are tough and durable with rustproof hardware and connectors. Besides, their cabinets are made of UV-resistant polypropylene, and they have power-coated aluminum grilles.

Are Boston Acoustic Speakers Good?

This is a well-recognized brand in the audio industry. The evaluation result from a number of A-series speakers from the company shows that they can outperform many speakers in the market.

Besides, they defy many of the negative stereotypes that plague value-oriented speakers.

Is Klipsch Better Than Boston Acoustics?

Both Klipsch and Boston Acoustics are known to produce high-end speakers that will fill your rooms or cars with high-quality music. Every speaker however comes with its unique qualities and it is not easy to say one brand is perpetually better than the other. Evaluate your sound requirements before deciding between the brands as it’s really a personal preference.