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Android smartphones are affordable communication devices, and they feature a variety of other admirable devices. However, their inbuilt speakers don’t offer the volume or clarity to give you an envious stereo to make headphones louder on androidFor most people, using headphones is the most logical solution to sound output issues on their Android phone. However, you may end up feeling frustrated if you don’t get the desired sound volume even after pairing your headphones.

Well, fret not, since we have a solution for you. Here are five simple methods that can help you to make headphones louder on Android and get the sound quality that you desire.

We should also point out that regardless of what you may do to your phone some headphones are simply not loud enough. In that case, you may want to check out one of our recommendations for louder and more powerful headphones and don’t worry, these are under $100.

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1. Ensure The Volume On The Headphone Itself Is Turned Up

Many (not all) headphones have a small volume know on the headphone itself.

If your phone’s volume is turned up and you are still struggling to hear, check the volume knob on your headphone and ensure it is turned up as well.

In most cases, headphones separating the headphones volume with the system volume is the easiest way to get a better sound.

With volume control buttons, you can adjust the audio output easily.


2. Adjust the System Settings

When increasing the volume, you need to ensure that your headphone is turned on, to allow you to adjust the volume to your desired level.

You also need to ensure that your headphone speakers are not muffled. Moreover, you will need to clean your headphones to remove any debris or dust that can distort the sound. In some cases, you may need to check if any wires are loose on your headphone.

andoid sound settings

If you still have an issue getting your headphones louder, you may try to adjust the system settings of your android device further. Here are a few simple steps to help you do that within a few minutes:

1.  Open the “settings” application on your device through the menu. You can also open the system settings if the app is not available on your device.

2. Choose the “sound” or the “Audio Profiles” option. After you select this option, a menu bar will pop up on your screen, and you can make the volume of your headphones louder

3.  To make your headphones louder, individually increase the volume of your system sounds, media, ringtones or notifications. You can expand the volume to the maximum by moving the sliders all the way to the right side.


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3. Close all Unnecessary Applications

An Android device is really like a mini computer. It has limited processing power, and it may decrease its speed if there are too many applications active in the background.

close unnecessary apps android

That’s because it will be using the processing power to maintain all the processes running at a particular time.

To disable the active applications, you can hold down the button next to the home button and end all the processes. You can also download applications such as Task-killer from the play store.


4. Enable Developer Options

This method is most effective when using Bluetooth headphones. Here is a step by step guide on how to make the headphones louder on an android device:

1. Head over to the settings application on your phone and tap on “About phone.”. For most devices, that should be the last option on the list (Settings > System > About Phone > Build Number).

2. Tap on the build number from the list that appears and head over to the developer options (Settings > Developer Options).

3. Once you open the developer options, ensure that you allow modification on the development settings and scroll down to the networking section.

4. Disable absolute volume by using the toggle button available. That will separate your headphone volume from the system volume.

5. To make the headphones louder, you can now increase both volumes individually to the desired media volume.


5. Download a New Volume App

With some Android devices, making your headphones louder may prove a bit difficult. If all else fails, you can try to download a volume or equalizer app android

These applications can effectively circumvent the protective limitation that mobile phone manufacturers put to limit the sound output from your phone. Here is all you need to do while using this method:

1. Search for volume applications on Google Play. You can also search for equalizer applications to help you improve the quality of the sound. That includes applications like Volume+, Viper-2-Android, and others.

2. Download and install the volume application on your phone. However, you will have to accept various terms and conditions before opening the app.

3. Open the settings and adjust the speaker settings on the application to make the headphones louder.

4. To increase the volume, move the sliders to the right side. The sliders will allow you to individually customize the alarm, ringer, voice call, system, and media volume.

While volume applications work very well in making your headphones louder, they can destroy your inbuilt speakers. That’s why it’s advisable not to try using the maximum volume level while your phones are unavailable. Furthermore, using maximum volumes can distort the sound from your headphones.


6. Improve the Quality of Your Files On a Computer

If your headphones only have alow volume while playing a media file in your android device, there is a huge possibility that the problem is your files.

That means you need to move your media files to your computer using a USB cable or an SD card. From there, you can adjust the audio settings of the file and amplify the sound to suit your taste.

After adjusting the volume, you can transfer the media files back to your phone and start enjoying an improved volume. However, you need an audio editing program to make adjustments on your media files.


A Note About Human Hearing

The truth is though, in most cases people tend to want headphones louder than they should be.

It is important to remember that too much loud music can seriously damage your hearing. The tolerable/safe range of human hearing is based on an exposure to 85 db for a maximum limit of eight hours per day.

While that is outside the range of most headphones, the truth is even at lower dB levels, you can suffer hearing impairments if you listen to loud music for prolonged periods.



So that’s the answer to the question ‘how to make headphones louder on android’. As you can see, if you own an Android smartphone and a pair of headphones, getting an enjoyable stereo sound is generally very easy.

You can use the five simple techniques listed in this article to boost the volume of your sound.

Some headphones also have independent volume control buttons that can quickly help you to adjust the audio output. It’s also essential to ensure that you connect the headsets in the right way.