JBL TR225 Two-Way Loudspeakers Review

Norvan Martin
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JBL TR225 is one of the time-tested high-standing studio speakers, which is still a good catch for those in love with vintage speakers. Although not the best you will expect to get according to today’s standards, for a low-budget speaker of its type, it sure delivers good sound.


This article is a review of the JBL TR225 speaker which will help you decide if you really want a JBL TR225 speaker and things to expect when you finally do.


Type: 2-way, 3-driver loudspeaker system

Frequency Response: 50Hz-16kHz

Power Handling: 450 Watts

Crossover Frequency: 750-1300Hz

Impedance: 4 ohms

Sensitivity: 102dB

Bass: 2 x 380mm cone

Tweeter: 1 x 25.4mm pure titanium compression

Dimensions: 1145 x 460 x 370mm

Weight: 42.7kg


  • Has a professional-looking matching grille
  • Includes a SonicGuard™ protection system in the full crossover network
  • It is a two-way loudspeaker
  • Comes with a 15″ transducer that is supported by a two-and-a-half Edgewood voice coil
  • Comes with a pure titanium diaphragm compression driver which is fixed to a large constant directivity horn
  • Two 15-inches low-frequency drivers and a patented JBL compressor driver.


The speaker has a power capacity of about 450 watts and 135 dB max SPL.


It has a full crossover network of about 730-1300Hz. Their full crossover networks often include SonicGuard non-intrusive speaker protection.


The JBL tr225 can still be acquired for a price ranging from $300 to $450 depending on where you are getting it and the condition of the speaker.


The JBL TR255 are rugged roadworthy speakers because of their sturdy cabinet construction. These cabinets often include textured Tolex covering over reinforced metal.

Part Lists

If you are an entry-level engineer/intern, or just someone interested, we have included some of the basic parts that will help to get familiar with the speaker.

  • A tweeter speaker
  • Faceplate for the tweeter
  • Two foam ports on either side of the faceplate
  • The U-channel
  • Grille
  • Screw
  • The main speaker
  • Handle
  • Handle back
  • Feet
  • Cabinet
  • T-Nut
  • Corner protectors
  • Network
  • Handle dampener
  • Grille support
  • A detachable JBL logo

Service Manual

The JBL TR255 Device cones with a user service manual that guides you on how to use it to ensure optimum performance and long-lasting use. The service manual is essentially similar to most speaker systems manuals in the JBL T series.

You can also easily download this manual online if you have misplaced the one that came with your device. To download a pdf version, check here

Is JBL TR225 any good?

JBL devices are known for their amazing delivery and the JBL TR225 is no exception. It has a transducer which makes it one of the best options for use in the studio.

This is particularly because of the two compression drivers (including a pure titanium diaphragm mounted to a large horn), and the powerful two 15″ Low-frequency transducers.

jbl tr225

An important piece of information that you may also need to know is the fact that this is a 2-way speaker. It also has an impressively smooth crossover that is facilitated by the low pass filter in the woofer.


One important point to note about the JBL TR225 is that it is a vintage speaker, and as such might not be the best-sounding speaker for you. However, the speaker still delivers a considerably good sound at a budget-friendly price. Therefore, this might be a last-minute backup speaker studio, concert, or other public address use case.

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