JBL E50BT Blue Premium Wireless Over-Ear Bluetooth Stereo Headphone Review

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4.4/5 on June 17, 2016

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373 reviews


18 hour battery life

Great stereo headphone quality sound



Better to have a case to protect this pair.


Overall, the JBL E50BT Bluetooth headphones are one of the most competitive products in the industry today. It provides great audio quality with a creative design that you would want to wear anywhere you go. The technologies that are equipped on the headphones are also to be reckoned with like the PureBass and ShareMe. Although it’s not very comfortable to use for a very long time, it’s already great for its affordable price.

When you’re looking for a headphone that’s not only affordable but also has great audio quality, top-notch features and comfortable to wear, then don’t look any further because the JBL Bluetooth headphoneshave the complete package for you.

The JBL was established by James Bullough Lansing way back in 1946 and had established the brand as one of the most reliable products that give excellent quality sounds. Their latest creation is the E50BT wireless over-ear Bluetooth headphones that can last up to 18 hours and gives a superior listening experience.


The JBL E50BT Bluetooth headphones are precise, clear and lightweight. You can easily connect to any smartphone device that you have because it’s completely wireless. Plus, speaking of wireless connectivity, with its ShareMe technology, you’ll never have to share an earbud to your friend just to let them hear the music you’re listening to.

With the newest ShareMe technology, you can easily share the music that you’re listening to with your friend’s headphones with ShareMe technology too. Just a simple touch of a button will do the trick, and your whole friends will have definitely have fun with this exciting feature. It has 3-D hinges and an ergonomic headband.


The audio quality of these JBL Bluetooth headphones is pretty impressive, as well. It’s very clear from its mid to high volume provides clear and precise sound quality. Plus, the PureBass technology also adds up to its supreme sounds. Although when you reach to the maximum volume, you’ll notice distorted sounds which are very common to a lot of headphones.


The JBL E50BT Bluetooth headphones are also comfortable to use especially when you’re studying or traveling. But reviewers have noticed that if you continuously use it for long hours, you’ll notice a little discomfort. They suggested that JBL should also focus on adding pads to the ears to add more comfort for long hours of use.

Battery Life

The JBL Bluetooth headphones are equipped with a lithium-ion battery that can last literally for 18 hours. This impressed a lot of its users because the marketing department advertised a concrete and precise feature on their product.

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