In Wall Speakers With Enclosure
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In wall speakers offer a convenient way to enjoy music while saving on space and not having a huge, speaker box in your way.

If you want to enjoy powerful sound while listening to your favorite playlist or while watching a movie, but don’t want a large, bulky speaker system to crowd your space, then an in wall speaker could be the best choice for you. Below, we have compiled a list of the best in wall speakers with enclosure.

These speakers are all front ported and are very easy to install as they already have a fitted enclosure. Not only will they easily integrate into your space, but offer excellent sound quality and other impressive features:

5 Best In Wall Speakers With Enclosure

1. Best Overall In Wall Speaker: Micca M-8S In-Wall Speaker

The M-8S in-wall speaker from Micca ranks as the #1 in-wall speaker with enclosure for its solid sound build and affordable price.

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Moreover, the company is gaining a strong foothold in the speaker market for its ability to deliver exceptional sound quality at an affordable price.

Design and Features

The M-8S is designed as the bigger brother of the M-6S in-ceiling speaker, but there isn’t any notable difference in the construction besides size.

While the M-6S boasts a 6.5-inch poly-Mica woofer, the M-8S has been upgraded with an 8-inch to add more power and to improve its performance.

To ensure coherent transition in the midrange, the M-8S comes with an advanced crossover design that perfectly integrates the woofer with the tweeter.

Additionally, it has inbuilt mounting tabs for easy installation, and you can paint the speaker’s grills to customize the speaker’s look. I find its crisp white base color being elegant.


With a high excursion woofer paired with a soft dome tweeter, the M-8S can handle up to 100Watts peak power.

The tweeter gives it crisp high-frequency sounds, while woofer adds a robust bass. It doesn’t have the best bass infused sounds, but you can conveniently pair it with a good subwoofer for an immersive audio experience.

  • Excellent price range
  • Modern crossover circuitry
  • Dedicated tweeter and woofer setup
  • Full and balanced sound
  • The bass is good, but not great
  • Some customers have complained over customer support


The M-8S is a great budget in-wall speaker for anyone who values good sound, but can’t afford hundreds of dollars for premium speakers. The speaker delivers exceptional value and performance, making it a great addition to your home’s entertainment system. Additionally, you can pair it with the M-6S in-ceiling speakers for the perfect tonal match and a fuller sound.

2. Best Waterproof: Polk Audio RC85i

Polk Audio is among the best-known brands in the audio industry, popular for some of the best selling speakers like the RC85i.

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The company has been around for about half a decade, and they’ve corned the surround sound market with superior sound systems.

The RC85i is one of their new premium speakers, created for versatility and performance.

Design and Features

Created as a better alternative to the RC60ifor in-wall installation, the Polk Audio RC85i makes the installation a breeze.

It features a rubber seal that boosts its response and prevents damage from moisture. Its also among the best waterproof speakers that can be comfortably installed on your bathroom, sauna, and on kitchen walls.

You can easily customize the speaker’s color to match your existing interior décor by spraying its paintable aluminum grille. However, its powder-coated white shade looks sleek for most modern living rooms.


Equipped with a metalized soft dome tweeter and a balanced 8-inch woofer, the RC85i delivers a detailed sound with dynamic balance.

Its dedicated tweeter is also swivel-mounted like its competitor above, giving your clean and crisp high-frequency sounds.

The RC85i comes with a wide dispersion design, producing enough sound to fill big spaces. Heavy bass lovers may need a decent subwoofer, though its overall audio performance is sure to impress music lovers and movie enthusiasts.

  • Nice design and stylish color
  • Easy to pair with your home theater system
  • Durable, water-resistant exteriors
  • Precise and powerful sound
  • Some exterior parts are a little weak
  • The mounting clips can break off easily when installing


Created by a company that has been making speakers over the last five decades, the Polk Audio RC85i is a high-end solution for different audio needs. This state-of-the-art speaker is perfect for both experienced users and a novice looking to create the best sound home entertainment system. Some components may be a bit weak, but it will remain durable if you install it carefully.

3. Most Versatile: JBL SP6II Surround Loudspeaker

JBL is a market leader when it comes to creating both professional and consumer audio products.

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The SP6II surround loudspeaker is part of their SP series, an affordable line of in-ceiling and in-wall speakers.

The collection gives you premium-grade speakers at a budget price point.

Design and Features

Built in a classic and elegant design, the SP6II is easy to install, and the speaker grill is easily removable thanks to a paper tab under the grill. The paper can tear off if you apply too much force, so caution is highly advised.

The grilles and faceplates can be painted to match any room’s décor and Feng Shui. Additionally, it features built-in dog-ear brackets for a retrofit application.


The SP6II comes with a 6.5-inch low-frequency driver and a single high-performance tweeter, handling up to 80watts of audio power.

Its tweeter boasts of a swivel mount, enabling it to angle the audio image to your target listening area. The woofer is also mounted in rubber surrounds, cutting off the vibrations from entering the speaker walls.

As expected from JBL, the SP6II offers exceptional audio clarity and great intelligibility of high-end frequencies. The bass is also rich and punchy, making the speaker ideal for your home theater system, though it works best with a distributed or surround sound system.

  • Compact size and powerful sound
  • Crisp highs and accurate bass
  • Excellent craftsmanship and classy design
  • Versatile installation and paintable grilles
  • A bit pricey


If you want a versatile in-wall speaker that delivers great entertainment in your distributed speaker system, the SP6II is a brilliant choice. Its compact size takes minimal space on your wall while offering enough power to fill a decent-sized room. You can also pair it with the JBL SP6CII in-ceiling speakers for a total surround sound experience.

4. Best Design: Polk Audio 265-RT In-Wall Speaker

The 265RT in-wall speaker is yet another brilliant creation from Polk Audio.

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This 3-way speaker gives you the luxury of enjoying decent sound output in a discrete style and at a bargain price.

Its rectangular shape and flat design also make it perfect for almost any kind of installation you desire.

Design and Features

When you talk about in-wall speakers with enclosure, you normally think bulky devices with enclosures that stick out like a sore thumb.

The Polk Audio 265-RT changes that. Created as part of the “RT Vanishing” series from Polk, the 265RT comes in an inconspicuous design that merges with your interior décor. Installed right, the speaker can be virtually indistinguishable from its surroundings.

The 265RT boasts of a patented bass venting design that smoothly transitions the airflow to eliminate any turbulence or distortion.

It’s also compatible with RTI speakers from Polk Audio to create a seamless blend between the in-built speakers and the traditional audio system.


Built with Polk’s Power Port technology, the 265RT in-wall Speaker delivers a crystal clear sound with deep bass. The speaker also comes with Dynamic Balance to deliver a true cinematic experience.

Packing 200watts peak power, this 3-way speaker offers incredible power and delivers full range dynamic audio. The speaker also uses its lower tweeter levels to offset reflective surfaces, eliminating sound distortion.

  • Full-range dynamic sound
  • Great placement flexibility thanks to the swivel tweeter housing
  • Easy to install
  • Discrete housing and innovative features
  • It needs to be paired with a subwoofer


For a truly cinematic experience, the Polk Audio 265RT is the in-wall speaker you need to integrate with your sound system. This premium 3-way speaker allows you to enjoy Polk’s excellent craftsmanship and reliability while bringing out the best in acoustic excellence.

5. Best Budget Speaker/Most Durable: 652W Silver Ticket In-Wall Speaker

While we saved the lowest priced option for last, this 2way speaker from Silver Ticket is among the best options for anyone working under the $30 mark.

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The price is unbelievably low, but don’t confuse that as a measure of its performance as it sounds better than what you’d expect.

As such, the speaker can be used as a stereo pair or in a surround sound system.

Design and Features

Designed for durability and quality, the 652W Silver Ticket can be installed vertically and horizontally. The accent trim in the edge gives it a clean appearance, and you don’t need to be a professional to install it.

With a flip-lever mount system, the installation is easy and secure. Each speaker box also comes with paint masks and a mounting-hole cut-out template.

Additionally, this moisture-resistant speaker has a pivoting silk dome tweeter for micro-tuning the sound placement.


Featuring a 6.5-inch low-frequency driver and a 20mm silk dome tweeter, the Silver Ticket in-wall speaker can handle up to 80 Watts peak power (40Watts RMS).

The woofer is mounted on a rubber surround to eliminate any vibrations in the wall, giving you true audio accuracy and clarity.

The tweeter also allows you to direct the audio image to your listening position, just like any other premium in-wall speaker.

  • Powerful audio performance
  • Versatile enough to install vertically or horizontally
  • Excellent budget option
  • Dedicated tweeter and woofer set-up
  • The impedance could be better


When buying the cheapest in-wall speaker, the 652W Silver Ticket is the way to go. The speaker is not only priced well, but it also sounds surprisingly good for the cost. It’s certainly the best option when creating a solid home audio system on a tight budget.


  • Micca
  • Polk Audio
  • Yamaha
  • Klipsch



That’s it, the best in wall speakers with enclosure on the market. These speakers are especially great options for those looking to install in wall speakers with minimal work and minimal adjustments to the wall or speaker itself. We hope you found one that fits your wall cut-out and sonic needs.