JBL Flip 3 Review | Splashproof, Bluetooth, Portable and Awesome

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0/5 on October 11, 2016

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Great sound and pairing range of up to 50 feet

Better, solid make than the Flip 2

High quality sound at a great price.

7 different colors


Struggles at high end with max volume


Affordable.  Strong.  Durable.  Splash proof.  Stylish.  We're big fans of JBL and the Flip series.  For a Bluetooth Speaker under 100 dollars...this at the top of the game.

If I said that we weren’t in love with JBL and their Flip series of Bluetooth Speakers then I’d be lying. Firstly, the speakers in the JBL series are low cost yet powerful, stylist and durable. The latest in the Flip series of JBL speakers, the JBL Flip 3 is not different.

Before diving into this JBL Flip 3  review, you may want to check this link out to see the current price of JBL’s spekaers .

Also, before we get too deep and ahead of ourselves with our love of the Flip 3, we want to say this:  The JBL Flip 3 is better in pretty much every way than the Flip 2. That being said, the Flip 2 is still wildly popular and a little more affordable than in the past simple due to being the “old version”.  Don’t hesitate for a moment if you’re pocketbook or wallet say “Flip 2” instead of the 3rd iteration. You’d still be getting a better than great Bluetooth speaker for under 100 dollars. Read our JBL Flip 2 Review.


So, let’s get into some JBL Flip 3 talk…

First, here’s what is in the box.  Flip 3 speaker, orange micro USB cable, a warranty and the information and guides that you need to operate it.  Easy-Peasy…

JBL Flip 3 Review article


So, the Flip 2 was a great sounding speaker.  But it felt, maybe, a little cheaply made.  Some light plastic material wrapped in a cylindrical shape around greatness.  The Flip 3, while still cylindrical is this time wrapped in a splash proof, well made material.  It looks better, yes, but more importantly, it feels better in your hands and to handle.  It gives you more confidence in you speaker.    The Flip 3 also has an ultra-portable aspect of it that the the Flip 2 didn’t have.  Like the UE Roll 2, it hangs in a shower from an existing string if you so choose.  Also, like the UE Roll 2, the buttons and operation is all implanted into the material making it easier to operate.  The Flip 2 had all of the buttons on the side or top, depending on how you oriented the speaker.

Perhaps most importantly in the changing of the design from Flip 2 to 3 is the ends.  JBL has turned the ends each into an external radiator which makes for some awesome clarity at the low end of the listening spectrum.  Truly awesome and a definite upgrade.

Colors Available:  Black, Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow, Gray, and Teal

Best Price

Range and Connectivity

30 foot connection and pairing range.  But that’s just what it says.  We found the range to be a lot bigger. At times we were 40 to 45 feet away from our streaming device and still having some great sound from the Flip 3.  After 45 feet, around 50 feet-ish the breaking and sputtering started to catch up to the speaker.  Still, this is a pleasant treat from a Bluetooth speaker.  Instead of claiming 50 feet and have sputtering at 45, JBL instead claims 30 feet and allows you to listen at a much greater distance.



The biggest and most important upgrade from the Flip 2.  Instead of the 5 hours of listening time that it’s predecessor presented, the Flip 3 has a 3000 mAH battery that fully charges in 3.5 hours and has a doubled listening time of 10 hours.  Boom! The Flip 3 charges quick and that’s a definite boom upgrade.


Sound Quality

We love JBL and the Flip series because of the affordable price, sure, but mostly because of the great sound.  The Flip 3 carries on the tradition and sounds mad good.

  • Lows:  No overpowering bass but easy to feel it out.
  • Mids:  Guitar and vocals are the high point of the sound from the Flip 3 for us.  The mids made the guitars and vocals sound rockingly frikkin’ awesome.
  • Highs:  Just don’t max it out you’ll enjoy some really good high ranges.  At max it gets a little bit rough around the edges.

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